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Can lil hedgies get along with other animals ( like cats or something)? If not those animals, can you please list some for me? Thank you, Future African Pygmy Hedgehog owner 😊

I think it depends on the hedgehog.

When I first got my hedgehog in college, my roommate already had a cat. The cat didn’t bother her at all. As a matter of fact, the hedgehog would chase the cat around the apartment. It was kinda funny.

Then, we got a bird. My hedgehog was pretty curious with the cockatiel. She kept wanting to smell and lick it. Idk why. Weirdo.

Funny story time: So if you don’t know anything about birds they go through a molting process where old feathers fall out and new ones grow in. These new feathers first poke through the skin as ‘blood feathers’ where the new ones mature in these blood filled tube-looking things (google the image now). When the new feather is ready, the blood recedes and the bird picks the exterior shell off of the now new feather. Well the bird thought my hedgehog was covered in blood feathers and started to pick at her spines. Needless to say, Thistle was not amused. At all. lol

When I graduated, I moved back home where I kept my dog. My hedgehog HATES the dog. If I pet the dog and then try to interact with the hedgehog = instant spike-ball.

As you can see, my hedgehog is pretty outgoing and chill for the most part. But not all hedgies are like that. Some are terrified of everything. Others DGAF. When considering getting a hedgehog you really need to consider your other pets.

I knew that cat wasn’t going to bother the hedgehog because we already knew how she would react (our previous roommate had rats. it was fine). But not all cats are like that. We were fortunate enough to have a big scaredy-cat.

However, at home….My dog is a terrier. If you don’t know much about terriers, I’ll let you know that they are tiny Velociraptors. You can’t trust them for anything. I have to make sure that my dog cannot have access to the hedgehog room when I’m not home. Fortunately, my dog is not super interested in her during the day (when she’s sleeping and not making any noise).

You just have to know your own animals and do what’s best for all of them. If you think your other pets may stress your new hedgehog, maybe you want to hold off on a new spiky friend.

There’s a ‘vampire’ hedgehog that’s killing it on Instagram. Sir Hodge Huffington the Cricket Slayer, aka 'Huff’, loves getting his picture taken, but it’s probably because he always gets wax worms out of it. 

Before Huff was adopted by student Carolyn Parker, his previous owner treated him badly.

“A lot of people in Utah struggle with seasonal depression-including myself.“

“I started the account because I wanted to share something that made me happy with other people.”

“Huff comes off as being grumpy and “huffy” but is really lovable and cuddly on the inside.”

“I think that’s why there is such a large fan base for hedgehogs…because a lot of people can relate.”

HufftheHedgehog Instagram

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This is the best thing i’ve ever seen

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