MBTI scenario

[XXXX]: can I get a phone? everyone has one!
[MOM]: so if everyone jumps off a cliff, would you?

ESFJ: but mom! That’s a different argument!
ENFJ: but people are lost without me!
ISFJ: pretty pretty please, I never disappointed you!
INFJ: you know I only ask when I really need stuff..?
ISTJ: while we wait for them to jump off the cliff first, just get me the phone please mom..
INTJ: getting a phone does not equate to jumping off a cliff, mom.
ESTJ: give me the money while you go jump off the cliff, if I jump I’ll give it back.
ENTJ: I don’t have time for this rubbish, give me the phone mom or I’m leaving
ESTP: if it will give me the phone then heckye!
ENTP: how strange I was about to ask the same exact thing you unorginal prick!
ISTP: if you won’t I’ll destroy yours.
INTP: but why?
ISFP: just think about it mom, all the fun stuff that doesn’t exist in real life
INFP: pretty pretty please *puppy eyes*
ESFP: you disappoint me as a mom *sobs*
ENFP: I would if it’s getting me a phone!!

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One word description:

Where is your phone? - Leg

Your hair? - Short!!

Your dad? - Scary

Your other half? - Nonexistent :(

Your favorite food? - Chinese

Your dream last night? - Forgotten

Your favorite drink? - Iced-tea

Fear? - Losing control

Favorite shoes? - Sneakers

Favorite way to relax? - Friends

Your mood? - BIG

I love? - (my) Fandoms

Where were you last night? - Home

Something that you aren’t? - Neurotypical

Muffins? - Heckye

Wish list item? - 3DS

Where you grew up? - South

Last thing you did? - School

What are you wearing right now? - Red

Something you hate? - Bigots

Your pets? - None :(

Friends? - Amazing

Life? - b a d

Regrets? - Heckye

Missing someone? - Yup

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To all the girls that see this scenes as romantic and passionate,i really hope you will find boyfriends like this sociopath so you'll see how wonderful a relationship like that is.