Do you know about the witches?

Do you know about the witches? They leave their bodies. They do. They leave their bodies when the sky is dark and the moon is hidden.

They smear their flesh with magic grease and ride their stangs into the night sky to join the devil. The devil himself. Horns and all.

They use the red road that lives in the earth like a serpent to guide them to the sabbat. It twists and turns and writhes in the dirt. And only they can see it.

They fly upon the road searching for the man in black and Hoping they can catch a glimpse of the spirits that reach their arms out to welcome them.

Those shadows that you see in the dark night, that’s them. Searching. Yearning to meet their lord. And all the while their bodies are left empty like the shells of a cicada protected by odd symbols and roots.

Their bodies are empty when they fly. Just their naked spirits float into the night with their familiars by their side. Ghastly creatures that lure them to the devils sabbat where they sign their name in his book.

They dance and convulse to gain strength in the circle before returning back. Unnamed sorceries are released into the earth that we will never know of.

Sometimes even they forget.


My breakthrough with crossing the hedge began with the images that cross your eyes as you are falling asleep. I had my eyes closed, but I could still see the light out the window and the shape of the window in my room. So then I raised my hand, I could see my hand through my closed lids! This was after having a mild herbal thing (no solanaceae) that got me into a more sustained trance. So I went out the window, since I could see it, and I walked down my street, only a block, but it was awesome.

If you close your eyes and see anything as you are falling asleep, even just white static, focus in on it, see if it forms into something/someone/a landscape and follow it. I am really nearsighted in the otherworld, I can’t see very far. This is how I did it, I didn’t take a lot of precautions, you might want to do more than I did. I also did this with a candle flickering on the table in front of my closed eyes. Eventually I started seeing faces and stuff, and the pattern put me into a trance and I could go to the otherwordly temple that my teacher had set up for us. You don’t have to have a teacher with a temple like that, most witch books have some sort of place like that described in it that you can go to and begin your travelling from.

Invocation of Kernunnos

By the sacred flame burning bright
O’ Ancient One!
We call yer name of this night
O’ Witch-father!
To joy and terror yer here
O’ Hedge-lord!
We hear your foot steps drawing near
O’ Sitter-Between!
Let us join our ancestors Sabbath
O’ Antler’d Devil!

Turn yer three ever-watching eyes to thee
Bring our spirits across the boundary with glee
Let our souls fly till dawns break
and our nightly flight be enough to sate
The Liminal One We call Tonight

Kernunnos O’Nyrt!
Rise from the Dirt!

Nema! Nema! Nema!

This is my personal invocation to Kernunnos (or alternatively, Cernunnos), my patron god, a liminal Gaulish god of the dead, wealth, and hedge-crossing.

Feel free to use it or alter it as you see fit.

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Flying Ointment Review

I ordered a flying ointment made by Alchemy6! Shipping was quick and the packaging was carefully put together to ensure no damage came to the product. It came in a cute little purple sachet with witchy charms, as well as a free sample of a perfume oil. 


A lot of product (if you use normal doses, as you should with poisonous plant based products) for a little price! Only ten bucks :)
Uses many ingredients other than just the belladonna, like mugwort, clary sage, and wormwood. 
Works very well, at least in my case. It put me into a dreamlike state where disbelief was suspended and intuition flowed freely. I can’t wait to use it more!


Uses beeswax and coconut oil as the base of the salve, in a combo that makes it a little hard to use. I would have preferred animal fat, but this is great if you’re vegan. You have to really work to heat it up in order to get it on your finger in a spreadable state. I used a blowdryer. 

Side effects: 

I had blurred vision as the only kind of benign effect, which is pretty much expected in flying ointment using belladonna. I noticed an upturn in my mood and self perception, but I don’t recommend this as a treatment for depression or negative self esteem or anything. 


You gotta understand you’re rubbing poisonous plant wax on your skin. It can have adverse health effects if you’re allergic, if you use too much and overdose, or if you use it too often. Be smart. 

Overall, I give this product a 5/5 on doing what it’s for and a 3/5 on like consistency and smoothness. 

anonymous asked:

Do you have any advice (besides things like mugwort and hallucinogens) for seeing spirits? Maybe I'm just that earth sign dominant, but I am literally spirit blind haha

If you don’t have the Sight, then seeing spirits in the waking world is always going to prove difficult. Dull your physical senses and open the others. Learn how to fly and dreamwalk. Meet them in the oneiric sabbat instead. Think less like a human being and more like a witch. 

guzmas-wife  asked:

Hi! I was referred to you since you practice hedge witchcraft and I'm wondering if you have any tips for someone who's interested in it?

