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An aroflux ace who's mind constantly changes about romance, but never falters for their love of dragons

“I’m sorry. I know I said we could try dating this week, but… I can’t this week. We could go to the library and read up on Ukrainian Ironbellies!”


“Wow. Getting to lie here in your arms and just look at the stars is almost as good as getting to see a Romanian Longhorn in person.”


“I know, I’m changing my mind faster than a Hebridean Black can take off in flight, but…”


“Your eyes are just so beautiful. This must be what it’s like to look an Antipodean Opaleye in the eye.”


Romantic feelings may come and go but dragons will always be there for you.

~Hufflepuff Mod

It all points to you - pt.1

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader
Soulmate AU requested by anon.
One shot(x) or Chapter (x) pt.½ || (next part)
Word count:
Warnings: none
Fluff? Maybe a Tiny Speck of angst?
A/N: I’m tremendously sorry for all the tardiness!! University has started so it’s all gotten pretty hectic.. to make it to to you, I’ve decided this is gonna be a two chapter fic! The next chapter will be probably uploaded next week tho, as I have yet to finish it. Also, this isn’t some of my best work.. it really isn’t…so please bear with me. Sorry for any grammar/spelling errors!

The world seemed to work in odd, surprising ways. For every person existed another, tied together by an inconspicuous red string of fate. Those, no one could see, though they had no reason to. On each person’s wrist lay imprinted a compass, working restlessly all hour of every day of every year, hoping for the bearers’ attention to glance their way just at the right moment, just at the right second the string’s ends could intertwine.

At least half of the population was a result of this, of having been aware at the time their half crossed their path. They were, mostly, the married and the bearers of children.

Some say it destiny proven to be true. Yet in the back of most people’s minds flashed a thought very possible. That is, while they say that, one way or another, pairs will have more than one chance to meet, there are those who never stop wondering.

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Auror!Draco&Harry AU

This is a collaboration with the wonderful and amazing @thefangirl2000 !!
Draco comes home after a mission to find an overprotective Harry stressing over him
•Harry being at home, having broken his ankle a few days ago on an auror mission

•So bored

•But like SO bored

•Singing some of Teddy’s favourite baby songs he HATED without even noticing

•Cursing Draco 24/7 out loud for not coming home yet (the neighbours actually calling the police once)

•Earning a block from Hermione and Ron, as he wouldn’t stop calling them while they were at work

•Duelling his owl to a stare battle, losing all the time

•Trying to cook, causing a small fire in the kitchen


•Draco thinking about Harry all the time

•Harry constantly on his mind even though the boy was miles away in London

•He really was sickly worried for Harry

•Who had asked him to fucking rush into that mission a hundred friggin’ times?!?

•"I don’t know if my boyfriend is going to kill me or kiss me when I get home.“

•But Draco needing to concentrate

•Dragons around every corner. Romania was so full of them

•Trying to investigate faster

•Hoping he could get home before Harry killed himself and/or relatives

•Finally, after a few burns and scratches being in the ministry’s apparition hall

•But of course needing to report his findings first

•Harry threatening Draco meanwhile the poor man tried to arrive home as fast as possible

•Because “Draco I FuCKing swEAr if you DON’T appear by thAt BloOdy door RIGHT NOW I’ll stab mYselF!!”

•Draco getting all the threats from Harry on the magically altered mobile

•Which was driving him NuTS!!

•He was TRYiNG! Goddamnit!! He was trying SO HaRD to get home !!

•He finished his reports in record time

•Honestly he was about to lose his sanity

•He did not even visit the medi-aurors for his injuries

•Because they were not as important as Harry

•Draco finally apparating home after what had seemed like months when it had only been 4 days

•Yes he had promised Harry that he’d be back in three but who could have foreseen that Hebridean Black dragon

•As soon as he got home he was embraced with a tight hug from an almost dying Harry

•He nearly tripped and broke his own ankle too

•As he steadied himself and Harry he realised that his boyfriend was sobbing, but at the same time angry, as well as happy to see Draco


•"WHy ArE yOu LaTE !!?!?? Why are you FUCKING LATE!!“

•"Calm down Harry..! Are you even happy to see me?? I got lost AND fought a dragon to come back home to you…”

•He pauses for effect… 😎

•"If you’re not happy to see me, I should go back to Romania…“ He joked

•When he felt no reaction, Draco pulled back from the hug and looked at Harry

•Harry had gone perfectly still…


•Harry went back to sobbing like a small kid

•"DON’T EvEN joKE WItH THaT!!“

•"I just… I didn’t even go to the medi-aurors to have a check up. I came straight home to YOU, so will you stop bitching at me?”

