heck yeah i just bought this

  • deku: the sky sure is beautiful tonight
  • todoroki: yeah
  • deku: you know who else is beautiful?
  • todoroki: [blushes] who?
  • deku: this limited edition figurine of all might that i just bought

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Angelica x Thomas is the best. Do you have a few headcannons about them? :3 we gotta keep the ship alive.


  • how do they get together you ask?
    • i see them as the “are they dating??? or not??” couple. they’re on again and off again.
    • ultimately started by a one night stand, then they just decided to finally put a label on it
      • angelica likes calling him her boyfriend. she won’t admit it but she really likes it. 
        • jefferson likes it too. makes him feel good
    • they like tell no one at first. 
      • the others notice bc angelica likes to keep his clothes. 
      • alexander is like “hey, isn’t that jefferson’s sweatshirt?” and angelica wants to run
  • they both have $$$ but i picture angelica to be more practical with hers
    • jefferson spends lots of money on angelica bc he loves her a ton
      • spends weeks planning stuff for birthday + overloads on christmas gifts
        • thomas, calling james in the middle of a store: “i just wanna get her everything??? what the heck” 
      • type to just be like “hey let’s go on a little date” and all of a sudden they’re like at some swanky restaurant drinking the nicest wine/champagne available and angelica’s like “you said this was a little date”
      • jefferson likes to show off and heck yeah he’s gonna show off his girl while he’s at it 
    • jefferson would go out and buy heelys or smth
      • angelica, probably: “you’re so dumb”
      • jefferson: *wheels away*
    • thomas buys random things for angelica
      • “i saw this book and i figured you’d like it so i bought it”
        • angelica: stop spending money on me pls
        • angelica inside: you were thinking about me how sweet
  • pda!
    • thomas loves it 
      • loves holding angelica’s hand + wrapping his arms around her waist when they’re in line
      • loves kissing angelica’s neck and forehead specifically. 
        • angelica is Tense but he loves the way she kind of sighs and leans into him after he kisses her
    • angelica is a little nervous at first
      • mostly bc she’s worried about what her friends will think of them + she doesn’t want to be That couple
      • she likes holding thomas’ hand the most! makes her feel safe
      • he’s a little taller so she always settles for kissing his cheek
        • thomas smiles so big,,, 
  • yes,, jefferson gets possessive when hamilton is around
    • he cranks it up a notch–holds angelica’s hand and calls her the sweetest petnames
      • angelica is blushing so hard + thomas is Smug
      • alexander is annoyed but whatever bc at least he sees how thomas is being a good boy friend
  • angelica takes a little longer to fall in love with thomas, but once she does, it’s nice!
    • someone can finally take care of her!!! with thomas, she doesn’t have to worry abt anything!
    • she lets him call her angie. that’s when he knows he’s special
    • she loves surprising thomas bc he’s the type to plan things in advance but when she can fool him, it’s always fun
      • she plans trips when he noticed he has enough time off work
        • thomas works a lot so he appreciates it when she’s like “hey! we’re gonna go here for the weekend! i’m driving!”
    • she helps him with his plans and things relating to his political office
      • they’re really supportive of each other
      • lots of late nights together, with her sitting in thomas’ lap as she looks over his writing
      • he’s half awake and angie’s mumblin ways to make it better until he finally just kisses her and they both finally sleep
  • angelica doesn’t seem like the type to cuddle but she really loves it.
    • esp. when she’s sleepy she just clings onto thomas and does not let go
  • angelica and madison become good friends as her relationship with thomas grows. 
    • it makes thomas super happy
    • angelica always teases him like “i saw your boyfriend today” and jefferson’s like “did you? how’s jemmy?” and it’s a running joke between the 3 of them all
  • thomas is usually the big spoon, but he doesn’t mind switching. 
  • they like to read together. 
  • nicknames
    • thomas calls angelica “angie” and “duchess” mostly
      • when she teases him about his southern accent, he calls her “darling” and “sweetheart”
      • when he wants something, “baby”
    • angelica calls thomas “hun” “love” and “babe” mostly
      • she calls him thomas which to her isn’t a big deal but after being referred to as jefferson for the whole day, he always melts a little
      • if she wants something, she drags out thomas a little and he just laughs
Echoes .3

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Member: Jeon Jungkook

Genre: angst, soulmate au, fluff

Word Count: 6,103

Warnings: slight cursing

Author’s Note: part three of this soulmate series, thank you for being so patient, i’m already planning the next chapters, and a little heads up, but there might be two or three more chapters before the finale!! enjoy :)

Part one. two. three.

