The Way You Keep Me Guessing: Coco Teacher!AU

@im-fairly-whitty and I are co-authoring this fic for the monster that is the Coco teacher!AU!! 

(AU started by @scribblrhob, with inspiration from @upperstories, @hyucktor and…gosh, I don’t even know how many others now. It’s a fandom-wide monster.)

[Part 1: Unexpected Responsibility] [Part 2: La Directora][Part 3: Skipping Class] [Part 4: An Unexpected Visit] [Part 5: The Roommate]

Part 6: Día de Muertos (Pt. 1)

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There are people that say that in the feh anniversary, they will make new brave heroes, namely, Héctor and Chrom. We know that the brave heroes wear the clothes of their parents, so if they wear their daughters clothes?

Hector will wear the Lilina’s dress (dont ask how) and he doesnt cast spell, he would throw the tome to enemies (so will be a red mage o a dagger?).

Chrom clothes will be like lucina but he has her mask and his name would be Notchrom (he uses a change name like Mask!lucina, but without originality).

and their daugthers dont know if laugh, cry, hide o all in the same time