heck cattle

Devon farmer forced to offload aggressive Nazi-bred ‘super cows’

Heck cattle were created in the 1920s and 30s by the German brothers Heinz and Lutz Heck, two zoologists who wanted to recreate the aurochs, an important beast in Teutonic mythology. Some of the Nazi leaders dreamed of allowing the animals to roam free so they could once again be hunted.

Derek Gow said: ”The ones we had to get rid of would just attack you any chance they could. They would try to kill anyone. Dealing with that was not a lot of fun at all. I have worked with a range of different animals from bison to deer and I have never come across anything like these. They are by far and away the most aggressive animals I have ever worked with. Some were perfectly calm and quiet and they are the ones we have kept. The others you could not go near.