This absolute hero of a YouTuber ripped that one funky OST from Zetsubou-hen and tried to recreate a full-length track since the OST doesn’t have an actual release date yet.

It’s glitchy and still has audio from the show they probably couldn’t cut out, but thank god.  


Also if you want to be absolutely ruined, this YouTuber created that sad piano OST.

hey remember when sdr2 said nanami was a member of the future foundation, even though according to dr3 kamukura made her and inserted her into the new world program?

remember when she implied fujisaki to be her and monomi’s dad, and alter ego to be her brother, even though according to dr3 kamukura made her, and if so, it would make no sense for alter ego to be her brother, unless i guess kamukura made him and monomi too, because fuck canon amirite? (plus if she sees hinata/kamukura as her dad then h1nanami is suddenly kinda creepy)

remember when she was friends with monomi, who definitely was made by the future foundation since gekkogahara uses her, even though, if she’s an ai inserted into the program by kamukura, monomi should see her as a foreign invader, akin to monokuma?

remember when dr didn’t use cheap tactics to make everything revolve around these two? remember when they had relationships with other people, and character depth besides how much they totally love each other!!! 

i miss those times.

anonymous asked:

i notice you like drawing komaeda! could you draw komaeda enjoying a burger (or some other kind of food), it's just nice when characters are happy. (its ok if you dont do requests though)

i don’t do requests but


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