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Courage the Cowardly Dog
Sandy Cheeks
Mike the Mouse
Alice the Angel
Danny Phantom
Daffy Duck
Bill Cipher
Princess Daisy
Flame Princess

Brian Griffin
Lisa Simpson
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
Perry the Platypus
Lord Dominator
Cosmo the Seedrian
Panda Bear
Wakko Warner


European Hedgehog Skull 

A pretty unusual skull in my opinion. It’s crooked. Not sure if that’s normal or not but my assumption is that its just a little deformed. Hes almost exactly the size of my fox squirrel skull. 

You can see a few sore spots on my hands from trying to skin it. They are a lot more spiky than the little pet hedgehogs.

shadowthehedgehog  asked:

Hey a while ago I sent an ask wondering if you were still doing the shippy drawings and I asked for gold and silver and I didn't realized until now that gold is canonically bi with a preference to girls so I'm sorry if that ask made you uncomfortable you don't have to draw it at all!

(already talked privately with you so we cool on this, no problem at all!XD)

There ya go! Both these future kids need some happiness <:’

I wonder where (or when) they ended up after what happened in the last Silver arc…

Deads I bought home from the VCUK meet on Saturday! I seriously love them all. I had a very nice day at the meet and am very happy with my new deads.

Mummified frog from @violoncell0, heron and hedgehog skull from @birbbones, two raccoons from @vultureculturecoyote, gannet beak sheath, muntjac tusk, a golden plover and bullfinch skull from @specios, and two crabs from @mydeadthingsdiary


Vulture Culture: collection p.1

Just some quick shots since I was fixing my shelf.
Not comprehensive I do have more haha.

Top to bottom, L to R:

Red coyote face, coyote tail, half a deer pelvis, coyote scapula painted as a galaxy bee wing.

Fetal torpedo Ray (my child), squid octopus and octopus tentacle.

Short tailed weasel skull and rabbit scapula

Hedgehog skull, and rover otter, red Fox, and raccoon skulls

Paw fur from a wolverine (scraps from garment making)

Marbled fox face and red Fox face


List all the things you’re currently working on in as much or little detail as you’d like, then tag some friends to see what they’re working on. This can be writing, art, vids, gifsets, whatever.

I was tagged by @educatedinyellow. Interesting stuff on yours :) That Crimean war AU especially. 

So. Things I’m working on?

Well, 1) The Men Who Talked Between The Words, of course. Always kind of ticking along on that. I’ve got the emotional core of the next chapter mostly written bar some smoothing and tweaking, and just need to finish off the case and lead up to it. I think I talk about this enough for most of my followers to know what it’s about. Finding it kind of exhausting, I have to say. It’s a bit like I’ve been married to this fic so long that now I open the doc and it’s like-

2) Johnnies Bravo The stripper/Full Monty AU as yet unseen anywhere on the internet. Set post Reichenbach and started in 2013ish before TMWTBTW took over my life, it follows the left-behinds. John’s shattered by Sherlock’s death and struggling to move on or deal with his feelings about it, but also becoming increasingly bored with life. Greg’s career is turning belly-up, his divorce is finalised and he’s a newly free man, and not sure how he feels about it. Anderson is going slowly up the wall, convinced that Sherlock isn’t dead and no one believes him, and Bill Murray is freshly back from his last tour with the army and not ready to face life as a civilian. In the middle of it all, a working club about to go bust, and a joke that becomes an idea, that snowballs into…something. It’s mostly a comedy about blokes taking their kit off, I promise. 

Originally posted by jamesbondteam

3) Shade. John is haunted by the ghost of Bill Murray, who conversely is living his (after)life much better than John is living his (actual)life. John’s slightly convinced he’s just gone nuts, but it makes life more bearable so he goes with it. They meet Sherlock Holmes, Real!Medium, who is the only other person to be able to see and hear Bill. Together they try and unravel the conditions of Bill’s ghost-hood. 

4) Revisions. I’m considering the potential for re-writing Apples, The Lake and maybe one or two other of my much shorter pieces that are -barely- BBC Sherlock at all, as something original. Apples I think has real scope to become something along the lines of an illustrated story; I just need the time to lay it all out and figure out exactly how I want to work it,. 

Original works:

5) The unnamed thing with the hedgehog. As it says on the tin; an as of yet unnamed story about a hedgehog. 

6) Pasterley Skull. 1962, twins Penny and Joy have a number of problems, not least that their parents are threatening to separate them. The other being the ongoing strangeness of dreams about a battle, a horse and an oak that seem to be bleeding into reality. 2010 and Thomas fears something is living in the woods, stalking him. He has no idea what it is or why it is after him; all he knows is that it has something to do with a 50 year old hoax; bones dug up at now-extinct village of Pasterley, claimed to those of a unicorn. As the twins get pulled further from home, and Thomas deeper into the history of the skull, they find their paths begin to overlap. 

7) Tales of the Pilgrim.  Monster stories. 

8) Truly and Croak! Similar, fairy-tale themed stories, of a sort. 

If you’d like to do this meme, please considered yourself tagged! 

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