Hedgewitchery is that of those interact with otherworld, by going there, regardless of your paradigm.

A Christian witch (or more accurately, cunning folk), could practice this by entering Heaven or Hell (in fact, if I recall, certain early modern period werewolves with similarities to the Benendanti, whom called themselves the Hounds of God, supposedly decended to Hell in trance states to battle evil). A Pagan of any sort could do this in their worldview. Another idea could be entering cyberspace, via techno-magick. The possibilities are ultimately endless in terms of otherworldly travel. Know your paradigm, let it color the places your going, and work at it!

In terms of advice, I would recommend a few things.

1. Focus on spirit allies (familiar or totemic?) and building relationships to guide you.

2. Practice “visualization” (doesn’t have to be entirely visual, given visualization includes imagination of other senses too) heavily. This is going to allow you to “see” and “paint” the otherworlds your attempting to enter easier. You can do this in your spare time. On the bus? Practice it! Free time at home? Do it. Laying under trees? Make it happen!

3. Find a method to enter trance. This an be your typical astral projection, drumming, entheogens, musical tracks of any kind, postures, imagery and setting, and so much more. Find something that works for you.

4) Don’t give up. Sometimes it will be tough, but eventually, you’ll do it. Believe you can do it. No. Know you can do it. Don’t let yourself get discouraged. It may take a few days, it may take a year. It doesn’t matter the passage of time, only the goal, progress, and attempting.

anonymous asked:

hello there, dear! i have a question regarding spirit communication in dreams. you see, my "mundane" dreams are normally really nonsensical. they are absurd. the problem is — even when a spirit is trying to communicate with me, some parts are still off? my dream starts absurd as always and then there is one single part when the spirit is talking that makes sense and then just go back to being weird again. sometimes it even blends together. do you think this is a normal thing that happens?

This isn’t anything uncommon, and should not alarm you. But you can train to prepare yourself to refine such communications, and get better at… clarifying the signal, so to speak, eliminating mundane pollution. Lucid dreaming, dreamwalking, remote viewing, and hedgecrossing are skillful skills to develop for any competent practitioner and working on one often affects the others as these are all subtle out of body experiences with their own degrees. It also helps to find yourself some sort of trigger indicating that you are experiencing magical dreams and not just regular, mundane ones. To me for example, it is the sensation of physical pain. Some others look at their hands and count their fingers. Some have a “jumpstart” sort of safe word. All things will come if you put effort into them. 

Crossing the Hedge

So, recently I have decided that I can’t really call myself a hedgewitch because I’m still learning how best to cross the hedge. I mean, I’ve done it but I can’t always repeat the success.

There are a number of methods out there, and possibly some that I’ve never even heard of. So the ones I do know of for sure are:

  • Music
  • Chanting
  • (Hyper)Relaxation
  • Entheogens
  • Dance
  • Pain

I haven’t heard of any hedgewitches using the last 2 methods but they are employed in some Sufi traditions when attempting to go into a trance in order to commune with God so I am adding them to the list while unsure if anyone actually uses them.

What amazes me is that there are all of these methods and I have yet to find one that works well for me. I’ve had limited successes. I tend to end up hyper focusing on the here and now with some of the methods described for travel. Music, especially with violins, makes me feel like I’m playing it and I’ll get lost in listening to the strands of notes instead of trying to travel. Chanting has often acted in a similar way. I can’t imagine what I would do if I tried using pain or dancing to try to travel….

I have had successes with drumming tracks, though, so that’s something. 

Edit: since writing this post up on Wednesday, I have had a vague success. I meant to kind of be there and here at the same time and I found that it was actually pretty successful. If I got too far in, I felt a little jolt and I was back where I was supposed to be. I do believe that I will be able to replicate previous attempts, perhaps with a better success rate.

anonymous asked:

If I'm allowed to ask, since you deal with sleeping problems as well, how does it influence your magical practice? If it influences your practice negatively, have you found ways to counteract this? (Besides the knife). Thank you in advance, I really enjoy your blog and your well thought out answers!

The knife is not for sleeping disorders. The knife is here as a protection, and acts as a spiritual weapon - because when I fall asleep with it, I wake up with it on the other side. So far it’s been disuasive enough for me not to be fucked with. Spirits know to keep clear. On the beneficial side of things, I rarely have nightmares when the ritual blade is around 🤷‍♀️

As for insomnia, well… sleep is for the weak it’s honestly getting better. If I were a bit of a masochist I’d say it induces its own trance states which the practiced occultist know how to act upon… but the average human (which I totally am) struggles to properly function and cope with daily responsibilities - including a full time job, a thesis to write, magical dailies and house chores - with less than 5 hours of sleep a day. So keep an eye on it, and train yourself to know exactly what it is your body need.

