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How do you think Genos would feel about your Villain Saitama? Do you think he would try to help him?

At first I was going to answer “of course Genos would help!” but now that I’m really thinking about it, what if he was disappointed? 

I’ve been seeing all these posts about Gravity Paws coming up on my dash, and it looks legitimately tOO ADORABLE AMD I CANNOT W A I T (and u think we all need some cute puppies right before the finale to calm our nerves! wAIT DO YOU THINK THAT’S WHY THEY DID IT) so I thought I’d start on drawing the mystery gang as pups!!!! Here’s Gideon and Wendy!!! (I’m thinking of doing Ford and Stan as boxers, and Dip Dop and Mabel as Beagle puppies!!

tbh solid could be pretty straight forward if he were to confess to otacon

internally hes screaming and his hands might be sweaty and maaaybe his ears are red no not his whole face you cant tell probably haha oh fuc k hes having a mental breakdown hes a fucking mess

and yet he manages to speak p calmly and get that shit out and if otacon said he liked him back he would probably freeze up kinda hard for a second but hed snap out of it and hug the hell out of this nerd and nuzzle his face and just say i love you again just to hear otacon say it back shit he might even kiss his cheek once but only once twice is too far

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the best part is that it doesn't really make sense? why would Jensen (only Jensen) retweet that video not 30 minutes later and use the hashtag? why would that website go up minutes after misha posted the video? (I mean, I'm sure nothing could be related, but what are the chances)

i mean as much as i love cockles, i dont think jensen  would have tweeted misha abt the video unless they’re planning something. like…….sth is happening. sth big