Re-reading the last chapter, it just occurred to me that Furuichi’s contract with the Pillar Squad is different from Oga’s contract with Beel in that the Pillar Squad isn’t physically manifest when they respond to Furuichi’s call.

Which just…

I mean…

Where is my HecaFuru body possession fic??? The plot devices create themselves! Honoka! Go and write some purply fanfic about your brother feeling himself up and then fighting against himself or something! (which is totally based on what you’ve seen happen, of course)

i don’t quite see if hecadoth was also turned to stone but i don’t really care, i just want some type-moon realness somewhere in the fandom

and by type-moon realness i of course mean sex

and by sex i of course mean hecadoth and furuichi so hecadoth can get extra energy or whatever and power up

level up at intimacy level 5 with hecafuru because of reasons

i mean, wouldn’t you?

sexyichi replied to your post “i don’t quite see if hecadoth was also turned to stone but i don’t…”

and i thought i was the only one looking for hecadoth XD

Haha! He is my favourite male Pillar (my overall fave Pillar is Agiel of course) and I ship him pretty heavily with Furuichi who is my fave character in the series – I’m always happy when he’s around. At this point though I’m always disappointed when the Pillars are shown because they’ve become a measuring stick for any antagonist that come Oga’s way. I’m really hoping that Furuichi, Aoi, Agiel and any remaining non-petrified Pillar are somewhere safe so they can take names later.

lycorisonthewall replied to your post “i don’t quite see if hecadoth was also turned to stone but i don’t…”

Maybe he’s not there yet. Or he’s in some other part of town. Thank goodness though, since I rather not see him become fodder again. Well, at least now he won’t have to fight with 300 other demons for Furuichi’s attention/body/blood/whatever-else ;)

I hope so too! If other people don’t see him then I’m really hoping he hasn’t been petrified. And come on, it’s not like Hecadoth needs to fight with them or anything; he’s got dibs because he’s Furuichi’s favourite! /says the delusional HeaFuru shipper

But yeah, they’ve really become cannon fodder, haven’t they? And there isn’t really any point in them appearing because the Big Bad usually outclasses practically every named character already; them appearing just to be beaten is redundant. Not that I’m unhappy they appeared of course, just saying they’re pretty much relegated to “Appear –> Defeat” panels, LOL.