•Only then did Harry look at him up and down and notice the burns and scratches, and the state of his robes with a grimace

•And then he broke…

•"T-These were the four worst days of my life…“

•Harry had lost way too many people, and he couldn’t afford losing Draco

•He hugged his boyfriend again, tightly, then pulling back to check if he had any serious wounds worriedly

•"Do you feel okay? Does something hurt? How dare you not visit the medi-aurors!! NOTHING absolutely nothing is more important than you, you git!”

•"Harry, dear, I really, really don’t understand you” Draco said with an exasperated smile 

•"Shut up and let me look at you properly, will you?“

This is the first part, hope you like it!! We will post the second part on her blog if you actually find this one good enough 😆

PS: Teaser from the 2nd part,

•Several episkeys and a nice hot shower later…

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Could you describe the eggs of the 13 canon dragons? I know you've done a short description on some of them and if You don't wanna do those then it's fine :)

Of course I can do these! If you’d asked for all of the dragons this a) would have taken ages b) never got done because I would have looked at it and gone oh no or c) made my brain go ablooglewoogleWHAT and then spend a whole day in google image search. But this is a perfectly acceptable number I can do - not too many it’s daunting, not so few it seems pointless. Just perfect. 

Also, thirteen is my lucky number, so. Here you go!

Antipodean Opaleye - To quote Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them:Opaleye eggs are pale grey and may be mistaken for fossils by unwary Muggles.” I would cite Jim Kay’s drawing here, I think it works:


Catalonian Fireball - The eggs of Catalonian Fireballs are green and amber in colour, specifically a yellowish through to gold amber, rather like some specimens of Moss Agate. Amber sections become progressively more translucent as the egg nears hatching, allowing one to see the dragonet within.


Chinese Fireball - To quote Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: “Eggs are a vivid crimson speckled with gold”. Nonetheless, I do not wholly agree with Jim Kay’s drawing, in this case, but I shall include both reference images for completeness. I imagine the eggs as being smoother, almost round, and speckled in a - if one looks carefully - repeating pattern.

[jimkay / image / alt]

Common Welsh Green - To quote Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: “The Welsh Green’s eggs are an earthy brown, flecked with green”. I’ll be honest, I quite like Jim Kay’s rendering but I imagine the eggs as being more rounded, less pointed, rather as Wonderbook: Book of Spells shows them as.

[jimkay / image]

Hebridean Black - Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them offers no description of what the eggs of these dragons look like. I personally imagine them as roughly edged dark things, perhaps with some grey or purple tints to the shell. I shall include Jim Kay’s image for reference as well.

[jimkay / image]

Hungarian Horntail -  To quote Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: “eggs are cement-coloured and particularly hard-shelled”. Again, this is a case where I pretty much agree with canon and with Jim Kay’s depiction.


Norwegian Ridgeback - To quote Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them: “Ridgeback eggs are black”. Yeah, pretty much, Glossy black, discoloured black, plain black. I think they start plain black and grow glossier and begin to discolour as they harden and then, when heated up to hatching, discolour hugely. I like the film image, the Pottermore image, and the Jim Kay image so:

[jimkay / image / alt]

Peruvian Vipertooth - Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them offers no description of the eggs of these dragons; I imagine them as being rounded and coppery like the dragons are, with some eggs being more or less discoloured depending on how much they move and damage the coppery overlay of the egg. Jim Kay, however, depicts them as being blue?? As ever, I’ll include both images.

[jimkay / image]

Portuguese Long-Snout - You ever seen a Cassowary egg? They can be bright bright green, it’s kind of amazing. That is what the eggs of these babies looks like.


Romanian Longhorn - Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them offers no description of the eggs of these dragons; I imagine them as being big and darkly forest green with hints of gold to them, sometimes in fascinating patterns - like with Chinese Fireball eggs, more often than not these patterns are, if you look close, repeating.

[jimkay / image]

Snallygaster Dragon - While Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them asserts that Snallygasters are, while dragonish, actually a cousin to the Occamy, we here at The Monster Blog of Monsters know Occamys and Dragons to be related (most notably by way of the Occamy Dragon). Thus, they are included here. Snallygaster Dragons’ eggs are odd, tarry things, dark and somewhat lumpy, hardening into multi-hued rough ovals the day before hatching.

