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THE COLLECTIONS - models: Amelia Rami, Anya Lyagoshina, Lulu Valentine, Megan Bull & Nyasha Matonhodze - photographer: Erik Madigan Heck - stylist: Leith Clark - hair: Sebastien Bascle - makeup: Andrew Gallimore - set design: James Hatt - location: The Ham House National Trust, London, England - Harper’s Bazaar UK February 2017 (150 Years Edition)

featured designer: Alexander McQueen

Reasons I Dig Stonebear Hold:
  • BIG people
  • really fun accent
  • climbing races to settle fights
  • named lots of locations after ladies which i can totally get behind
  • great lighting for selfies
  • HAvE yOU SEEn HOw PReTTy It IS thERE??
  • Punishment Fortress built for god sports
  • SO much fur
  • climate-appropriate female dress
  • ALL the man tiddies are out (aesthetically i dig it but are y’all ok? you need a blanket?? some soup??)
  • get a cool free nickname if you set your hair on fire
  • allowed my party to use their crafting stations pRAISE THE MAKER <3
  • the mascot is a big-ass bear and she’s nice
  • they let me maul people with the bear
  • and then I got to adopt her kinda
  • idk how they got there but ppl are just chillin on those rock stacks out in the middle of the ocean and it looks like a good time tbh
  • got a cool system of marriage that isn’t permanent so you can totally leave once your trial period is up
  • helped me fuckin WREK the naughty war-god-summoning Avvar asshats (who dropped some quality loot, btw)
  • everyone was super nice and no one bashed my mages because theyre super cool with magic and spirits and I’m p sure someone said “welcome stranger” to me like 900 times and I did. I did feel welcome.

what-the-hecky-heck  asked:

It's super cool that you're doing requests for pride month!! If possible would you be able to do a react post for DAI romance options when the Inquisitor tells them they're asexual? It's kind of personal for me because while I love romancing in the game I wish there was a way to avoid the sex scenes. Thank you so much guys! ❣️🏳️‍🌈

There were actually quite a few asks about this so I’m pleased by it. I hope that I can do this for everyone who wants this, okay? Just a note, I will be doing a sex repulsed ace inquisitor with iron bull separately because it is a little too different from a sex positive ace inquisitor with him. 

Cassandra: She had always been one for romantic gestures over sex when it comes to wooing her so it actually would probably be easiest to tell her. She may or may not know or understand exactly the inquisitor’s sexuality but if they tell her then she will listen. She wishes to respect their wishes as much as she can. If they still like sex then, they will have it from time to time, no big deal, though Cassandra probably tends to let them initiate it. But if they don’t care for sex, well she isn’t too heartbroken, because it means more of their candlelit picnics and gifts of flowers from them. She is really such a romantic at  heart that she really doesn’t mind.   

Solas: To Solas, it seems extremely illogical. The elves are in need of reproduction if they want to survive and sex is a natural way of doing that. He just doesn’t understand it all, but if the inquisitor, his heart, feels that way, then he will try for them. As he usually does, he will ask them questions so that he can try to understand what they feel. He tries for them and a part of that warms the inquisitor’s heart just to see him try. Even though the two of them were never intimate, it was still something important between them.

Varric: The inquisitor admitted their asexuality to him one night when they were drunk together. They seemed afraid after they said it like he wouldn’t accept him but he tries to make that go away. He assure them that he has felt like that in the past. He has wondered to himself in the past if he is also asexual. Of course he has always had Bianca in the past to look back upon but was that sexual attraction or just love? He was never certain. Even if he was unsure about himself, he has known several different people who are also asexual and he proceeds to tell the inquisitor a drunk tale of this asexual woman he met once in the Hanged Man in Kirkwall.

Josephine: In the past, Josephine has known nobility that have been shunned for their disdain for sex because most nobles think it is weird and unnatural. Josephine is not one of them but she understands the inquisitor’s fear for telling her and even the companions. She immediately tells them that it is okay and she won’t judge them for their asexuality. She wants them to feel comfortable with her because she cares about them a lot. She is willing to remain romantic only with them if that is what they want but she will still have sex with them if that is what they want. Most importantly, she is willing to cut off any of the nobles that come to the inquisition is they are prepared to hurt the inquisitor because of their asexuality because nobody deserves that. 

Leliana: She actually knew about the inquisitor’s asexuality before they told her. It seemed to be something that came up in her background check on them. However she kept it to herself and when they did come to her to tell her about it, she listened and told them that even if she already knew about it, she was proud that they came to her to tell her. She knew it was hard to come to a realization that you aren’t just straight since she had a similar experience with her bisexuality. She couldn’t even imagine how it might be to come to the realization that you are a sexual when so much of love is combined with sex anymore. So she wholeheartedly supports them and let’s just say that any noble that would want to give them shit about it better watch out. 

