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Me: Wouldn’t it be cool if Keith and Nico were friends?

Me: Wouldn’t it be awesome if Hazel and Zero were long lost cousins or something??

Me: *Gasp* Wouldn’t it be amazing if Percy and Stanley bonded over being labeled as a troublemaker???

Me: *Squealing* Wouldn’t it be sooooo great if Will, Katniss, and Prim were siblings and got to meet????

Me: Aw, but that couldn’t happen cuz Katniss and Prim are fictional.


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Could I have a ship please? with a male please from Holes,Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Malcolm In The Middle. I have long brown hair,blue eyes with freckles and I wear glasses. I'm short then most people i love music it's a rare sigh to see me with out my earphones and a hobby of mine is writing stories I'm also one of those people who laugh at joke that aren't funny and randomly come out with useless facts. I would say I'm not a confident person but over they years I'v came out my shell a lot.

Omg, first time getting something for Malcolm, that’s awesome!! Thanks for requesting and for the variety of fandoms ;)

I ship you with Zero, Frodo and Malcolm!


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Being very quiet and often isolating himself, Zero understands your need to forget yourself in your music and stories sometimes. Unexpectedly, you two ended up getting along and chatting from time to time until the both of you felt perfectly comfortable around the other.


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He’s a soft and gentle person and I feel like you click together really well. Frodo trully enjoys your company and is extremely fond of you.


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Sure, he can be a bit annoying and complains a lot. But I think he would really like you and be super sweet to you. Malcolm would also show a great interesting in your music and stories and you two would get along very well. Plus, he loves it when you randomly say facts because he adds to them and you end up learning a lot.

The D Tent Boys’ real names in Holes are as followed: 

  1. X-Ray = Rex Alvin Washburn (his full name is revealed in the sequel novel Small Steps). 
  2. Armpit = Theodore Thomas Johnson (his full name is revealed in the sequel novel Small Steps, which incidentally focuses on his life two or three years after Camp Green Lake). 
  3. Squid = Alan. 
  4. Zigzag = Ricky. 
  5. Magnet = Jose. 
  6. Zero = Hector Zeroni 
  7. Caveman = Stanley Yelnats IV 
  8. Twitch = Brian. 
  9. Barf Bag = Lewis. 
Reasons why the movie Holes is amazing
  • several POC characters
    • Black characters have a variety of skin shades (Hector is light skinned, Armpit is darker)
    • Mixed race characters (Carla Morenga)
  • different body types
  • predominantly features underprivileged youth
    • one of the main characters was homeless before arrest (Hector)
  • white people in power seen as corrupt
  • Only a few female characters, but the ones that are are not sexualized, very independent, strong characters, none exist as simply a romantic plot line, and whereas Kate Barlow is-her plot goes much deeper
    • Stanley’s mother
    • Kissin’ Kate Barlow
    • The Warden
    • Madame Zeroni
    • Carla Morenga (the social worker who saves the day)
  • Kate Barlow takes a stand to not be pressured into dating a man she doesn’t want to, later kills men who have made such advances
  • Interracial relationships-both romantic and platonic
  • While Stanley’s family is very poor, they’re very loving and supportive
  • disabilities
    • one kid is nearly blind
    • one of the main characters, “zero”, is illiterate 
  • Fetal Shia Lebeouf 
  • actually funny without being demeaning to anyone whatsoever
  • awesome book
  • Everyone had a crush on Hector “zero” Zeroni
  • The connections in the plot line are brilliant