[image / alt]   

Swedish Short-Snout -  Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them offers no description of the eggs of these dragons; I imagine them as being blue and silver, speckled and kind of shimmery in the right light, as though rimed with ice.

[jimkay / image]

Ukrainian Ironbelly - Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them offers no description of the eggs of these dragons; I imagine them as being pearlescent with a slightly grey tint, or with streaks of blue or grey.

[jimkay / image / alt / alt2]

Harry potter dragons

Hungarian Horntail

Harry Potter faced a Hungarian Horntail during the Triwizard Tournament in Goblet of Fire, armed with only his wand and the broom he beckoned with the Summoning Charm.

Hungarian Horntails can shoot fire at quite a range; as far as 50 feet. Horntails are especially dangerous, with yellow eyes, black scales, bronze horns and spikey tails.

Norwegian Ridgeback

The egg Hagrid wins from a hooded stranger in Philosopher’s Stone hatches into Norbert the Norwegian Ridgeback, a baby dragon with spiny wings and a long snout. We eventually learn in Deathly Hallows that Norbert was actually a female dragon which, according to Charlie Weasley, are more vicious.They’ve been known to feed on water-dwelling creatures. For instance, in 1802 a Norwegian Ridgeback supposedly took a whale calf right off the coast of Norway.

Antipodean Opaleye

The Antipodean Opaleye is one of the most beautiful dragons; with shimmering scales, pupil-less, multi-coloured eyes. It produces a very vivid scarlet flame.

It’s native to New Zealand but has been known to migrate to Australia, where a male was once attributed to a series of kangaroo killings in the 1970s.

Chinese Fireball

This red beast is named for the mushroom-shaped flame that comes from its nostrils when angered. Viktor Krum faced one of these dragons in the Triwizard Tournament.

The Chinese Fireball is also sometimes called ‘Liondragon’ and has a slew of golden spikes on the periphery of its snub-snouted face. The dragon’s eggs are crimson and specked with gold, and their shells are cherished among Chinese wizards.

Common Welsh Green

These green dragons are typically not as dangerous, preferring to feed on sheep instead of humans. Fleur Delacour faced one in the Triwizard Tournament, escaping unscathed.

In 1932 a rogue Common Welsh Green flew onto a beach of sunbathing Muggles. Their memories were subsequently wiped by a vacationing family of wizards who were fortuitously at the scene. The Welsh Green blends in well with grass and dwells mostly on a mountain-based reservation established for its preservation.

Swedish Short-Snout

Cedric Diggory bravely battled a Swedish Short-Snout in the Triwizard Tournament. This blueish-grey dragon has silvery skin that is used to make protective gloves and shields. It’s known for the blue flame that shoots from its nostrils.

Peruvian Vipertooth

These copper-coloured dragons have smooth scales and dangerously venomous fangs. While they’re the smallest known dragons, the breed has a taste for humans. In the late nineteenth century the International Confederation of Wizards was forced to send in exterminators to reduce their numbers.

Romanian Longhorn

These dragons are named for their long, golden horns that they use to stab prey. Their horns are so widely sought after that the breed started to reduce in numbers, prompting a breeding programme.

Their native Romania has become the location where wizards from around the world study dragons of all breeds.

Hebridean Black

Named for the Hebrides, the islands off the west coast of Scotland, these dragons can be up to 30 feet in length. The Hebridean Black is covered in rough scales and sharp ridges on its back. It has purple eyes, an arrow-shaped spike on its tail and bat-like wings.

Takes My Mind Off Things

Imagine: Where Newt is seriously injured out on the field and Y/N, a self-proclaimed healer, attempts to help the tall, awkward man.

Originally posted by hardyness

Word count: 1161

Author’s note: This is my first imagine so please be kind, like, reblog & follow ;-)


The sky was quickly becoming darker, clusters of dark clouds hung above the dimly lit townhouses. Newt crouched down on both knees, heaving, as sweat trickled down from his forehead. He squeezed his eyes shut in pain, it was almost excruciating. Blood rushed from the several gashes that had torn through his skin by a two-year old Hebridean Black. He had been watching over the dragon for about seven months in Iceland, with the plan to lead the creature into his enchanted suitcase, nurture it and bring it back to its homeland; England. Over the course of the seven months, Newt would have liked to think that he had slowly been gaining some respect from such a wonderful creature.