Soulmate. When your whole world comes to a stop when destiny draws the pair close.

By the time you get back to your dorm, it’s already dark. The stars are twinkling in contrast to the dark emptiness of space. The view of the sky during your car ride was a changing spectrum of oranges, pinks, purples, and blues. 

After leaving the cafe, you had driven around Seoul for hours, getting off every once in a while, and taking pictures. Although futile, since the pictures would disappear the next day when the time loop reset your world, you loved the act of capturing the scenery into a single square. 

Unlocking the dorm door was a familiar, yet depressing scene. It meant another day of failing to find your soulmate. With the room still dark, you walk over to the compact refrigerator sitting in your tiny kitchen and grab your bottle of water. The brightness of the refrigerator momentarily fills up the room with yellow-tinted light, but disappears along with the sound of the doors shutting.

You walk over and collapse on your couch. Streetlights outside let see the empty road, and the doors of the apartments outside.

1…2…3…you count silently; however, you already know that there are 12 lamps lining the streets outside. Counting streetlights is something you do pointlessly on certain nights. 

You take a sip from the water bottle in your hand and pull up the time from your cell phone. 

11:47 pm shines from the screen. You rest your eyes…another day is over

The lone car cruises down the street and you can hear the soft rumbling of its engine streaking down the pavement. You close you eyes for a moment, and let the events of today replay in your mind.

11:59 pm, you see now on your phone when you open your eyes. On top of the time, May 23, 2016 is written in smaller font.

You stare at the clock and wait to see the clock change, wishing that the date would change along with the time. However, before the time changes, fatigue washes over you, and an ungodly force forces your eyes to close and everything goes blank.

Pitch black darkness.

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I just bought a new computer desk for my room, and thanks to it being Anti's birthday, my brain went straight to the gutter and imagined him "breaking it in" with a good ol' fucking.

Heck yeah dude he would be a v good candidate for that

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Hi Kellie! I got a little question. When did you bought that Billy Cipher t-shirt you were wearing in that selfie you took yesterday? (Also, you look cute af, just saying :D )

Oh I bought it at Vermont ComicCon! like a year ago haha, I just don’t post much pics of what clothes I have, but yeah its really cool cause Gravity falls is fucking great B)

sUSAN NO NOT YOU TOO HOW DARE YOU :P <3 you cutie what the heck

Twenty One Pilots x Reader : Friday Night Fun

A/N: As always, requests open. Love you guys! Sorry if I’m inactive or not posting as much, due to school starting up this week. Don’t be afraid though, I still plan to check in daily and try to at least post one fanfic a day. I love you all! You’re amazing! Hope you enjoy this!

You went to the drive thru of Taco Bell, ordering their favorite burritos and a couple drinks too. You knew Josh and Tyler had a long day at the studio, and they would be exhausted, tired, and hungry by the end of the day. You grabbed the food and drove to the studio, arriving with two large bags full of Taco Bell. You knocked on the door, and their manager let you in, and you walked in, standing outside the glass of where Tyler was recording some vocals. “Hey y/n!” Josh greeted happily.

“Hello,” you smiled. “I thought I’d bring you boys something to eat.”

“That’s really nice of you,” he grinned. “Thank you. Tyler should be done soon. We just finished recording my drums.”

“How’d today go?” you wondered, handing him a bag.

“It was a long day, but it was fun. We got a lot accomplished,” he stated. He took a peek in the bag and instantly smiled. “How’d you know my favorite order?”

“I know you guys,” you just laughed.

“Thank you so much,” Josh repeated. “You’re awesome y/n.”

Tyler looked around and you guys made eye contact, and he grinned. A couple minutes later he was done recording, and he got out of the studio, greeting you with a hug. “Hey y/n!” he exclaimed.

“Hi Tyler,” you chuckled. He released the hug and you handed him a bag, and he looked in, a huge smile spread across his face.

“You didn’t have to,” he insisted.

“But I did, because you guys deserve it,” you reminded. “How you feeling?”

“Tired, but we got a lot done, so happy,” he nodded slowly. “Good job, Josh.”

“You too, Tyler,” Josh replied.

“So what do you guys feel like?” you wondered.

“Maybe a nap,” Josh joked. “That sounds nice.”

