hector and marnie

A few things to love about The Hour
  • Bel Rowley the kick-ass lady producer who won’t take sexist shit from anyone
  • Covering real events from the era and tackling intrigue, crime, politics, racism, and corruption
  • Tom Burke in a suit flirting with his sliky smooth voice
  • Lix Storm who is a literal storm and is another awesome lady character
  • Freddie’s quips and constant sarcasm
  • Great development of not only major but minor characters, especially Randall and Lix
  • Peter Capaldi’s characterisation of Randall and his absolutely heartbreaking breakdown
  • Hector Madden being shown that just because you’re a suave womaniser who’s popular, does not mean you won’t face the consequences of your actions
  • Mrs Madden finding her independence over him
  • All of the fantastic 50s costumes
  • Journalists wanting to get the truth out whatever the cost

Oh god, the BBC’s character sketches for The Hour are pure gold in terms of background info for anyone wanting to write fic about these characters: 

“Born and brought up in Notting Hill, home affairs correspondent Freddie Lyon is a grammar school boy who excelled. His mother, May, died two years ago, leaving him alone to cope with his father, Malcolm, who is struggling with dementia. Freddie is brilliant, more than he knows. Outspoken and often brighter than those he works with, his contemporary, Bel, is one of the few people who totally get him. A meeting of opposites, Bel sees in Freddie a similar determination to rebel against his upbringing and to forge a new life in a society free of the shackles of class and wealth.

An agitator and provocateur, Freddie has worked with Bel for the last four years and fallen in love with her, a fact he keeps close to his heart. Freddie has never had a committed relationship; this is in part due to his experience during the war as a teenage evacuee with the Elms family, and the impact living with the aristocracy had on him.”

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Multifandom - A Sky Full Of Stars || Vimeo (coming soon!)

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Harry Potter = Minerva/Albus, Ron/Hermione, Lily/James, Molly/Arthur

Hunger Games = Katniss/Peeta, Haymitch/Effie

Game of Thrones = Catelyn/Ned, Jaime/Brienne, Jaime/Cersei, Daenerys/Ser Jorah, Ygritte/Jon

Downton Abbey = Carson/Hughes, Baxter/Molesley, Bates/Anna, Mary/Matthew, Cora/Robert, Isobel/Richard

Once Upon A Time = Outlaw Queen, Captain Swan, The Charmings, Rumbelle

Disney = Hercules, Frozen, Tarzan, The Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lady and The Tramp, Tangled

Call The Midwife = Trixie/Reverend Tom, Jenny/Alec, Patrick/Shelagh, Chummy/Peter

The Hour = Lix/Randall, Bel/Freddie, Hector/Marnie

New Girl = Jess/Nick, Cece/Schmidt

Orange Is The New Black = Piper/Alex, Polly/Larry

My Mad Fat Diary = Rae/Finn 

American Horror Story = Fiona Goode/The Axeman

Percy Jackson = Percy/Annabeth

Divergent = Tris/Four

The Fault In Our Stars = Hazel/Augustus

Awkward = Jenna/Matty

Mean Girls = Cady/Aaron

Last Tango In Halifax = Caroline/Kate, Alan/Celia

Happy Valley = Catherine/Richard

Miranda = Miranda/Gary

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries = Phryne/Jack


SONG: A Sky Full of Stars - Coldplay