hecate's apothecary


Crowning each Hecate Incense jar with a bit more Syrian rue seeds. The path of excess pleases the night goddess.
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long way down

for the @pjohoobigbang! this was definitely….an experience

shoutout to @alensko for helping me out so many times. when i was freaking out about the outline to when i was freaking out two nights ago. shoutout to @zoenightstars for keeping me sane and helping me push through this and just being there in general. shoutout to @percyyoulittleshit and @falloutside for running this big bang! additional shoutout to @percyyoulittleshit for also being super super supportive and helping me with problems and getting me to write when i just wanted to cry. i really couldn’t have done it without you. 

shoutout to the people who were on my team for just a short while and mega mega shoutout to @dorkabeth and @philtatos1 for being amazing artists and sticking with me through this all.

this was rough. it was hard and not my best. college applications really screwed me over big time. but still, i hope you enjoy.

Hazel heard the door creak open from the back room of the shop. She sat back on her heels and pulled her hands from the basket of rosemary, wiping the dirt on her hands onto her skirts. Pulling herself to her feet, she started her way through the maze to the front of the store.

She stepped around the thyme — she was running low and needed more — and skipped over the jars of cat whiskers. She ducked under a hanging basket filled with mandrake roots and squeezed between crates of furs and precious metals. She reminded herself that she had to get those bones from Nico as she past the nearly empty basket, and she spun to a stop behind her small counter just as the customer reached it.

“Hello! How may I help—” Her smile froze as her eyes fully took in the customer. He was tall and broad shouldered, but he stood a bit like he wasn’t sure what to do with his body or size. “You today?” she finished. She met his eyes and hoped he hadn’t noticed the slight pause.

He looked uncomfortable, unsure. He rubbed his neck and looked around. “Um, I’m looking for Hecate.”

Hazel’s eyes darted towards the crest on his left breast. At least he could try and hide who he was. That was always more fun. “I’m sorry, she’s not in today. Is there anything I can do, or may I take a message for you?”

He gulped and rested his hand on the hilt of his sword. She could tell that he was trying to be threatening, but the blush that was creeping up his neck made him look even more nervous. “I know what you do here?”

She smiled. “Of course! It’s on the sign!” She motioned to the door. “Apothecary’s and Herbalist’s,” she recited.

He shook his head. “I know what you really do.”

“Hecate really is an apothecary and herbalist,” Hazel said calmly. She re-tied the knot on a bag of mixed herbs. “We sell herbs and medicines.”

He shifted his weight from leg to leg. “Along with…other services.”

Hazel’s eyebrows shot up. “I hope you’re not insinuating what I think you’re insinuating.”

He nodded and leaned forward. “I am. Magic.

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