Hold me closer, hold me tight 
I’ve foreseen your glory
among my visions at night,
I foresaw your death
oh, how you were alone, 
when your heart gave way
like every other man you have slain
because you’re not that different,
you and him, 
you have the same deep set eyes 
sunken with the horrors of war 
that I could have told you about 
if you listened years ago, 
how does kleos feel, brother? 
I see how the blood of the battlefield 
and the tears of your wife 
divide you so
and how your dilemma will 
come to an end too soon. 
Hold me closer, hold me tight
(I've foreseen your glory, 
I’ve foreseen your death), 
don’t be a hero tonight.
—  the hero of troy, as told by cassandra. // mia ivy m.

Derp Emblem: Welcome to the Lord House!

I’m going to specify here that this wasn’t on the straw poll, and was something made to fill in the gap between now and the next comic! I promise to try and get as much as I can out with school, but there’s a lot I have to do, so right now the goal is two per week!

I hope you guys look forward to it c:


Classic trio getting ready to rumble

Lyn’s a tank she carries the team

Hector’s the monster truck

Eliwood’s the baby that’s slowly chugging along

Been playing some old school FE during bio lectures! Exam time was in session, so I thought that would be a great time to draw soe sick bros