However, this plan was disrupted when one afternoon he overheard a few drunk Irishmen speaking proudly of how they wished to go hunting for said dragon and kill it successfully. That’s what hurt and startled Newt. The fact that these unprofessional blithering idiots were about to invade the habitat of a species they had never been in contact with.

Newt had become flustered processing this information, he began overthinking, becoming alarmed by the fact that such a young brilliant creature could be in danger. In his rushed mess to get to the dragon, Newt had accidentally startled the animal, causing it to lash out in an unpredictably aggressive manner for a dragon of its age. It had been his unwise actions which had caused him to disapparate in such a hurry to a side street he had walked through before coming in close proximity to the creature. Yet, now, he was absolutely helpless.

Desperately pulling the blood stained shirt over his shoulders, Newt began attempting to recite a healing spell aloud to prevent the unbearable stinging he was currently experiencing, only to realise his wand was not in his hand. Searching the ground in the dark alley way with urgency, he become impatient, letting out an annoyed groan as he swiped his fingertips down his back to see all five digits dripping in blood.

Lumos Maximum!” A feminine voice was followed by a rushed pair of footsteps.

Newt winced as he turned, his hand landing on his wand. About bloody time. He pointed it up to the shadowed figure, unaware of who lurked behind the bright light, slightly shaken.

“Merlins-,” The light went out, Newt could vaguely make out the girl who was now kneeled beside him. He became light headed, reaching for his cases leather handle in desperation.

“Y/N L/N, and you are?” You spoke delicately, worried eyes scanning the pain in the wizards face.

“Newt Scamander,” He spoke from the side of his mouth, almost in a bashful manner. His eyes scrunched, attempting to shake your hand. In disbelief of this kind gesture considering the state the poor man was in, you rose quickly to your feet again. Walking behind him, only to discover four wounds that were dripping with blood covering the expanse of his back. You covered your mouth in shock. Newt attempted to reach his wand behind his back and repeat the healing spell, this time the wand successfully in his grasp.  However, he was interrupted.

“Is that? A dragon’s claw mark? What on earth…” You quickly unhooked the small bag that was hung on the side of your jeans. Reaching your wand further down into the bag you spoke, “Accio dittany.”

Newt was surprised that a normal looking witch, such as yourself could be in possession of  such a strong healing potion. He was speechless as the female kneeled beside him once more. “Mr Scamander, do you mind if I-“

“Please! Just do it.” Within an instant, drops of what felt like hot water were being splashed onto Newt’s open wound. He squirmed and cringed as steam rose into the air causing the dripping of blood to cease.

“You’re doing so well, just relax for me. Okay?” You spoke quietly, attempting to reassure the shaking man. As each drop fell onto the fresh wound Newt’s eyes began watering, welling up with tears that expressed how painful and deep the slashes really were. The open wounds soon began to close up and resemble scars that were several days old.

“You’re going to be okay, Mr Scamander.” You picked the red stained shirt from the ground, flicking your wand twice, the same shirt began cleaning itself, mid-air. You turned back towards the man, who began to stand up, clutching his stomach. It was only when he fully rose above you, that you realised how handsome he really was.

Golden freckles covered his cheeks, slightly watery green eyes made eye contact with you for a split second before looking down towards the ground, messy hair that lay effortlessly on his forehead, a shy smile allowed his whole face to brighten slightly.

You smiled timidly, realising you had been staring. You cleared your throat attempting to make the silence somehow less… awkward.

Newt craned his neck, watching from the corner of his eye as you mumbled something about leaving, handing back his shirt, blushing slightly, surprised that you had been so confident around such an attractive, shirtless male. So, you were startled to say the least when he began speaking again.

“Thank you. I’m never usually that unprepared,” he spoke quietly, quickly buttoning up his collared shirt. “How did you know to do that?”

“I- uh… treat to wounds I guess, sort of for magical creatures and things alike. Takes my mind off things, I guess. Everything I need is in here.” You responded nervously, pointing down to the small bag which was now hooked onto your jeans. “Speaking of which you should eat some of this-. “Newt stifled a laugh.

“Oh no, that’s not, um, necessary. You see- ha,” he scratched his neck awkwardly. “I’m a- magizoologist. I got everything I need,” he lifted up his tattered suitcase.

You almost felt stupid for not realising such a simple fact sooner.

