heck i could even be a brick

One fish asks another fish, “How’s the water?” The other fish answers, “What the heck is water?” In the same way, since it was all I knew, I could not understand that I possessed an orphan mentality. And even if I could understand it, I would not have been able to see anything wrong with it. The truth is, street smarts are for the street, but in loving relationships they can be destructive. The brick walls around my heart were meant to keep bad things out, but when pure love asked to come in, the walls turned from protective to thieving. My “street smarts” turned into my own self-made prison that would keep true love out.
—  Lacey Sturm
Your Guardian Angel

Accbby requested:
How would you feel about doing a Raph x Reader fic where Raph kind of acts as the reader’s guardian angel but is too scared to show his face but she like begs him and is all “omg ur so pretty” or something.

(I might redo this one, but this fic really isn’t anything to fangirl over. No kissing Raph or anything. But I have another idea for an extremely fluffy Raph x Reader fic!)


You walked down the street, pulling your jacket tighter around you. Manhattan had been rather dangerous as of late, and you weren’t even sure why you still even lived in this city.

Heck, you’ve even been attacked by those Purple Dragon members.

But the first time you were jumped, someone saved you. And they kept coming back to save you.

You remember the day they rescued you just like it was yesterday:

“HELP!” you cried out in desperation, a Purple Dragon advanced on you, holding a knife in his hand.

“Listen here, little lady. I won’t have to use this if you give me what I want,” the thug smirked.

“W-what… what is that?” you pressed yourself against the brick wall, hoping that a secret door would open and you could escape.

“I’m in need of a little extra money. You wouldn’t mind handing over some cash, would ya?”

“I-I have no m-money,” you stuttered. It was true. You spent it all on in town today, buying food for a small homeless family, an action figure for your brother, and lunch for yourself,

“Oh, but I think you’re lying” the thug gave you an evil smile.

“I-I’m not!” you began to panic. The man held up a knife and pointed at you.

You started to scream for help as the Purple Dragon came right towards you. Just as he was about to slice your throat, someone pulled him away from you.

“Who’s there?!” the thug turned around, only to get punched in the face. You remained up against the wall, watching as the Purple Dragon thug stood back up. You could barley see someone else, but you didn’t see what they looked like, as they were in the dark.

“Your worst nightmare…” the other person spoke, sounding rather threatening. But they couldn’t have been much older than you. Just a teenager at most.

“You really think you can stop me, you freak?” the thug laughed.

“I really hate idiots like you,” your savior growled in annoyance and punched the thug once more, knocking him out.

You blinked as the thug fell to the ground and the person who just saved your life moved to walk off.

“Hey! Wait!” you called out, reaching out to grab their arm. As soon as you touched them, they pulled away, “Thank you for saving me.”

“You’re welcome. Are you okay?” they asked. You still couldn’t see them, but could just barley make out two bright green eyes.

“Yeah,” you smiled, even though they probably couldn’t see you.

“Well… try and be careful. This is probably the only time we’ll meet,” they said, leaving you.

You thought about your first encounter with the mysterious hero. They said the two of you wouldn’t meet again, but you guys did.

You had been attacked three other times in the past six months. And the same mysterious hero saved you all three times. You had asked to see what they looked like, but they refused. It was strange. You’ve only ever seen their eyes.

You even swore you had seen those green eyes watching you from afar. There was no doubt about the shadows on the roof, watching you as you walked home.

You felt strangely safe. It was almost as if this mysterious person was your guardian angel. It made you smile.

So fast forward to this evening:

You were walking home after staying at a school play for an hour after it was over in order to help clean up. Praying silently, you hoped you could make it home before any thugs could find you.

However, your luck sucked that day.

“Hey, babe! Why don’t you head over here and give us a good time!” someone called out to you. You kept walking, ignoring the catcalls.

“We’re talking to you, lady!” another voice called out. You started to walk faster.

“Come here, kitty! We don’t bite hard!” the group behind you started whistling and calling out to you.

“I’m not dealing with this crap,” you muttered to yourself and started running.

“Come back here!” one of the shouted.

“HELP!” you cried out, hoping your guardian angel would hear you.

Suddenly, you heard screaming.

“DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH HER!” the voice of your hero shouted. You spun around to see someone beating the crap out of some boys.

You froze as you realized that someone was a giant turtle.

“Dudes! Lets get out of here!” one of the guys screamed. The boys ran off, the turtle standing there, his fists balled up by his sides.

“So… you’re my guardian angel?” You asked, approaching them. The turtle turned to you, his green eyes widening. You gave a small smile, but he took off.

