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Headcanon #3: Misty Day having a crush on you

 ~Stolen glances 

~Giggling at everything you say

~Asking you for help with spells

~Asking you to go everywhere with her

~Listening to Fleetwood Mac and Stevie together

~Her getting extremely jealous when people are too friendly with you

~Braiding your hair


~Asking you to dance with her

~Showing you her house back in the swamp

~Her crying of joy when you confess you like her too

awesomedarkstudenttale  asked:

Hey! Can you do hcs watching the three's favorite shows with them? I feel like that would be hella cute.

heck yeahhh that sounds adorbs

even handsoap

  • i was gonna say he probably likes something cute but fucker probably likes painting with bob ross which is the best shit
  • happy lil trees
  • evan doesnt even paint
  • he just likes watching bc 
  • v calming
  • thank u bob ross
  • so sometimes when evans not feeling 2 great u just come over and u two cuddle
  • and watch
  • and its good times
  • evan has probably apologized because wow this probably isnt what u wanna watch we can watch whatever u wanna watch but ur like 
  • dude this is calming af
  • it probably becomes a thing where whenever one of u is stressed or not doing too good that u two just get together and watch bob ross
  • and probably fall asleep cuddling honestly

jared kleinmeme

  • aside from the fact i have 0 ideas for a better dumb name for jared
  • probably likes something like parks & rec or the office or b99
  • (jared 100% likes b99 u can pry that headcanon away from my cold, dead hands
  • u have never watched one of the above shows
  • jared is… insulted
  • time to fix that
  • so one weekend u two basically end up chilling in his basement and marathoning that shit
  • or at least as much as u can get done before falling asleep
  • neither of u want to get up to get snacks or anything
  • ur both absorbed in the show
  • jared and u basically talk about the show all the time
  • everyone is like ‘do u two ever shut up’
  • no
  • its a good show
  • this is off topic but jared is also the person whos like ‘lets watch sharkboy and lavagirl and make out during the scary parts’ i s2g

conman murph

  • probably into stranger things
  • definitely into stranger things
  • u had been meaning to watch it but u never got around to it
  • so one weekend ur like ‘lets watch it’
  • ‘u sure’
  • ‘yeah’
  • so u watch
  • good shit
  • the two of u literally watch it in one day
  • its so good
  • ‘when will season 2 happen……..’
  • maybe one day
  • wait have u two eaten anything
  • …. no
  • gdi
  • u would probably still be talking about it over dinner and u just get connor basically just watching u ramble on about the show
  • its cute
  • u two have to watch more shit together since u get into it
  • u two get to cuddle while u watch shit and eventually u run out of snacks
  • neither of u care
  • ur both absorbed in the show
  • and connor knows almost everything thats coming and plott wists but he doesn’t spoil that shit
  • thank u connor
  • (he did threaten to once. u would have fought him)


is all i got

can anyone recommend me any fics where Tony finds out Howard use to (or maybe stills idk) creep on Steve, of course, it’s just one-sided? please?


Am I supposed to name names? Wut?


To pamily: Thank you.

To Victor: Thank you.

To the Sisterhood: Thank you.

To BFF Comm: Thank you.

To HomoComm, Zlat BB/LB chairs &PP’s, and my LB’s: Thank you.

To a whole shit ton of other people who also made 2011 a great year (J.K. Rowling just came to mind…): Thank you.


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Drunkenly Sober || KuroTsukki

For a drabble prompt meme thing! Though it ended up being longer than I expected lmao. Requested by @pufferfishtsuki ;D Kurotsukki and #5!
Casually slides in commission info~

Summary: Nothing is better than confessing your love to your crush while being stupidly drunk. Good going, Kuroo.

FFnet / AO3

Most of the time, Kuroo was the responsible one, drinking minimally so that he would be sober enough to drag his friends back home like the good friend he was. Though that day, Kuroo found himself unable to stop, downing shot after shot till he could hardly move himself away from the bar.

Bokuto had to pry a half-empty bottle from Kuroo’s hand, opting to finish it before Kuroo could snatch it back. “Bro, you should stop! You’re drinking way more than I am, did something happen?”

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