It’s the 4th of July and our awesomely cute friend Tiny Hamster (previously featured here) is celebrating by hosting a Tiny Barbecue for his rabbit, guinea pig, and hedgehog friends.

Decked out in festive party hats, they’re all keeping cool by hanging out in the pool, playing games, and feasting on teeny-tiny veggie burgers, vegetable kebabs, and corn on the cob. Their enthusiastic human host even sets off some animal-friendly fireworks for them.

Head over to the HelloDenizen YouTube channel for even more Tiny Hamster fun times.

[via Neatorama]

brilliantlydisturbed replied to your photo:Kiwi loves belly rubs. She will roll on her back…

How is Kiwi holding up in this heat?

It’s very hot here in the Netherlands right now, about 33 °C. Hedgehogs need warm teperatures, but this is a little bit too hot, even for them. So, I try to help her keep cool. During the day she is downstairs in a cool corner of the living room, instead of at the attic where it’s extremely hot during the day. I also made a cold spot in her cage for her to lay on if she gets hot. She can go and lay down on some linoleum with is cooler than a fleece blanket. Kiwi seems to be coping very well right now :)


Finally I have finished this cover for jowyavilon! Who.. Stupidly was a guy who I thought was a girl. HOW BLOODY STUPID AM I? Can somebody lend me Tails’s brain for a day?

Well/ I may have not read this fanfic. But he has great reviews from known authors! And hopefully he will nag me to read his lol (since I’m busy/lazy nowadays)
Here is his story here; https://m.fanfiction.net/s/11049643/1/Amy-s-Valentines-Special

Rise of Conflict is now being checked and corrected! Hope you’s are all excited!

Hope you like it jowyavilon