3.2.1. plays Will Smith’s song “Getting jiggy with it”

Getting jiggy with it
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na
Getting jiggy with it
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na

Watching this gif and listening to Gettin Jiggy With it by Will Smith is so awesome together. Gotta love heckyeahneilmcneil This gif just made my day for the night

If you want to see where the gif came from. Click here..

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*Screaming with excitement*

And that isn’t the half of it.

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Great characters, and top talent. Nick Lowe knows who to get on these books. 

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This makes me so wet

Just wait until the foreplay is over.


Master Will tells us about his routine about putting me in my kennel before he heads to work. Master Will is going to take away my stuff toys from me :( Master Will is always look for me. Daddy RJ and Uncle Neil go to a set to be in a web series. Master Will gives us the LA weather update. Master Will gives us a tip if you have to pee on a long car drive. Master Will and Daddy RJ receive another package. Daddy RJ tells us about the new printer they got the other day. Master Will cooks dinner for Daddy RJ. I wonder when Master Will will cook me dinner? We get Daddy RJ reaction on Nick and Ken video about taking a break on daily vlogging. Click here to view me and my two daddies.