hector hivers


Obedience Breeds Discipline, Discipline Breeds Unity, Unity Breeds Power, Power is Life.

The Arklay Hills High School Lacrosse team (from top down to form a “z”) Captain Karena LesProux, Christine Yamata, Michaela Schneider, Hector Hivers, Vladimir Bodrovski, and Vector.

Particularly known for their aggressive behavior that has benched more than one player for the rest of a season, this unisex team has always butted heads with Raccoon High for more than one reason.

With coach HUNK - anyone he knew where the name came from are all gone - working his team hard with the best equipment Principal Excella Gionne can buy, they make quite the team to be feared.


Starting out as a relatively normal school rivalry, the two groups are now constantly at each others throats when they see each other. Dee-Ay likes to pick on Vector when possible. Vector usually repays him via various public embarrassments.

Bertha put a mutilated rat in Harley’s locker once just for kicks.

A close incouter. Rebecca Chambers POV

Running down the street hearing them behind me, I can feel them so close to me I am low on ammo and I just don’t have to pleasure of truing around and killing the God Dammed thing I have to press on. I thank God for all the running I do so my lungs are still flowing well with the breaths coming in and out, I duck down under a board and head a thud. My pace slows as I try and get the feel of where Im going, looking around I don’t see anything useful.

“Where…” I mumble before I hear a hiss the thing got back up!

My feet start moving as I thrust myself forward I cant stop now I cant die here! I scream feeling the monster swipe over my head, I curse myself for letting any sound out of my moth it will only attract more. My pulse is in my throat and I feel like I just cant breath my fear cutting off the air supply, the monster jumps onto my back sending me crashing to the floor yet another scream erupts from my mouth. My body tensed waiting for the first bite of pain, but instead she hears a gun shot and the monster flys off me, my body jumps back up and keeps running something just telling me to get my ass out of there. A 2ed gun shot sounds off and it hits the wall just behind me, fuck my small body keeps going pushing harder and harder I can hear the foot steps above me on the roof I dive down under a half broken door and into a building. I don’t know why but my mind tells me to just run not to hide. I know this building its an old hospital they changed it to a mental hospital it had a under ground passage to the new hospital. I dash down a set of stairs and into the basement using my gloved hands I tear through bored up doors and jam my body through tiny holes to get into the passage once I make it into the place I rase down the dusty hallways fear still breathing down my neck, my body crashes into the door I start rip off the boards trying to get to the door. My body shakes along with the ground under me.

“What the?” I mutter.

I can see something.. fire! The light from fire comes storming down the hall burning everything in its path. I step back and kick down the door then run inside diving to my left over the counter as the fire explodes out of the door then dies out with in moments. Breathing hard I lay on the ground just trying to take the time to thank God that I was alive who ever was trying to shoot me just blew up the hole fucking building I had just been in. I let a smile cross my face just so fucking happy I had made it out of there. With that I sat up and checked my supply I had my hand gun and my shot gun dangling off my left shoulder, I had about 220 hand gun bullets and maybe 50 shot gun rounds. I sighed and got to my feet, I still had three mixed herbs and a f-aid spray so for the most part I was good. I used the back of my hand to wipe the sweat off my forehead, slowly I pulled myself up onto the counter then swung my legs over jumping down on the other side of the counter that had just saved my life. With a stern look I pulled out my map and looked for a way to get the hell outta dodge with out crossing paths with the trigger happy team. I chewed on my lip and put away the map looking around, taking careful steps I make my way out of the hospital seeing a few walkers on the way choosing not to use the ammo I still had left I just ran past them. My hands shake and my body is nervous upon seeing the doors to outside, should I try it? what are the chances of running into that crazy sniper again? Or worst that huge monster screaming for S.T.A.R.S With a shaky sigh I take my chances running out the door I don’t hear any shots and no groaning so I slow my running down to a jog my gun thumping against my hip. I drop down one knee on the pavement and one hand I look around hearing gun shots coming from up the street I can hear people shouting then I a man dressed in heavy body amor and a mask that covered his face he bends down and places a bomb on a car about 30 feet from me, I take a few worried steps slowly back. The man dose not see me he instead walks off, I rise up a little to get a better view as the yelling gets louder I can see two men running my way I feel fear build up in me the bomb! They are going to run right into it! I hear the same gun that had hunted me sound off and one man dropped I couldn’t move fear crushing me, the other man kept running and a huge puff of fire and the sound of him blowing up went off as he crossed the line. I look around that would attract monster there was no doubting that, with that I took my leave running to my left I just want to get away from them.

