Ok, guys, we need your help! All of the Grisha Orders now have pendants available from HebelDesign* EXCEPT for the Durasts. (The Durasts are Materialki, responsible for glass, textiles, Grisha steel, etc.)

Which option do you like? Keep in mind that the black part of the illustration represents metal. So, the pendant on the left would look more like the others, while the pendant on the right is more like a cut out.

I tried to make a poll but I FAILED so just leave your replies on this post!

(*I make no money from Viv’s work, but a percentage of each sale is donated to Reading Is Fundamental.)

Which option do you prefer?

September Book Photo Challenge

Day 24

BookMarker: THIS IS NOT MY PICTURE!! (Hebel Design) 

So, I have been wanting to buy “Pulvis et umbra Sumus” for a long time now but haven’t boughten it yet. I love this saying, I even wanted to get a tattoo. “We are but dust and shadows." 


Dear Shadowhunters and Downworlders, these are charms I recently bought from Hebel Design. First picture: my pandora bracelet with pandora charms and below it are the TMI charms.

From left to right: the fearless rune, the angelic, the love charm, the Morgenstern ring charm, jace’s golden eye colour bead and sebastian/ the real Jonathan Christopher’s black eye colour.

Can you suggest the order to arrange these charms, the third pic is my creation but I welcome any suggestion, help me please?

faithhes  asked:

Hey Cassie! I'm deeply in love with your books for years and I just want to ask where can I get the simple Carstairs ring of just the band with the castle printed around.. it would be simply amazing if I could get a hold of it. And I love you.

Hebel Design makes jewelry for all the Shadowhunter Chronicles.


Here is the Carstairs ring.


All my proceeds from the jewelry go to the charity Reading is Fundamental.