Witchcraft comes with its own insanity, as discussed ;)

Book review: Resurrection of the Meadow by Robin Artisson


So this book is about Hedgeriding and Country Faery Faith. This book is amazing for 30 bucks for hardback(I bet you can find it cheaper, that’s new) you get a lot for your money. You get a real look into hedgeriding. it really talks about the fetch and the otherworld in greater detail then other books that I have read. 

It talks about how magick works. What your fetch is. It’s a gotten section on plant charms that I LOVE. 

But it’s the second half of the book that picks up. The plant charms and after are amazing. A lot of detail on how to and what you are doing and why. Which a  lot of book leave out, it’s kinda explain it yourself deal with most book but he explains in a understandable fashion that is great. 

He has a section on rituals for the spirits and crossing over that are just no brainers but something you never think of that I love. 

Honestly for any hedgerider Id pick the book up it’s worth it. I must have. Great info for cheap.

#4 crossing salve

a gentle “flying ointment” for aid in visionary travel



  • 1/8 cup olive oil
  • 1/8 cup horse oil*
  • 1/8 cup dried mugwort
  • 1/8 cup dried yarrow
  • pinch of white rabbit hair
  • 2 tsp granular beeswax
  • 3 drops of poplar bud oil
  • 1 capsule vitamin e (preservative)

Heat the first list of ingredients over a double boiler (if you don’t have a double boiler, a heat proof mixing bowl over a small saucepan works) for 3 hours. Stir every once and a while. Strain out solids then return to double boiler, adding the second list just until melted.

Pour into a small jar and allow to cool before sealing it. If it’s too hard, melt it down and add a little more oil. If it’s too soft, add more wax. Charge under the full moon.

When using, anoint the brow and heart. Use in conjunction with a hedgecrossing rite for smooth travel. This is gentle enough for regular use. The combo of horse oil and yarrow make your skin feel really nice afterwards, though please spot test before slathering it all over yourself.

Should apparently last 2 years, though I usually use it up before then. YMMV

※ You can find horse oil on amazon or Japanese supermarkets- make sure it’s the 100% pure variety.  

External image

So just what is hedgecrossing?

Hedge-Crossing, Hedge-Riding, Wind-Riding, and Myrk-Walking; these are just some of the terms for Spirit Flight and Astral Projection.  It is a journey you take in Spirit form or in the Dream World. There are many ways in which we can travel to the Spirit Realms, finding what works for you can take many attempts of trial and error. Swaying, drumming, hissing, dancing, and deep meditation are just a few ways of gaining access to Spirit Flight.

The creation of Flying Ointments can be dangerous if toxic herbs are used in its making. There are ways to make the ointment without the dangers of poisonous herbs, finding the right concoction for you is the trick. Again, it’s all about trial and error; that, of course, is what’s so rewarding about Witchcraft—the magic and enchantment that fills our lives.

A Hedgecrossing Ritual:

This ritual is designed for 1-2 persons but could be used by a group as well with one person acting as watcher. How one crosses the hedge differs from person to person as one technique doesn’t work for everyone. Due to this, there are many options presented within this ritual to customize it to your own preferences. The term “hedgecrossing” is modern in usage stemming from the Germanic term haegtessa meaning hedge witch. In the shamanic community this technique is called “shamanic journeying”. Hedgecrossing doesn’t necessarily mean flying out of body. Hedgecrossing is truly an altered state of consciousness commonly known as trance. When in this altered state certain persons can see, hear, and interact with gods and spirits, receive visions,  as well as perform divinations as a seer or oracle.

First you’ll need to pick your stimulus. Your stimulus is what aids you to go into trance and it becomes a repetitive ritual action you do over and over so your body, mind, and soul know that now is the time to fall into trance. You could play a traditional trance-inducing instrument like a drum, rattle, or sistrum using fast beats and rhythms. Fast repetitive drumming has been scientifically proven to alter some people’s state of consciousness as much as an entheogen would, but it doesn’t work for everyone. Some find drumming distracting and prefer a more silent stimulus. Others may have trouble keeping up playing an instrument during trance and for this I recommend making a recording when starting out. If you make a recording it also allows you to set a time limit on your travels; when the music stops, it’s time to return.