“Come on, let’s get out of here,” you rolled your eyes. You argued with Tyler about driving until finally he complied, and you drove them both to your house, both of them in the back seat eating their Taco Bell and singing a silly song about Mexico. You, Josh, and Tyler had all been good friends growing up. While they started a band, you started your own business, however you still all stayed close. It was always on Fridays when you’d all get together and hang out, whether they were at the studio or on tour or whatever. Your job was flexible, and you were able to travel if they were a while away, and if not, you could always still Facetime them.

“Hey y/n, I had an idea,” Tyler piped up.

“What?” you wondered.

“How about we go watch a movie?” he asked.

“Oh yeah!” Josh agreed. “I’ll buy.”

“You sure?” you wondered. “What movie are we even going to watch?”

“I don’t know, but let’s go. Come on, it will be fun,” Tyler begged.

“What time is it?” you inquired. “Are there even any showings left?”

“Of course there is,” Josh insisted. “Come on.”

“Okay, okay,” you agreed, making a U turn and driving to the nearest movie theater. You looked in your rearview mirror, sneaking a glance at the boys in the backseat, who were busy munching on their tacos. You pulled into the parking lot and they threw away their trash, and you walked into the movie theater, looking at the board.

“There’s only one showing left,” the employee sighed. “Sorry guys.”

“It’s fine. Uh, what movie is it?” Josh wondered.

The employee pointed at the marquee, and you all three looked up, staring at what it read. It was a horror movie, and you cringed, but the smile on the boy’s faces was impossible to resist. “Y/n, it’s a horror movie!” Tyler exclaimed. “That means a thrilling adventure filled with stupid screaming and really cheesy monsters and jump scares.”

“I think it would be fun,” Josh shrugged. “What do you say?”

“Let’s go!” Tyler grinned.

“You’re just saying that because I’m paying for it,” Josh laughed.

“No, really. I think it would be fun. Don’t you y/n?” he asked.

“Uh yeah,” you nodded, although you weren’t quite sure what you were getting yourself into. It sounded like something strange, and it wasn’t every day you would go to the movie theater with the boys, so you decided heck, why not. “Let’s go.”

“You sure?” Josh wondered. “It’s okay. I know you’re not always the biggest fan of horror films.”

“What am I? A crybaby?” you retorted. “I can put up with it.”

“Okay,” Josh chuckled. “Just looking out for you, y/n.”

“Thanks,” you whispered, giving him a small smile.

Josh bought you guys the tickets, Tyler got a large popcorn for the three of you to share, and you bought a couple pops for everyone, and you all entered the theater with a couple minutes to spare, Josh sitting in between you and Tyler. During the commercials, trailers, and previews before the film, you all tried to throw popcorn in each other’s mouths, acting like children. One of your favorite things about being with Tyler and Josh was the fact that you were always having fun, no matter where you were or what you were doing. They always managed to find a twist on life, make things seem better and bigger than they appeared, and there was never a dull moment between the three of you.

The movie began to start and you all calmed down a little bit, staying in your chairs and beginning to watch. The first jump scare made you stifle a scream, but you heard a pathetic feminine sounding yelp and you and Josh both whipped your heads around to stare at Tyler, who had just jumped in his seat and spilled the popcorn all over his lap. You and Josh both burst out laughing, Tyler’s face turning red but eventually joining in with the laughter, and then you guys kept watching. A few scenes made a shiver go down your spine, but when someone got murdered all of a sudden, you found all three of you accidentally let out a scream. Once there was a really good jump scare, and you practically fell into Josh’s lap, jumping up and falling on top of him, and you both chuckled, you mostly embarrassed. Another time Tyler jumped back, and hit his head on the seat, making you concerned, but he reassured he was just fine. The rest of the movie was filled with occasional yelps, screams, laughs, and also Josh almost falling out of his seat, but it was a great experience nonetheless.

When the movie was over and the lights came on, all three of you stared at the mess of popcorn and spilled drinks you had created, looking at each other and bursting out laughing. The ride home, which Tyler insisted he would drive instead of you, you three tried to guess who was scared the most. “Definitely y/n,” Josh chuckled, turning to you. “You almost fell on the floor!”

“Me?” you laughed. “You did fall on the floor!”

“How about Tyler’s screams though?” Josh reminded.

“Shut up, you were scared as heck too,” Tyler rolled his eyes. “Josh was just trying to be brave.”

“Whatever,” Josh shook his head.

“I thought it was fun,” you grinned. “I’d do it again.”

