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Can you expand on the sources around Jewish amulets? I'm geeking out pretty hard and would love to dive down this rabbit hole! Thanks!

oooohhhh… now this is a fun question!


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There are sooooooooo many.  Depends on how scholarly you want to get, and which parts of the world you want to dive into.  And I geek out pretty hard on this too, so get ready for the over-share!

Beyond the books on magick and amulets below - I also recommend both of Maggie Anton’s novels about Rav Hisda’s daughter.  They are impeccably researched and really “get” the practice and bring it to life.

The best book on Jewish Amulets is Angels and Demons: Jewish Magic Through the Ages.  It’s not the easiest to get, but because it was attached to a museum exhibit – if you google it – you’ll find at least some excerpts.

The second one I would recommend is Ritual Medical Lore of Sephardic Women: Sweetening the Spirits, Healing the Sick.  It’s got a really wide range of amulets that also include herb bundles and such.  But it’s a sociological study, so it’s a solid read.  Slog through the beginning, and it totally pays off.

General Amulets in Judaism

Magic Incantation Bowl Amulets

Jewish Magic

Not amulet specific, but these do include great content on Jewish magic through out history, including amulets: 

Other books on amulets that are worth exploring to figure out your own technique are

Online you’ll find some great resources in surprising places:

I also rely on my teachers Rav Jill, Rav Shoshana and Rav Taya. Jill is the one who taught me that bundle-style amulets (aka medicine bags) are referenced in the Talmud. All three are overflowing with book and body wisdom.


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