“Oh well, I’ll be off then. It was lovely making your acquaintance, Mr Scamander. Hope you feel better.” You turned your back, beginning to walk away.

“Um, actually- sorry, Ms L/N!” You turned once he spoke up again, he limped slightly as he jogged closer to where you stood.

“Not that you have to, you, would you- I mean,” Newt shook his head, trying to concentrate on the sentence that was failing to come out of his mouth rather than the very pretty girl which looked at him curiously. “Would you want to get some tea?”

“Oh no, don’t feel like you need to, Mr Scamander. Don’t mind me. You need to rest-“

“But I want to. I guess I just need to take my mind off things.”

So, as you both adorned burning cheeks, you and Newt made your way out of the dimly lit side walk, together.

the signs // magical junk
  • aries: phoenix quill feather with ink that sizzles softly into parchment, occasionally emitting tiny though harmless flames. autocorrects automatically (and accurately), never being able to get caught for cheating by professors // price: scale of a hebridean black dragon
  • taurus: paintbrush with the ability to create both sentient and inanimate objects, even those that do not exist // price: unicorn blood
  • gemini: ring of celestial bronze, silver and gold; when the gem encased in the middle of it is twisted, a minuscule needle inside may inject a deathly poison seamlessly without the victim's knowledge // price: wendigo talon
  • cancer: the seed of a tree that grants wishes every full moon, fireflies dancing around its inky leaves like stars in the sky // price: kappa saliva
  • leo: a book of any information you so desire at your touch and command, a glamour spell cast upon it around others to maintain secrecy // price: the answer to a sphinx's riddle
  • virgo: gloves that can easily replace a wand, performing spells at impressive speeds and power whilst protecting its master simultaneously // price: djinn, bottled
  • libra: bath bombs that display various galaxies, constellations and planets in the water in vivid detail, every astronomers dream // price: mermaid tears
  • scorpio: ball-point pen that turns into weapon you wish, returning to your possession even if lost in battle or stolen // price: tamed changeling
  • sagittarius: bag of endlessness, easily fitting in items that can normally occupy the capacity of a typical bag of that size // price: ambrosia
  • capricorn: nano-wisps of smoke that can multiply and form any creature, their master being protected and guided by them always // price: ariadne's golden thread
  • aquarius: the new and improved lighter of legendary dumbledore, which can extinguishes any light source within a mile radius // price: acromantula hair
  • pisces: a watch that, in increments, can rewind time, using the silver knob at the side. upon travelling back it lists important events that you may cause impact on // price: thestral sight
Founders Headcanon II: The early days...

Alternatively: The Founder’s weren’t actually very good at teaching. But they tried. They really did.

[Part I] [AO3] [FFN] + [LullabyKnell’s Snippets]

I 1000% reccomend y’all reading the snippets by @lullabyknell because they’re awesome.

1. Rowena’s Creatures, and How to Find Them.

Before she met Salazar, Rowena hated getting her clothes dirty. She avoided having to study the magical creatures as best she could, hid when her brothers came tumbling down the halls of the family estate with a Jarvey or whatever they were into that particular week.

But then she woke up tied to a stake, and thought her life was over.

And then, just as suddenly, it wasn’t.

Rowena decided then and there that she wanted to live, not just exist. She decided she wanted to see all that the world had to offer and dance atop mountains while a storm raged around her. She wanted to tame a chimera, and find out why exactly a bogart can change its shape (because that is so freaking cool, and how does that work, is it some kind of function for driving off predators?).

And then, of course, she promptly wound up tied to a teaching position in Scotland of all places…

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Dramatic Readings

It was a Sunday and, strangely enough, the Marauders were sat in the Gryffindor common room.
Remus was reading a book, Peter was staring out the window and Sirius was sat beside Remus and trying to steal a bit of the chocolate sat in front of Remus while James and him were doing dramatic readings of James’ copy of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.

James: “Hebridean Black! Britain’s other native dragon is more agressive than its Welsh counterpart…“

James: "The Hebridean Black feeds mostly on-”*James suddenly stopped reading and went pale*

James: “It feeds on deers, Sirius!”

James: “…though it has been known to carry off large dogs”

Remus: “Sirius?”

James: “Are you alright Pads?”

Both of them were quite concerned, that is, until Sirius stoped coughing and started laughing.

Sirius: “Nice one, James”

Remus then muttered a quiet “Idiots” and rolled his eyes at him, causing both Sirius and James to laugh.

