hello there. um, this is a thing i think i'm calling my 'gratitude graphic' since i want to thank everyone who's followed me over the half year i've been on this blog. it's also kind of like a follow forever or such.

i would like to give special thanks to Charlie and all the buds i've made on here. you guys are golden. i hope that we could somehow get to know each other more and whatever.

that's it, i guess??

i'm sorry, i'm not very good with words and graphics. xoxo

love always,

bhieyl (aka gen)

so, yeah, here are some blogs i find absolutely lovely;(in no particular order?)

toooptimistic, aloganlermanfletchersexpectopatronus, starksfellfaultstars, ladymidnights, harrystyes, leyums, wisdomfairchildgiveyouloves, waysfaring, hecticsglow, imodairisaidnopeeking, loganaddicted, loganlermanings, drunkofsheeran, swoggyrosetyllers, tyronlannisters, dangerouslywatson, jamesniallmockingjace, noridesu, loganslermans, padfootmagic, ppercy, ppercys, tlong-way-from-home, loganrythms, thebiggestheartthrob, starksfell, sheerauhl, thinkingofchaos, ofabeautifulnight, witelips, thenightshades, tthekillers, demigodsdaily, alxdaddario, whiteskmo, alaskadiesyoung, walfllowers, stoppcrying, dresslad, dreamwalkerslogans, percychased, mcartneys, nnarry, dwewerewallflowers, tobieseaton, autumnavenue, makeasunshine, primadonns, goslling, astronomys, wisdomfairchild, imodair, ofstorybrooke, ofgraces, hazelqraceaugustuswaturs, rozahathaways, therussos, loganhipster, rrue,aloganlerman+blogroll

If you’re in this, it’s because i really love your blog/you. I probably have never talked to you because i’m shy and whatever but i really appreciate seeing you on my dash :)

Happy Holidays!!

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hi there, please excuse the asdfgh edit. these blogs are just wonderful tbh and yeah, i don't talk much with most of them but i really really appreciate their being on tumblr. and to the ones i actually talk to or actually talk to me, i love you all so fucking much ok <33 HAPPY HOLIDAYS! - gen xoxo

(in no particular order)

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