A few hours later I find myself huddling against a brick wall as a huge bug monster slashes out at me, it cant reach me caused I crawled behind some boards and trash. A long leg lashed out just in front of me and I covered my mouth trying not to scream. Im out of shot gun ammo and my hand gun now rested just out of reach next to the bug, Im fucked what am I going to do?! I can hear heavy foot steps rushing my way and the bug stops trying to reach me to turn and stalks over towards the approaching foot steps, I take this chance to grab my gun the thing launched out at the body as it ran past the ally way. I hear a muffled yell and then I can see the bug on him then two zombies start attacking, I run to his aid kicking the bug off him and putting a bullet to the walker’s head. The man rolled over and was started to get up as the bug got back to its feet, taking a step back aiming at it, I pull the trigger shooting it twice before it lurching back and launching itself back onto the body digging its mouth into the man’s thickly wrapped arm. I pull the trigger again and hear a click, Im out.

“Fuck!” I yell tossing gum gun down the bug ripping past the thick cloth and into the mans flesh I hear him roar in pain.

I react pulling out my knife and kicking the bug off him again, the man get to his feet and turns to the bug, the bug is up and launching itself at him again I pushed myself into the bigger man catching the bug with my knife it knocks me back and the thing lands on me. The bug squirms above me before falling limply on me I bring my leg up and kicked it off me, the man looks down at me his arm bleeding I get to my feet and dust off my clothing. He stares down at me with out a word my medical training snapping into play I reach for his arm and start to look it over.

“Let me take care for this.” I say pulling out my S.T.A.R.S medic kit.

The man grabs my wrist with his large arm he looks down at me and I just stare up at him my green eyes trying my best to find his eyes under his mask… Fear jumps into my throat and my eyes surly go wide as I remember him. He was the man that set the bomb and killed that police officer, was he going to kill me?! I pulled on my wrist my eyes still locked on where I guessed his would be, I pulled harder and his grip on my tightened it didn’t hurt as much as keep me in place. I stopped pulling and just looked up into his mask, he was so much taller than me and he was thick must have tried to keep in shape then over did it a little so he was nice and thick with strong muscles. My mind played over the possible out comes in my head, what was he going to do with me? Was I going to die out here just because I tried to save some ones life? He loosened his grip on my wrist then let his hand fall away from me, I didn’t know what to do at first but after a moment I grabbed my kit and started to get to work on him, the wounds were deep and blood poured out. After I cleaned and stopped the bleeding I stitched his arm up wrapping it tightly so it wouldn’t get infected, the man just let me he didn’t make a sound and did vary well not moving. I put away my things and looked up at him.

“The stitches should hold even with moving around and fighting but don’t over do it.” I spoke to him.

He nodded at me and started to walk away.

“Hey, whats your name?” I asked running my fingers through the back of my hair.

The man stopped and turned back to face me he looked from side to side then faced me, he pulled off his mask and a beautiful dark Spanish looking face stared down at me.

“The name is Hector, watch yourself Chica. Were I have taken pity on you for the help you have given me, my team will not. You should change out of that uniform and into civilian clothing, I will not stop them from putting a bullet to you but that might.” He answered me.

I stared into his dark green almost brown eyes and nodded.

“T-thanks.” I told him with a smile.

He put his mask back into place on his head and started to leave me behind.

“Im Rebecca.” I called after him, I really didn’t know why but I felt like it was only proper after asking for his.

Hector stopped he didn’t look back he just nodded and took off into the night.

I felt like I had just ad a vary close call with death like I had met the grim reaper on his day off and done him a favor so he spared me when my time came. I smiled to myself and ran off searching for some new clothing.