hedgehog edits


I know this has been done a million times over for joke purposes n such, but I wanted to make like, a compilation comparing Sonic and co. to the respective animals they were based off of! 

I would’ve included characters like Bean and Fang, but I have no idea what animals either of them are. I can kinda get that Bean’s supposed to be a bird, but I have no idea what animal Fang is. I also just kinda forgot Bark the Polar Bear was a character that existed…

(i was originally going to use a pic of a hedgehog floating on water for sonic…but then i decided it was too mean and opted for a pic of a hedgehog on grass) 


So i tried out that owo chrome extension on sonic related pages and i feel like i’ve transcended to another plane


It’s that time again. Fake screenshot edit things. Some notes:

- No one can understand a person who can’t walk better than someone who had their legs chopped off and augmented with robotic ones.
- The subs for Barker in the first edit with him and Chris was going to be some lyrics from this song. But I figured people would be able to pick up on Barker’s, um, ulterior motives, anyway.
- I really enjoy making glow effects.
- Sonia’s redesign was made by @drawloverlala.