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Avinu Malkeinu: A Prayer of Protest

Avinu Malkeinu– Hear our voice:

Some of us have cancer.  Some have lost strength of body: some have lost memory and speech. Some of us are in pain.  Some can’t find work.  Some of us bear the marks of human cruelty– inside, where the scars don’t show.

Some live with depression; some battle addiction, many feel alone.

Some have known shattered marriages, trust betrayed, hopes destroyed.

Some of us have lost the ones we love, far too soon.

And some have lost a child.

All of us have seen suffering our midst.

All of us know the ravages of war – for which there are no words.

Avinu Malkeinu, why?

Avinu Malkeinu, are you there?  Do you care?
Avinu Malkeinu, hear our pain.

Hear our anger.  Hear our grief.

Avinu Malkeinu, here is our prayer:

Give us the strength to go on.

Give us reasons to get up each day; give us purpose and persistence.

Help us to fend off fear and to hold on to hope.

Help us to be kind.

Don’t make us bow or grovel for Your favor.  Give us dignity and give

us courage.

Avinu Malkeinu–

Show us the way to a year of goodness.

Renew our belief that the world can be better.

Restore our faith in life.  Restore our faith in You.

source: Mishkahn haNefesh for Yom Kippur, p. 113

Honey Over Ink for Hebrew Typographer @e_known

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Enon Avital (@e_known) reached for a bottle of honey, not an inkwell, when he wrote a message of good wishes for Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year. “At the beginning, I was doing traditional typography — just ink on paper, pencil on paper. Nothing like I’m doing now,” says the New Jersey-based designer and web developer. But eventually Enon looked to more unconventional materials — everything from kiwis to pencil shavings — and turned them into Hebrew typography. “I like the pieces I can eat at the end. That’s always fun,” he says.

Rosh Hashana begins this week and focuses on leaving the old behind and embracing the new. “We drop all negativity,” says Enon. “When the community as a whole asks for forgiveness and resets, we are all refreshed. That is what Rosh Hashana is all about.”

All jokes aside I think it’s really amazing how Hebrew was literally brought back to life by a bunch of enthusiasts and how what once was essentially a dead language is spoken nowadays by millions of people

I hear it on the streets and can’t stop thinking about how just a couple of centuries ago nobody was speaking it, and now it’s living and breathing just like any other natural language, with modern words and slang and shitty pop songs and children learning their first words in it

But it is also thousands of years old technically

This is wild

“we need to spread love”


Minoritized languages moodboard: Yiddish

Yiddish (ייִדיש ,יידיש or אידיש) is a Germanic language spoken by the Ashkenazi Jewish people. It is written in Hebrew script, and mixes a Germanic base with elements of Hebrew, Aramaic, Slavic and Romance languages.

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Jewish Holidays in one sentence

Rosh HaShannah - Happy new year, now eat this apple with honey.

Yom Kippur - Sit quietly at home and contemplate your mistakes

Sukkot - Build weird huts and buy weird lemons.

Hannukah - Lights and oily food.

Tu BiShvat - Eat dried fruits and fight deforestation.

Purim - We avoided a genocide, go put on a costume.

Passover - We kinda avoided a genocide, stop eating bread for a week.

Lag BaOmer - Celebrate this failed rebellion with bonfires.

Shavuot - Dairy foods and Moses.

Tish’a BiAv - Romans fucking suck.

Tu BiAv - Jewish Valentine’s Day

Miraculous Ladybug in different languages

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Don’t like LazyTown? Why not try Miraculous Ladybug? It has goofy super hero adventures with a sprinkling of romance. It is also around 20 minutes per episode and around B1/B2 level. There isn’t as much available on YouTube, but still a fair amount, and there are a lot of compilations of the title song in different languages, or videos comparing the dub of a short clip between languages, which may be useful, idk.

There is also an Indonesian fandub and a Japanese fandub, but I can’t attest for quality

Other shows

Edit: All the links are correct now! I have no idea why they were linking to the Hebrew one only, heh

Hebrew is not a dead language

Hebrew is not a dead language
Hebrew is not a dead language
Hebrew is not a dead language
Hebrew is not a dead language
Hebrew is not a dead language
Hebrew is not a dead language
Hebrew is not a dead language
Hebrew is not a dead language
Hebrew is not a dead language
Hebrew is not a dead language

this has been a PSA