hector: tamer of horses

You want to know what really slays me? “Troy is fated to fall.” It didn’t matter what Hector did or how hard he fought. It didn’t matter how fiercely he loved his family: Paris, Andromache, Priam… or how dedicated and loyal he was to his country and his countrymen. Troy was fated to fall and that is the sad and heartwrenching truth. They never stood a chance. Not against the Greeks, not against the Gods and not against Achilles.

I don't know why this irritates me so much...

So after reading one of our translations of the Iliad, I’m paging through our other, newer one, which I’ve never read before (yes we have two, you can never have enough different translations of something)

and I’m irrationally irritated by the fact that Hector’s main epithet, which I’ve ALWAYS seen translated as “tamer of horses” is here written as “breaker of horses.”

I guess it technically means the same thing, but “breaker” has more aggressive connotations, while “tamer” is pretty neutral, and, to me, fits better with Hector’s character. Also, I’m just used to it, and don’t see why it ought to be changed.