“Hey! Wait!” you shouted, running after him and reaching for his hand, “Please!”

The turtle stopped, turning slightly to face you, “What?”

“You saved me once again,” you grabbed his hand, smiling up at him.

“You aren’t screaming,” he looked down at you, shock coming over his face.

“Why would I?” you asked.

“Because I’m a giant mutant turtle,” he stated.

“Well, you’re pretty good looking for a mutant turtle,” you giggled. He smirked down at you.

“My name’s Raphael.”


You could tell this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Keep Me Warm

Request: Hi! So I have a little thing for chubby Dean (I think he’d be so cute!) and I was wondering if you could write chubby Dean x reader. With the reader being very small? And you could make Dean either insecure or super confident. If it’s not your thing I totally understand! (i’m pretty embarrassed myself to be asking for this!) – Anon

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: cursing

Word Count: 2693

Dean is cute whatever way

(gifs not mine, credits to owners)

The sound of lightning woke you up and you trembled, inching closer to Dean. He stirred and rubbed his eyes. He looked down at you with a slight frown. “You’re okay.” He whispered and kissed your head, letting you snuggled into him even more. In the cold rainy night of November, Dean’s been your source of heat at night. Even though he’s strong and muscular, he still has that little tummy, huge and strong arms and bow legs.

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The one where he jokes about breaking up and you get mad for it (Harry imagine)

You  came home from a really busy day at work. You even had to stay a little longer to work on a project with a colleague and you were so tired and exhausted. And when you entered the apartment you shared with Harry you were just ready to hang on the sofa with him, watching a movie and probably falling asleep on him. ‘Haz?’ You called him and a couple of seconds later he appeared from the kitchen. He didn’t look like his happy self. He didn’t came over for a kiss. He just said ‘hi’. You raised an eyebrow looking at him. ‘What’s wrong with you?’ You asked him confused. He let out a sigh and took a couple of steps forward. ‘Y/N… We need to talk.’ That made you laugh. ‘You sound like you want to break up or something.’ You said amused, undoing yourself from your coat and shoes. But when he didn’t reply immediately, you kind of started getting worried and you looked at him confused. ‘Please sit down with me for a second…’ He said quietly, pointing to the sitting area. You did what he asked you to do, still not sure about what he was going to say. ‘I don’t think this is going to work anymore…’ He started when he sat in front of you. ‘We’re drifting apart…’. This completely blew your mind. Drifting apart? ‘What the heck are you saying? Harry, if this is a joke… Really. I can’t have it right now.’ But when he didn’t even flinch, you really started getting worried. ‘Are you serious?’ you choked out, not understanding where this came from. He nodded sadly. ‘But why?’ You never expected this ever. You really just were to shocked to go mad or even cry. ‘I just don’t think I love you anymore.’ Okay. Maybe you could cry. Yes, you definitely were about to cry. This hit you harder than a ton of bricks. Tears welled up in your eyes and you were just so not ready for this. When are you ever ready for a break up… but this was just… Way more unexpected. You loved your relationship with him. And you were so convinced it was mutual. When tears started rolling over your cheeks, Harry surprised you with bursting in laughter. ‘I am SOOO good.’ He laughed while standing up. ‘I have to tell Louis about this one. God! You really, actually, fell for it!’ You just stared at him, open mouth, not even thinking about whipping your tears away. ‘So this was a joke?’ You croaked out. He was still laughing, like it was the best thing ever. ‘Of course it was a joke, baby. We are fine! Why would I want to break up with you?!’ He smiled, so happy with himself. You nodded, pressing your lips together to a thin line. You stood up from the sofa and headed to the door without saying a word. ‘Y/N? Where are you going?’ He asked… still… fucking… laughing. ‘I’m leaving. I’ll come tomorrow to pick up the rest of my stuff.’ You said, grabbing your purse, coat and shoes in the way. Harry’s laughing stopped… finally. ‘Wait… What?’ He stuttered, confused. ‘I can’t fucking handle you joking about these things, Harry. If you are going to make a joke about this relationship, I’m out of it. You better fill your time with finding someone who actually does think this is funny.’ You yelled at him, grabbing the doorknob. ‘Wait… Babe… Don’t go, I didn-,’. ‘Don’t you ‘babe’ me, Styles. When you do things like this, you don’t have the right to say babe. I’ll see you tomorrow when I’m here to pack my stuff.’ And with that, you slammed the front door shot. You were waiting for the elevator, when Harry followed you outside, grabbed your arm and pulled you inside the apartment again. ‘Harry, stop.’ You didn’t go down without a fight, but it was no use. He was stronger than you. ‘No. You are not going. You can’t do that to me!’ He said in serious tone. ‘You can pull a horrible joke on me like that and I cannot do this?’ You were standing really close in front of each other. ‘Of course you can’t do this. Because YOU ARE NOT JOKING!’ He started yelling. ‘I’m sorry okay? I’m sorry I joked about it. I’m sorry that I made you cry. I’m sorry that I laughed. I’m so… so sorry. But there’s absolutely no way I’m going to let you leave me like this. You love me and I love you. And that means we should be together!’ He was literally begging at this point. Before you could respond he cupped your face and kissed your lips. He just knew you to well… He knew you weren’t able to resist this. So of course you kissed him back… You’ll always kiss him back. And when your lips parted, he smiled at you. ‘Thank you.’ He whispered. And then he took your purse and slipped off your coat. He placed you on the sofa and took off your shoes. ‘Don’t you move. I’m going to get some snacks. You can choose a movie and we’re going to watch it like the cute couple that we are!’ He said, before he headed to the kitchen. ‘Eh, Harry?!’ You started but he interrupted you, turning himself on his heel. ‘No, You are not going, Y/N. You’re staying. I’m not going to argue about this and-,’. ‘Harry… if you want me to choose the movie, I’ll have to move to get the remote. Is that okay with you?’ You smiled at him. He sighed and relaxed, grabbing the remote and handing it to you. ‘I love you, you know that?’ He said over his shoulder, walking to the kitchen. ‘I know, Haz… I know.’ 