“We caused a mess though,” Tyler reminded.

“Yeah, but we always do, no matter where we go,” you admitted.

“So what do you think? What’s up next?” Josh wondered.

“Most places are closed,” Tyler sighed.

“Yeah, that rules out most things,” you added.

“How about my place? Since we’re already kind of freaked, how about we watch some Stranger Things on Netflix? Creep us out even more,” Josh offered.

“Sounds scary,” you cringed.

“Sounds like fun,” Tyler shrugged.

“Sounds like a plan,” Josh decided.

“Let’s do it,” you all three agreed. Looked like this night would be filled with a lot more screaming, laughing, but also tons of fun. There was nothing else you’d rather do then spend time with your two best friends in the entire world.

mambar brotp coffeeshop au
  • matteo is a barista
  • ámbar tries the coffee and is like „what. the. actual. fuck. is. that??“
  • her and matteo become friends because they’re both incredibly salty about everything (lol they’re saltmates)
  • ámbar refusing to drink any coffe that was made by matteo
  • also she’s literally the biggest coffee fan of all
  • i’m talking she constantly tries the most exotic shit ever and then tells matteo this is what his coffee should taste like
  • (also matteo once got her fancy coffee for her birthday and she started crying)
  • (in return she got him a book called “how to make amazing coffee – a guide for idiots”)
  • (it was just a single page in her handwriting that said “WHY?????”)
  • at one point matteo steals ámbar’s coffee from her
  • and drinks it
  • in front of her
  • needless to say, she doesn’t speak to him for a week
  • until he gets her some really good, really expensive coffee (“what the heck why is this so expensive? it’s just coffee” “see, that’s why yours is always so terrible”)
  • it is ámbar’s life mission to figure out how the hell he still has his job
  • also he totally owes her coffee 5025489107571 times for that one hell of a ride that was the first and only time she tried his coffee
  • “you still owe me coffee” “i bought you coffee like 9 times” “yeah, but each time you took a sip and went ‘nah, not worth it’ and threw it into the nearest bin”
  • simón is matteo’s new roommate
  • ámbar and simón meet when ámbar just storms into matteo’s flat and yells “THIS IS WHAT I CALL COFFEE YOU CAN LEARN FROM THIS”
  • simón is like :O who is she?? (aka he’s whipped af)
  • luna visits simón a few days later
  • matteo opens the door and she kinda goes “wait you’re the barista that makes terrible coffee”
  • you can hear ámbar yelling “GO GET HIM GIRL” in the background
  • luna tries to teach him how to make decent coffee
  • meanwhile ámbar and simón are actually dying laughing at how ridiculously bad matteo is at this considering it’s his job
  • matteo going “hey, you know, you should just do this. you’re much better than i am anyway”
  • luna is like “nope, hun, you’re learning this, this is the only coffeeshop on my way to uni and i need the coffee to be good”
  • matteo tries to to get out of it with a terrible pick-up line but luna ain’t having none of it
  • they all go to the coffeeshop to see if matteo has learned anything
  • he hasn’t
#14- Being Twins

• Close with Stiles
• Constantly picking on him
• “Stop it (Y/N)!”
• “I thought dogs liked it when you scratched behind their ears…”
• “McCall! Answer now” Coach
• Both of your heads snapping up
• “Female McCall!”
• “I like female McCall more…”
• “Boy McCall! Come on! Do you need your sister out here to nag you!?”
• Randomly hopping on his back in the middle of the hallway
• Being really close with Allison and Stiles
• Accidentally saying things at the same time which freaks Melissa out
• Speaking on Scott’s behalf when he’s scared to hurt someone’s feelings
• “Ugh, must I do everything?”
• Freshman year, Melissa making the two of you go to every dance together
• “I love you Scotty.”
• “ I love you too, now what do you want?”

• Purposely saying stuff at the same time to freak Sheriff out
• “Stiles! You cannot choke me from afar with the force!”
• Lydia being your best friend
• “Stop it! I called bringing donuts to dad!”
• “You’re only going for Jordan.”
• “I will kill you.”
• “Put the stupid bat down! You don’t even play baseball!”
• Being good friends with Scott and Isaac (which ticks Stiles off)
• “We’re not going to watch Star Wars again! We watched them the last 3 times!”
• “Well then we’re not watching Avengers! I’m tired of Captain America!”
• “Fine, I can watch Thor for Tom Hiddleston, I’m not complaining.”
• Geeking out together
• “Can you two get down here!?”
• “Explain why I heard that the two of you were caught on private property.”
• “Stiles, kicked my soccer ball and I thought we could sneak in and out with no trouble.”
• Constantly lying for each other
• “I love you, sister.”
• “I love you too, brother. Now get off me, your smashing my baby holder.”

