((Also working on a new way to display the artwork for the various Guest Star OCs I have bouncing around here. The final displays will be significantly smaller, but start big, and you can scale down safely~

Started with the Altmer first. From top to bottom: Gladroon, Anaril, Heceri, and Telindil (all related except for that last one). Ironically, they were/are all associated in some way with the College of Winterhold. : / Funny how that worked out…))

OOC: Now that my final class is over, I have a week before the actual graduation ceremony (and moving). So aside from packing and a few replies, I’ve got nothing to do…..so I decided to art. I wanted to do another side headcanon for Heceri’s magic use, just to plan it out, and I needed a pose that wasn’t so ‘closed’, and displayed a bit more of his design. So far, the sketching is all but complete, and I hope to finish the lines, colors, and magic effects by the end of the day.

OOC: My second to last day of class is over, and I can do nothing more on my project. Time to divert some of this stress energy into designing characters that will sadly most likely never actually appear in this blog’s roleplay. This is a rough design for Heceri, the father of Tarene, Gladroon, Anaril, etc. He’s assumed dead, but he’s really in hiding. He took a sword to the face a few times, lost most of his hair in the fire, and lay bleeding in a ditch for two days, but he’s alive.