Freya and Hector Cross are the parents of the two main human chars of my “Kashmir” story world. Originally they were kinda just a fixture to exist in flashbacks and other similar story-telling elements. But when Kashmir got expanded into a much larger tale with various books taking place forward and backwards along the original time-line the time came to flesh them out a bit more as characters with their own influence within the story. 

Freya is a craftswoman and jeweler of sorts while Hector works as a train-car technician until he’s drafted during the war. 

It is strange that only Martial mentions so famous a gladiator and city celebrity as Hermes, but one should not necessarily assume that he was not a real gladiator, even though Hermes is a stage name taken from the Greek messenger god who became the Roman Memory. Gladiators often used a pseudonym, for advertisements discovered on the walls of houses in Pompeii reveal that one gladiator became the strongman Hercules, another the famed Trojan warrior Hector. Only rarely, however, did fighters assume the name of a god, although we know from Roman cups of the period that other gladiators also adopted the name of Hermes. In mythology, the divine Hermes had many attributes: among other functions, he was a god of Greek athletes, escorted souls to the Underworld, and became renowned for his cunning, speed, and fertility—there are numerous phallic representations of him in art. Perhaps this gladiator chose his name for its athletic associations, but one would also think … that he considered it a symbol of his sexual prowess. We may note, too, that slaves dressed as Mercury traditionally dragged the dead bodies of gladiators from the arena. One should not assume, however, that Hermes was once a slave, but rather that he anticipated the trend of modem professional wrestlers in adopting a stage name that might enhance his career.
—  Nigel B. Crowther, Sport in Ancient Times (in reference to an epigram by Martial)

With Hector’s design, I took a few more liberties from FE6 than I did with Eliwood. I wanted him to have a casual look, with some younger-looking traits mixed in to emphasize that he doesn’t carry himself much like the grown adult that he is. :) The gold badge is the AA police symbol, while the red shield incorporates the symbol on Lilina’s apron in FE6, which I took to be associated with Ostia.


Derp Emblem: Welcome to the Lord House!

I’m going to specify here that this wasn’t on the straw poll, and was something made to fill in the gap between now and the next comic! I promise to try and get as much as I can out with school, but there’s a lot I have to do, so right now the goal is two per week!

I hope you guys look forward to it c:


Classic trio getting ready to rumble

Lyn’s a tank she carries the team

Hector’s the monster truck

Eliwood’s the baby that’s slowly chugging along

Been playing some old school FE during bio lectures! Exam time was in session, so I thought that would be a great time to draw soe sick bros