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Some hedgehogs are easier than others. This is a great video on how to clip a grumpy hedgehog’s nails by Chylo U.

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Im considering getting a hedgehog within the next few months but first i want to get a basic over view of their care to make sure i can care for it properly. I don't have a room for a C&C cage, so what size of cage do hedgehogs need as a minimum?How do I pick one up with out getting pricked? (I don't mind getting pricked it would just be better to avoid it) What's brand of cat food do you recommend? Where did you get your heating system? And any other important things I should know about hedgies


Well, there’s quite a bit that I can go on about if you let me (but it would be quite long). I’ve made quite a few posts already covering the basics. I can link them into categories for you so they’re easier to find. If you still have any specific questions or you’d like me to go more in-depth on a topic, you’re always welcome to message me or send another ask.

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This tale is about a merchant who makes an error in judgement due to his desire to get home quickly. His horse needs a nail in its shoe, but he puts it off to get on the road faster. After a while, the horse now needs a new shoe; but the merchant ignores it to continue riding on. The horse begins to limp and then finally, sadly, breaks its leg. The merchant must then walk home himself, and loses more time than it would have taken to initially replace the nail. The moral here is obvious, but the real take away is the catch phrase “Hasten slowly.” I like to imagine this as a beer slogan uttered by the Dos Equis guy as “Hasten slowly, my friends.”


An orphan boy decides to kill himself in order to escape his awful foster parents. They’ve told him before that there is a jar of poison under their bed, and a bottle of poison in the cabinet. He decides to use both, and downs everything in both containers. However, the jar is actually full of honey, and the bottle is full of wine. Yet the boy intakes so much of both that it does in fact kill him anyway.

I feel like there’s a Drug Public Service Announcement Infomercial somewhere here.


I’ll never understand the thought process of these fairy tale step parents. First of all because they’re all very cruel, of course. Secondly, they never seem to question how these impossible tasks they give their step children get done. The stepmother in this story tasks her stepdaughter with separating a large bag of feathers, emptying an entire pond with only a spoon, and building a completely furnished castle; all of which had to be completed in a day. When the stepmother comes to check out the work, and it is astonishingly complete, she just shrugs and mumbles something about giving the girl more to do because she apparently didn’t have enough. Never mind the mysterious old lady that stepped in to help WITH MAGIC. Idiot.


Another day, another race for the Hare. If it wasn’t shameful enough to lose to the Tortoise in that infamous foot race, the Hare decides to deride and challenge a hedgehog as well. I’m sure I’m not spoiling things for you when I tell you that the Hare lost. It was because of trickery on the Hedgehog’s part, sure, but still. You’d think the Hare would have humbled up and learned his lesson by now. Leave the slow animals alone! They’re smarter than you!

Actually, now that I think about it, there’s a couple of jerks I went to high school with that would have benefited from reading this back then.

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my hedgehog needs his nails cut but he hates it. even during bath time i can get one foot as most. he gets very defensive but he needs them done! i'm scared of being forceful - his legs are so tiny i feel like any hard pressure i'd break them - how do i know when to back off or when to just go in and cut them

Nail clipping can be very difficult, if you really feel like you’re putting too much force on a leg (they might look thin but are quite sturdy) it might be better to just leave it at one foot at a time for now. You don’t have to clip all the nails in one sitting, once they get more used to it it’ll be easier but if it’s that hard I would just take it slow. Meanwhile you can keep touching his feet during handling to make him more used to it without the stress of really grabbing his feet and clipping his nails. Good luck!