Just reposting the poem I wrote for @therealjacksepticeye

“One Person Can Do A Lot”

Jack has helped me smile again

And he’s nothing short of a good friend

Cold, dark depression surrounded, but he

Kept me from drowning

Saw me through my hardest days

Every pain just seemed to fade

Playing games and making me laugh

Tears dried up as he warmed my heart

I thought I was worth nothing but he

Cared about and believed in me

Every time that I was sad

You, Jack, made me feel less bad

Eventually I didn’t hate myself

1 person can do a lot

4 someone else

My life is so much brighter now

It’s far from perfect, but I’m learning how to

Look at things so differently

Look for positivity

I’m following my YouTube dream

Only because you inspired me

Never had the confidence

Starting seem so pointless

Until one day, I decided to try

Best decision of my life

So thank you for what you give to me

Courage, hope and positivity

I know these things are of no price

But just what I needed most in life

Every time I thank you, Jack, I

Really mean it, to the moon and back! You

Saved me.