Sirius: “Alright, hand over the book it’s my turn.”

The End(?)

una and charlie ;

Una’s first day working with dragons was not going to plan. She awoke with a headache – her Gran would tell her this was all because she’s “a chancer,” simply pushing her luck by risking this much. She looked down at her sweater, the hole burned by a Hebridean Black, the quickly bandaged skin peeking through her Grandmother’s stitching. “Bollocks,” she whispered, rubbing at her sleeve. Maybe going home to Scotland and becoming a Healer like the rest of them was a better idea than this. “Beggars cannae be choosers,” she whispered to herself, rolling her sleeve up to finally take a look at the burn. 

The Scamanders Chapter 1

Originally posted by elvenbarnes

Reader is Newt’s teenage daughter who has just graduated Hogwarts. As a graduation present, he’ll take her with him around the world showing her fantasic beasts and where to find them.

I want to do more parts and I’m willing to change the direction of the story depending on feedback. I have a strong feeling this is going to be a Credence x reader fic, but I’m starting to consider Original Graves x reader…

Newt stood, patiently waiting for the familiar train to arrive to platform 9 and ¾. His daughter, Y/N, has just graduated from Hogwarts and he had promised her a trip around the world if she could do what he hadn’t had the chance to do. A latch on his case popped open and Newt immediately locked it back into its place. He heard the Hogwarts Express approach rapidly and he began swaying back and forth on the balls of his feet, anxious to see his daughter after quite some time. Newt watched as children of varying ages spilled out from the doors, all of them eager to see their families.
Finally, a familiar (y/h/c) blur dashed out of the train. Newt stood out a bit, even among other wizards, and Y/N spotted him quickly. “Dad!” She shouted, before running and jumping into his awaiting arms. Newt smiled at his daughter’s excited squeals and swung her around the same way he did when she was little. Although he had been very young when she was born, he felt extremely old seeing his darling little girl as a young woman. Y/N set down her large suitcase and Newt smiled, knowing it was empty and that the messenger bag hanging off Y/N’s shoulder was charmed to hold everything she had.

“I can’t wait to meet the new additions! How’s Frank?” Y/N asked excitedly. She grew up with most of these creatures and hasn’t been able to see them in quite awhile now. “He’s doing very well. So well, in fact, that our first stop on our world tour will be America. We can release him into the sunny oasis known as Arizona.” Newt smiled as he took Y/N by the arm and apparated to the docks where their ship was waiting. Newt liked to travel the muggle way sometimes and considering this was Y/N’s first spot on their trip, he felt it was appropriate to travel this way.

Newt and Y/N always had a strange relationship. They appeared as if they were brother and sister, the way they teased each other. Newt was never really very strict on her, unless it was something that could put her in danger. Other than that, he spoiled her completely rotten (to the best of his ability). It’s truly remarkable that she didn’t turn out a spoiled brat, but it might have something to do with the fact that whenever Y/N showed any traits that were too similar to her mother’s, Newt didn’t react well. Y/N had a bit of a problem with authority and a mild anger issue, but whenever she acted out Newt would get silent and make her calm herself down. She looked alot like her mother as well, and Newt sometimes wondered what life would’ve been like if she hadn’t of abandoned him and Y/N. He never really forgave the Lestrange girl for what she did, but she did give him the most unexpectedly precious gift Newt had ever received. Y/N.

It would be a long trip to New York, so as soon as they checked into their personal cabin, Newt climbed down into the case and looked up. Ever since she was a child, Y/N liked to jump into the case and let her father catch her. He assumed that she would be too old, but he couldn’t help the excitement he felt when he saw her get a running start and jump into the magical suitcase. Newt caught her with his arms stretched out and smiled at her loud giggles.

Y/N immediately ran towards Frank and practically threw herself onto the large beast. Frank had recognized her scent almost immediately and nuzzled his head against her back. “I missed you too.” Y/N said with a large smile. She ran around the case, greeting creatures she knew and introduced herself to the ones she didn’t. The niffler was new to her, but he took a liking to the young girl almost immediately. As Newt carried on with feeding the animals, he watched Y/N snuggle up to the occamies.

