hector the well endowed


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#I still can’t believe Jeff didn’t see that Annie was going to annihilate him #at this point in their acquaintance Annie had: #attack kissed him in front of a crowd - causing him to drop a paraplegic man - to prove that man is evil and win a debate #slammed his head against a table #informed the dean about Chang’s faking his knowledge of Spanish in an attempt to force the entire group to take Spanish again #gave Jeff a bloody nose when she found out he’d had sex with Britta during paintball before he kissed her at the Transfer Dance #broke into Alan’s office to steal an email and then chloroformed an innocent janitor TWICE #sold Greendale out to City College #created an elaborate con to teach Jeff a lesson about slacking off #effortlessly pulled off roleplaying as Hector the Well Endowed #I MEAN REALLY #WHAT DID YOU THINK SHE WAS GOING TO DO JEFF #ROLL OVER AND ADMIT YOU WERE RIGHT!? (x)

  • [The Fukurodani and Nekoma teams are playing dungeons & dragons]
  • Kuroo: Yaku, what do you want to do?
  • Kenma: I’d like to introduce myself. Hello, I am a dwarf named zippity-doo..
  • Kuroo: Ok im not the best at making up names
  • Akaashi: Okay. I’m Marrrrrrrr. Boy you weren’t kidding.
  • Bokuto: Hello, Marrrrrrrr. My name is bing bong the archer, I’m an archer, and such.
  • Yaku: I’m.. Ew! Hector the well-endowed? Kuroo-
  • Kuroo: I didn’t know you just grabbed a character sheet at random, I made that one with Bokuto in mind
  • [Kuroo and Bokuto fist bump]
  • Kenma: Yeah I bet you did.

[Jason and Percy arrange a dungeon and dragons game to cheer Nico up.]

Jason: I understand Nico has his character Ducane who he’s playing as for years. So I made these for you guys. Take your time choose your character carefully they each come with their own strength and weaknesses.

[The seven all grab random sheets]

Percy: Shouldn’t there be a board or some pieces or something to Jenga? 

Jason: No this is a roleplaying game.

Will: Ooooh Nico! *nudges Nico* 

Jason: Frank it’s your move how do you wish to proceed? 

Frank: Ummmm….

Jason: You’re slowing this down, Hazel? 

Hazel: I would like to introduce myself my name is Zippadidoo.

Jason: Yeah I’m not good at making up names.

Annabeth: Oh hey I’m Maaar…wow you weren’t kidding.

Percy: Hello Maaar, my name is Bing-Bong the archer, I’m an archer and such.

Piper: I’m ewww Hector the well endowed!

Jason: I didn’t know you’d just grab one at random I made that character with Percy in mind

[Percy & Jason fist bump]

Hazel: Yeah I bet you did…