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Digestive Wellness @ BHH

Bloated? Stomach cramps? Craving sugar and refined foods? Nausea? Constipated? Diarrhoea? Irritable, depressed and anxious? Fatigued? Headaches? ‘Downstairs’ itching and burning? Urinary tract infections? Skin rashes? Allergies? 

You may have a bacterial overgrowth in your digestive system.

A diet high in sugar, refined foods and alcohol, low in fibre and quality protein; high use of medications and antibiotics; emotional and physical stress and poor digestive secretions can alter the microflora in our digestive tract. This can lead to the overgrowth of harmful bacteria such as the yeast strain Candida albican, which can result in several of the above symptoms.    

BHH specialises in promoting digestive wellness with colonic hydrotherapy treatment and naturopathic consultations, inlcuding herbal medicine, nutritional supplements, dietary & lifestyle advice, to help eradicate bad bacteria and optimize digestive function. Call one of our friendly staff to find out more