“Sweetheart? Why are you still in your uniform?” Newt asked when he noticed she still was in the school issued skirt and sweater lined with (house color). Her white shirt underneath was unbuttoned at the top and she had swapped the (house color) tie out for a loose bow tie. “About that…I….uhh.” Y/N began fidgeting with her nails. “I sold my clothes. I sold…everything, really.” Newt almost dropped the bucket of chum he had been carrying. “Why on earth would you do that?” He wasn’t very angry, just extremely confused.

“Promise you won’t be mad.” Y/N said, quickly meeting his eyes. “I can’t exactly promise that, now can I?” Newt asked, slipping into his ‘Dad voice’. Seeing how nervous Y/N was definitely had Newt curious and intrigued. Y/N placed her bag on the ground and opened the little lock that kept it sealed. She looked at her dad, then opened the thin purse.

A loud, thunderous roar came out of the bag and Y/N smirked at the expression on her father’s face. She hopped into the case, then stuck out her hand and signaled for Newt to follow after her. When he climbed down a small latter he was suddenly standing in what look like a small apartment. “The girls I shared my room with were quite mean, so I slept down here most of the time.” Newt turned to her, shocked and upset that Y/N didn’t tell a teacher or ask for a new room. “Relax, dad, I probably would’ve slept down here regardless of who was in my room.” There was another loud roar and Y/N grabbed her father’s hand and pulled him into what looked like a small tent.

There, in the center of what looked to be a large field, was a massive dragon. Newt gasped aloud and almost had to sit down. It was black and had large spikes trailing down its spine and wings. Its tail was long and riddled with spikes as well. The large spikes had a purple tint towards the ends and the underbelly of the dragon was a similar color. The rest of the scales were thick and sharp. This was a Hebridean Black, one of the most dangerous magical creatures to ever exist.

“Hey, Snookums! Did you miss me?” Y/N asked the dragon excitedly. She put on a thick pair of gloves and began approaching the dragon. “There was this guy in an alley behind Gringotts one day. He said he had a dragon egg to sell and that if he didn’t get rid of it he would toss it into the black lake. How awful is that? So, I made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, then I had to actually provide the money promised. I sold pretty much everything I had to some travelers at Hogsmeade and I bought Snookums.” Y/N explained, grabbing a chunk of venison out of a bucket near the tent entrance. Newt stood, partly in shock, partly in fear and partly in awe of the girl he raised.

The dragon, Snookums as Y/N called it, had slowly began approaching the Scamanders. Newt noticed was missing a bit of its left wing and seemed to have an injured leg. “If you raised this creature, how did it get hurt?” Newt asked, knowing his daughter would never be capable of hurting a animal this way. Y/N tossed Snookums the meat and sat down on a small little bench that looked like just a few boards of wood somewhat held together. “There’s this kid at school. I thought I could trust him but when I showed him Snookums, he freaked out. He said that I was a freak and that Snookums was a monster. When he came back with his friends the next day, he said he wanted to apologize and show Snookums to his friends. I let them in and they-” Y/N paused, her emotions beginning to go awry. She clenched her fists into the wood as a few tears escaped. “They hurt him. And I couldn’t tell any professors because they would take Snookums away from me. It was all my fault.” Newt wrapped his arms around the girl’s shoulders and pulled her into his chest. The dragon seemed to notice his owner’s change in emotion, because he began to creep even closer to the pair.

Newt focused on calming the young girl, but he couldn’t ignore one of the most dangerous creatures ever. “Y/N, he is a dragon. They need space to roam and-“ Newt stopped talking when he noticed two purple eyes extremely close to his face. Y/N sniffled and put her hand out. The dragon pushed the side of his face into her palm, rubbing his sharp scales on her thick glove. “Please don’t take my Snookums away, dad. He can’t be out there on his own, he’s too hurt.” Newt watched his daughter pet the large beast as if he were a puppy.

Newt wanted to say that Snookums was a wild animal and that they belonged in their natural habitat, but that would’ve been a bit hypocritical and as he watched the way his daughter was with this creature his heart swelled. He was afraid that one day her love of creatures would wear off, and he wouldn’t be able to convince her to travel with him after she graduated but now he was relieved. Newt stood up slowly, trying to avoid spooking the large dragon. Y/N gently pushed Snookums away and followed after her dad into the little cabin.