alyenn-art  asked:

Okay um,,, Lance playing some oldies 90 songs and horribly singing off key to Keith like, backstreet boys and junk

dfjkdjkfjdkfj omg I love this!! I hope this is okay!!

( Quick warning: Includes swearing )

It was a typical Saturday morning in the small flat in NYC. Keith was sitting at the kitchen table, drinking his coffee, reading the news through his smartphone app and enjoying the peaceful quietness. Unfortunately the time of tranquillity ended rather too soon when Keith’s boyfriend woke up. 

Lance instantly went into the bathroom, quickly deciding that it would be ‘super awesome’ to turn some music on and sing to it. Lance’s singing voice wasn’t too bad usually, if Keith was being honest, but for whatever reason it sounded horrible this morning and gave him a headache.

“God have mercy with me…,” Keith groaned; rubbing his temples. He tried to ignore it, he really did, but when Lance reached the refrain, Keith couldn’t possibly bear the extremely bad singing any longer. 

“I’m going to murder him someday, I swear,” he cursed, got up from the chair and headed over to the bathroom.

“OH YEAH; HIT ME BABY ONE MORE TIME!!!!” Lance dramatically sang, at this very moment, holding his brush like a microphone when Keith slammed the door open and almost scared him to death.


A high-pitched scream escaped Lance’s lips and as quickly as he could, he turned the volume of the CD player down. “Wh-…WHAT THE HELL, KEITH! YOU SCARED THE HECK OUTTA ME!”

“I’ll do it again if you continue singing so loud! You do know that we have neighbours, right?”

“Since when do you care about the neighbours?! You don’t even like our neighbours, Keith!” Lance objected.

Keith took a deep breath to calm his nerves and leaned against the doorframe. “You’re right, I don’t give a damn about the neighbours but my head is exploding because of you!”

Lance grinned his famous shit-grin and wiggled with his eyebrows. “I know that something else exploded last night but it wasn’t your head.”

Keith stared at him, his head slowly becoming redder and redder as he realized what Lance was talking about. It was only now that he also realized that his boyfriend was wearing nothing but a towel around his hips.

“This - ….You -….Fuck you…,” Keith cursed coldly under his breath, turned around on the spot and left the bathroom as quickly as he could. But he was instantly followed by Lance, who burst into loud laughter.

“Keith, wait, I’m – I’m sorry.” But Lance was still laughing.

“I seriously doubt that you’re really sorry,” Keith said. His head was the perfect resemblance of a tomato.

Lance tried to calm himself and took his boyfriend’s hand. “No really I’m sorry,” he said in a serious tone. This made Keith stop. For a second or two they simply looked at each other in silence. Then, slowly, Lance leaned forward to Keith and planted a soft kiss on his cheek. Keith sighed quietly and the two hugged. Lance stroke over Keith’s back. 

But just when Keith thought that they were heading the romantic way, Lance whispered into his ear:

“Now hit me baby, one more time.”