hector moreno

This 2018 Fifa World Cup has got me feeling emotions for married men with kids that I shouldn’t be having.


Mexico NT while singing the national anthem

Chicharito (Javier Hernandez) : Smiling all the time, passionate, playful & happy, all at once!

Carlos Vela : cute x1000

Hirving Lozano : Trying to look serious but being extremely cute instead

Jesus Gallardo : Singing with his eyes closed, passion level 200%

Andres Guardado : Probably, the most serious one

Me thinking about Mexico Nt. playing Brazil Nt. in 10 hours.

Me thinking about how I will either die of happiness or sadness in 12 hours.

Everyone get your hearts ready.


Meet the Team: MEXICO

Now that squads have been announced, we can look more closely into the hotness of the individual teams. I mean, that’s what we’re here for, right? For each team, I’ll talk a bit about the squad, then highlight ten hotties.

Today: MEXICO!

Mexico have come out of the gate swinging. They’ve made it to the Round of 16 every World Cup since 1994, but in all their history have only ever made it as far as quarter finals. Could this be their year?

Team nickname: El Tri
Fan Chant: Eh, México! (it used to be something else, but we’re not yelling that anymore)


  • Jose Corona, #1 (home club: Cruz Azul)
  • Alfredo Talavera, #12 (home club: Toluca)
  • Guillermo Ochoa, #13 (home club: Standard Liege)


  • Hugo Ayala, #2 (home club: UANL)
  • Edson Álvarez, #21 (home club: América)
  • Jesús Gallardo, #23 (home club: Monterrey)
  • Carlos Salcedo, #3 (home club: Eintracht Frankfurt)

Great smile and better pecs

  • Rafael Márquez, #4 (home club: Atlas)

Definition of Daddy

  • Miguel Layún, #7 (home club: Sevilla)

Such a good smile

  • Héctor Moreno, #15 (home club: Real Sociedad)



  • Marco Fabián, #8 (home club: Eintracht Frankfurt)
  • Giovani dos Santos, #10 (home club: LA Galaxy)
  • Héctor Herrera, #16 (home club: Porto)
  • Andrés Guardado, #18 (home club: Betis)
  • Erick Gutierrez, #5 (home club: Pachuca)

Hello, Erick.

  • Jonathan dos Santos, #6 (home club: LA Galaxy)


  • Javier Aquino, #20 (home club: UANL)

He looks good whatever he’s wearing


  • Javier Hernández, #14 (home club: West Ham) 
  • Oribe Peralta, #19 (home club: Porto)
  • Hirving Lozano, #22 (home club: PSV)
  • Raúl Jiménez, #9 (home club: Wolverhampton Wanderers)

Hello, beautiful.

  • Carlos Vela, #11 (home club: LAFC)

Such soulful eyes.

  • Jesus Manuel Corona, #17 (home club: Porto)

So pretty.