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The men of 1st SFOD-D, otherwise known as Combat Applications Group (CAG) or Delta Force. The US Army’s counterpart to DEVGRU (Erroneously referred to as SEAL Team 6). They are the US Army’s premier Tier 1 Operators. Notable operations of theirs include;

The Iranian Hostage Crisis

The invasion of Grenada

The invasion of Panama

Persian Gulf War

Somali Civil War (Black Hawk Down)

The battle of Tora Bora

The capture of Saddam Hussein

The rescue of Roy Hallums

And many others classified by the US Armed Forces.


HK USP9 full sized. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. I have fired some HK handguns before and I really did not like them. I still do not like their controls (paddle mag release and the orientation of the safety) but this thing was actually nice to shoot. Holds 15+1 capacity and it’s very “naturally accurate”. You can see my first mag’s grouping (center mass) was punching holes in holes, minus that one flyer of course. Overall I liked this gun. I’m not ready to buy one, but I’ll certainly shoot them more if I get the opportunity.