hedgehog mushroom

A Mushroom a Day

Lycoperdon echinatum, commonly known as the spiny puffball or the spring puffball, is a type of puffball mushroom that can be found either solitary or in small groups. It typically grows on the ground in deciduous forests and grassy areas, glades and pastures, on moss, humus, or woody debris. Like most other puffball species, L. echinatum is edible when still young and while the gleba is still white and firm. To avoid possible confusion with potentially deadly Amanita species, it is recommended to slice young puffballs with a longitudinal cut to ensure that the flesh is devoid of any internal structures.

My image for the Falmouth Illustration quotes book… I think it’s done. My favourite part was cutting out each and every individual animal and leaf to do the background. ‘There sleeps Titania…’