• Moving to Beacon Hills high school with Liam when the whole Brett situation happened
• “Stop staring at her, girls think it’s creepy.”
• “How do you know what girls like?”
• “I am one you dummy!”
• Being super close to Scott and treating him like an older brother
• Acquired nicknames from Stiles would be “Dunbar babies” or “Demonic Dunbars” and sometimes “Thing 1 and Thing 2”
• Scheming on Stiles at least once a week
• “My best friend Mason!”
• “No, we play video games together.”
• “We drool over Brett together.”
• “If you don’t help me with geometry, I’ll tell Mom you’re part dog.”
• “I don’t like how you show love! You’re choking me! Fine, I’ll help!”
• “Help me with lacrosse, yeah?”
• “No! You throw them back too hard! I still have a bruise from 2 weeks ago!”
• Threatening Hayden
• Not liking Hayden
• Flirting with Brett just to tick Liam off

• You being the reasonable, nice one
• “Just be nice to Stiles for tonight.”
• “Fine, but I’ll leave the premises after one sarcastic comment.”
• You and Cora teaming up on him
• Patching Derek up after fights
• Pigging out and binge watching random shows like every night
• Always play fighting, almost everyday
• “Just let me wash the stupid jacket or at least let me send it to the cleaners, it smells.”
• Being really awkward when you catch him and Braeden (Brayden?)
• “I don’t remember my nephew inviting my niece to live with him.”
• “I don’t remember anyone asking you to come back to life and cause emotional trauma.”
• Hating Peter
• “Be safe in Mexico! I want you to call every hour, on the hour!”
• Being there for him when he just can’t handle it
• “I bought us matching sunglasses!”
• “No. We’re not going to be those twins.”
• “Whatever, I’ll find another way to show my love.”

• “You have so much dog hair on your sweater, what the heck.”
• “I spend a lot of time with Scott at the vet.”
• “I don’t see a resemblance between you two.”
• “Yeah, but anyways, don’t ever look at my sister again!”
• Him threatening boys on the daily
• “You know Malia is with Stiles right? Don’t make him hate you more.”
• “Can you fix the TV? It keeps making clicking noises!”
• Getting surprisingly close to the pack
• Actually knowing nothing about the supernatural
• “All these dead people and murders, maybe we should go back home.”
• “What home? We’re all we have.”
• “Take me shopping!”
• Him complaining when you go shopping but secretly liking the quality time you spend together
• “Nope! We’re leaving Victoria’s Secret right now! No way my sister is going to wear that!”
• “I need a new bra anyways! Nobody’s going to see it!”
• Being better at AP Biology and running it in his face
• “I’m borrowing the truck!”

• Getting really close to Melissa
• Have girls nights in with Lydia and Allison
• “Ok but if you stay with Scott where do I stay?”
• “I have a feeling Stiles would gladly accept.”
• Isaac always visiting you at Stiles’ house
• Third-wheeling around him and Allison
• Telling him all about your crushes because you’re just that close
• Him not approving at all
• Cheering the loudest at all his lacrosse games
• Helping him through panic attacks
• Always telling him when stores are having sales on cardigans or scarves
• Having an almost secret language (basically the both of you communicate with your eyes)
• Becoming really close to Scott and Derek
• One of your crushes being Derek
• “No! Absolutely not. I will not stand for it, he’s a bad influence.”
• “Ok then, sit for it. You know he’s nice and he can protect me.”
• “What if he breaks your heart?”
• “Then I know that my brother will be here to eat tubs of ice cream and watch girly movies with me.”

A/N: Ok so this is like the blurb things I see and you have no idea how much fun they are to write! So if you want more of these go ahead and request but also any preferences and imagines, thanks!

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Hello hello! For the bokuaka week day 6, are you planning to make that au a thing because it is so cute and i def wanna see more! Also your art is gorgeous! ♡

Aaa hello hello!!! Thank you so much for liking my art! :’D
As for the youtuber AU thing, my iwaoi thirst squad bud crossbelladonna and I have got you covered  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) b

(More Youtuber AU! Stuffs under the cut because that skype convo was pretty wild)

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