hector too i guess




“…Your time is up, my contractor… You were so close, yet… It is honestly quite a shame…”

“Haaah…” The armored man that stood there was breathing heavily as blood dripped onto the floor.

“You have fought valliantly… but now… it is time for you to keep your end of the bargain. Seeing as you have failed to end my life… Give your body to me…”

“…” The man silently knelt… Having no strength to fight back as a shadow loomed over him… his armor fading back into it’s original form as he clutched his bleeding stomach.

“Your body… shall become a tool… a tool to bring about the end of existence… Be proud… for your name shall be etched into the new history as the destroyer of the old world…”


.  .

.  .  .

It was a relatively normal day… Other than the fact that Hector had decided to throw a bit of an all you can eat free food day at Royal Blue on a whim.

“Hmhmhm~… Really now, Hector can be too generous sometimes~. Though, I guess one shouldn’t complain about free food~.” Malus said as she placed some food down in front of our main character for today’s episode~. “Wouldn’t you agree~?”