Cullen: It wasn’t a completely foreign concept to Cullen and he was glad that they told him. It looked it was as hard for them as it was to tell them about his lyrium addiction. He made sure that he listened to them calmly while they talked, just as they had done for him. He wants to support them as much as they did with his lyrium addiction. So after they told him, he became slightly more conscious of the two of them together and if it was looking like they would be having sex. He is respectful as always so he is always asking permission and if they say that sex is a no, then well, he can live with that because he really love them. 

Vivienne: Asexuality wasn’t exactly an uncommon thing in the Circle. There are a great variety of people that get gathered within the Circle and there were certainly mages who were asexual and okay with the fact that might never have sex again with how strict the templars are. There are those mages that seek companionship with other mages or templars within the circle and those that are fine without it. So when the inquisitor hesitantly tells her about their sexuality, she just tells them to sit down and share a cup of tea with her. They really need not be so nervous to tell her and she tells them that they can talk with her about it if they want since she understands. By the end, a cup of tea turns into several as they share stories about their loves, since that’s really what matters sometimes. 

Sera: Here is what mod Fereldone wrote on Sera with an ace inquisitor and I personally think it is a good response.

Blackwall: Blackwall had never met someone who was asexual in the past as far as he knows. But he tries for them because they are honestly more than he ever feels like he deserves. If they already know he is Rainier, it is just one of things that really tries to do for them since they still somehow love him. He feels like he doesn’t deserve them so he does everything he can for them. He always ask if they want to have sex before starting something if they tell him they still like sex and he respects all of their boundaries so even if they don’t like sex. 

Iron Bull: They had already slept together before the inquisitor told him but when they were seriously talking and he laid what having sex with him was like, they told him. They liked sex but there was no sexual attraction to him or anyone else. That was actually fine with him, there were several Qunari that probably felt similar to the inquisitor. He had explained to the inquisitor in the past that sex was just an errand under the Qun so if they were to keep it casual, it was fine with him. They get a system really because Iron Bull is always willing to let the inquisitor come to him when they want to have sex. If if somewhere along the line, love gets mixed into their relationship, then it happens. Iron Bull knows that the inquisitor’s love is real, if nothing else.  

Dorian: The inquisitor actually told him rather quickly into their relationship. When he had asked that their relationship be deeper than sex, they agreed with him fully and that was when they told him about their asexuality. Dorian panicked for a moment, seeing as how they had just had sex and he wasn’t sure if that was alright. It seemed as though the inquisitor had wanted to have sex as well, given how well they seemed to respond to the idea. He asks them about how they feel about having sex and whether they really had wanted to have it with him before. He only seemed to calm down once they assured him that it had been okay that they had sex. If they had told him that they didn’t care for sex that much, he would respect that in any way he could and well, their relationship would definitely be deeper than just sex. If they still enjoyed sex, then he would respect that, having sex with them but always making sure to ask if it was okay, if they were in the mood for it or not. If they ever said they weren’t in the mood for it though, he would back off and respect that.

Cole: “Nervous but not. Nothing matters more than their acceptance of how I feel. Don’t want them to look down on me or leave. There is no attraction to the sex but isn’t that okay?” Cole found their concerns of telling people about their asexuality from accidentally poking around within their head. Usually it was too much for him to do, the mark too bright, but their concerns stood out more. “It is alright, Inquisitor. They will listen if you talk with them. It might take time but they will listen. It is perfectly normal.” He tells the inquisitor personally, to see if he could help. He somewhat knew their hurt and concern, since as a spirit, he had never felt such feeling of attraction for another either. 

-Direct From Orzammar

THE COLLECTIONS - models: Amelia Rami, Anya Lyagoshina, Lulu Valentine, Megan Bull & Nyasha Matonhodze - photographer: Erik Madigan Heck - stylist: Leith Clark - hair: Sebastien Bascle - makeup: Andrew Gallimore - set design: James Hatt - location: The Ham House National Trust, London, England - Harper’s Bazaar UK February 2017

featured designer: Gucci


For Leisure Day, Harry and Joe went with their cousins and a certain friend to the beach. 

My eyes roll to the back of my head for an eternity.

Now the news is onto the spinners that is the ‘New toy craze like Pokémon Go, loom bands and tamagotchis’ with fun quotes from ten year olds 'yeah it just looks good’ and 'everyone else has one [so I wanted one]’ and them being called disruptive and no mention of the fact that they are Stim toys

Yeah I totally should have been less harsh and skeptical of the NTs starting to use them because 'it can help normalise stimming’
Yeah because them being written off and banned is helping so much


Amelia Rami, Anya Lyagoshina, Lulu Valentine, Megan Bull and Nyasha Matonhodze by Erik Madigan Heck
HARPER’S BAZAAR UK February 2017

(1) Dior (2) Dolce&Gabbana (3) Alexander McQueen (4) Valentino

and thats a wrap !


i can’t fucking believe this are they kidding us look at max in that damn elf costume what the FUCK


Sooo this happened last night. Just got done killing a spider, cute nug runs by, clearly SOMEONE still on the whole needing to kill things thing, and BAM no more nug T’WAS MOST UPSETTING

PS no one tell Leliana :P


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