“We’re inside a magical case, inside another magical case!” Y/N exclaimed, trying to cheer herself up. Newt chuckled and climbed out of the backpack and back into his own magical case. Pickett latched himself onto Y/N’s shoe and gladly let her pick him up and place him on her shoulder. He played with her (hair color) hair and rested comfortably on her sweater. “When we get to New York, I’ll buy you some new clothes. We won’t be staying there very long but we should have enough time to buy you something.“ Newt said as he began checking the occamy eggs. “You’re not mad? About Snookums?” Y/N asked quietly, sitting on the workshop table. Newt smiled at her, before taking her into a tight hug. He missed his little girl, so much and couldn’t honestly say he was disappointed that she was collecting magical creatures in her case. He couldn’t really blame her for thinking it was okay, considering he led as a terrible example.

“I’m not mad, I’m not sure how long you’ll be able to keep him in there but I’m not going to be the one to tell the ministry about him.” He smiled down at her. She returned the look and tightened her hold around him. “Thank you dad. I love you.” She said into his coat. Newt held onto the young girl tightly, “I love you more.”

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The Hebridean Black had fallen from the sky after losing a fight with another one. It caused a small impact crater around it. It was scratched but only a few had made it through the tough scales. It tried to move but growled deeply in pain, unable to go far or shift back to normal. (@grindelwald-fanatic)


Newt had watched the fight from below - the second he saw the Hebridean fall, the magizoologist raced to aid it. From what he saw the dragon was badly wounded, and he couldn’t leave it like this - the kind soul, his love for creatures wouldn’t allow that



The goblet has chosen;-

  1. Bellatrix Black & Narcissa Black
  2. Alice Jamestone & Lily Evans 
  3. Scout Arden & Marlene Mckinnon
  4. Sirius Black & Cassandra Whitbury
  5. Edgar Bones & Remus Lupin
  6. Amelia Bones & Rodolphus Lestrange 

Inside every hut you will receive -  

  • 1 open area
  • 1 wardrobe (to be shared)
  • 1 trunk 
  • 2 pewter cauldrons
  • 1 stove 
  • 1 fridge/freezer
  • 1 sink 
  • Bathrooms (except in the Peruvian Vipertooth huts)

Just in Hebridean Black Huts - 

  • 1 standard sized mirror
  • 2 rooms and an open area
  • 1 average bathroom
  • Located next to the black lake
  • 1 sofa, fitting 2 people
  • 2 single beds
  • 1 small table, equipped with 4 chairs
  • 1 stove
  • 1 fridge/freezer
  • 1 sink

6x huts available 

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Newt Prompt! I literally can’t sleep alone anymore so i’ve shown up at your door in my pyjamas, can we have one more nap together, please?

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The ceiling flashed as lightning lit up the cloudy night sky with a roll of thunder soon following after. You’re not sure how long you’ve been just lying there, the events from today replaying over and over in your head, but it had to be going onto four hours now.

You and Newt tried everything to capture the young dragon, but sadly MACUSA got there first. A very young Hebridean Black was on the loose in the city. It wasn’t that big (about the size of a Great Dane you guessed) but it had killed a nomaj’s dog and caused quite the stir. When you and Newt heard screaming coming from outside the apartment you both instantly jumped into action. Even though you were running as fast as your feet could carry you, you were no match for Newt’s long legs. He easily ran ahead while pulling out his wand from his coat pocket. He ran down the street, ducking and weeving through the crowd of nomajes, and screeched to a halt when he reached the end of the dead-end street.

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Kristana: Who is more capable, Stahma or HG? Please give supporting examples.

Well, this is a very tricky question, because: capable of what? I’ll assume you are asking me to grade them in their Ordinary Wizarding Levels. 

HG: O (Favorite charm - Accio, as in Myka, don’t make me magic you back into bed!”)
Stahma: E (Favorite charm - Sectumsempra, as in “Lay your hands on me again and I will rip open your chest with a flick of my wand.”)

HG: O (Practical exam - Transfigures a formerly straight/straight-and-narrow Secret Service agent into a rule-breaking lezzbian.)
Stahma: E (Practical exam - Transfigures her kingpin husband into a pitiable thug.)

HG: O (Favorite magical plant - Dirigible Plum.)
Stahma: O (Favorite magical plant - Devil’s Snare.)

Defense Against the Dark Arts
HG: A (Patronus - Direwolf)
Stahma: A (Patronus - Hellbug)

HG: O (Favorite household potion - Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion.)
Stahma: O (Favorite household potion - Moonbeam bubble bath.)

Care of Magical Creatures
HG: E (Magical pet - Hebridean Black Dragon.)
Stahma: O (Magical Pet - Kneazle.)