Your stimulus could be an entheogen, but I wouldn’t recommend starting out with harsh ones as you wouldn’t know if your experience was real or if you were just hallucinating. If you choose this method use a milder entheogen like wormwood, mugwort, tobacco, or even alcohol and then work your way up to flying ointments if entheogens are part of your practice. Entheogens can be a tool in hedgecrossing, but they aren’t a requirement. If you choose to use an entheogen be aware that it can leave you open to possession or harm by spirits and protective talismans, a protector familiar, or a person acting as watcher are necessary to prevent this.

Other stimuli can include ecstatic trance postures, breathing techniques, a chant or rhyme, donning a ritual costume, ecstatic dancing, or even performing the rite somewhere in complete darkness like a cave, a room with no windows, or a blacked-out room. Such stimuli are aids to those with trouble and mental blocks when it comes to slipping into trance and letting go of normal consciousness. I recommend trying a few different stimuli when starting to find one that works best for you.

External image
Familiar Territory’s handcrafted Flying Salve is a perfect gift for any witch. Read More about this.

To perform this ritual you will need: a notebook and pen, a warm blanket, a pillow, a blindfold (optional), a musical instrument (optional), a stave (wand, stang, or staff), and incense or offerings for your gatekeeper deity and your familiar spirits. Now that you have chosen your trance cue and have gathered all your items needed, you can begin the ritual:

Purify yourself with spring water and smoke – wipe or sprinkle your face, hands, and feet with the water and waft incense or smoke from smudge over your body with your hands. Cast a protective sphere around the space you’ll be using with whatever your chosen method is. I like to hold onto a wand or have my stang in the center of the ritual space when I cast a caim and hedgecross. Invoke a gatekeeper to open the door between worlds. If you worship gods call a psychopomp or messenger (i.e. Hekate, Hermes, Prometheus, Manannán mac Lir, Gwyn ap Nudd, Nicneven, Odin, Heimdall, Papa Legba, etc). Be sure to ask which door. It is best to start with the underworld or upperworld –avoid the middle world until you truly know what you are doing.

If you are an animist, invoke a “crossroads” animal instead (owl, serpent, frog/toad, etc) or the great World Tree itself. Give offering to the gatekeeper, animal, or tree in thanks; incense, alcohol, tobacco, food –whatever their favourite offering is. Call your familiar spirits. You will need one protector to watch over your body and one guide to lead and protect you in the otherworld. If you use fetiches as spirit vessels for animal or ancestral familiars use your vessels to summon them. If the fetiche is something you can wear on your person, even better. If you need to, set a time limit.

If you have a watcher, they can gently bring you back with a song,  a musical instrument, or by burning incense when your time is up. If you’re alone set a “gentle” alarm. If you have the luxury of time you won’t need a limit. If you are alone and not setting a time limit you will need a cue so you remember to return. A safety word or chant to use while wandering in the otherworld should work. Lay down on the floor either on your back or stomach (there are differing opinions as to which is better so I leave it up to you), and cover yourself with the blanket so your body being cold doesn’t bring you out of trance. If you’ll be drumming or playing another instrument throughout you can stay sitting up, and just make yourself comfortable with blanket and pillow. If light distracts you, wear a blindfold. Pick a place to start/enter. Is there a tree you go to, a cave, a stairway, a well? Fall up or down the rabbit hole like Alice. You can have a specific destination in mind or person/spirit/god to reach or you can have no plan and see what you see and go where you go. Both are rewarding. Let the images and experiences and words come. Don’t fight what you experience and don’t try to control it. Relax and let it happen. Remember this is spirit work and the most important thing is manners, manners, manners. Be very polite to whatever and whoever you meet. Read fairy tales to brush yourself up on spirit manners as well as how to protect from the dangerous ones. I hold a Rowan wand when travelling as spirits cannot harm one touching the wood and sometimes it can be used to open more doors once in the otherworld. Don’t rush back – retrace your steps and find a way back. If you need help, ask your familiar guide to lead you back. When you are fully back in your body wait a moment to rest, collect all the bits of your soul back together, and think on your experience. When you are ready, sit up. Write down your experiences and any messages you received right away so you don’t forget. No matter how much you think you’ll remember it later, you won’t. Thank your familiars and leave them their favourite offerings. You don’t need to banish familiars because they are a part of you. Ask the gatekeeper/animal/tree to close the door between worlds. The gate is closed – lock it with your stave as key. Leave them another offering and say farewell to gently banish their presence from your space and their power from your stave. Take down your protective space and ground. Eating is the easiest way to ground after travelling about as it reminds you you’re flesh and blood.

from Hedgecrossing

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8mtDhYXKSw)

Speed painting and narrative poem.