A woman was hired by a company. A senior employee at the company showed her around the office and introduced her to all her new coworkers. Then he began to tell her about the manager.

“Now, he’s a good boss, polite, friendly, etc., but I should let you know, he does have a very peculiar mental condition: He’ll sometimes say brand names instead of the words he means.”

The woman started working, and sure enough, at least once a day the boss would swap his words with some kind of brand. She was clever, and quickly learned how to interpret him, but one day she walked up to the senior employee completely stumped.

“Today the boss said something I can’t figure out. I know when he says "Verizon” he wants me to make a phone call. I know when he says “Levi’s” he’s talking about Jean in accounting. But what on Earth does he mean when he tells me to “Hebrew National hot dog”?“

The senior employee tapped his finger on his coffee mug. After a moment of consideration he said,

"I think he wants you to beef frank with him.”