things it’s okay to do:

  • relate to jasper
  • like jasper and be excited about seeing jasper
  • hope for a redemption arc with jasper
  • acknowledge that lapis contributed to the toxic relationship
  • acknowledge that malachite was mutually toxic and harmful for both of them
  • think that jasper deserves more screentime in order to develop a more 3 dimensional character outside of her violence and anger
  • acknowledge that lapis is a very flawed character and has done awful things but is in the process of changing to become a better person

things it’s not okay to do:

  • deny lapis’ status as an abuse survivor
  • call lapis abusive/the abuser (there is a difference between doing something toxic and being an abuser. lapis stopped her toxic and harmful actions when she realized how bad they were, jasper continued to do them, being aware that they were harmful. this is what defines abuse)
  • excuse jasper’s actions
  • ignore the fact that jasper pressed to re-fuse malachite for her own personal gain, using manipulation to do so, and even tried to shatter steven, and so far has not shown remorse or change for these actions
  • ignore the fact that jasper is very intentionally resemblant of an abuser

things it’s important to do if you can:

  • offer support to everyone effected by last night’s episode in some shape or form
  • respect the crew, and by extension, rebecca sugar’s choices with the episode
White Rainbow

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Steven Universe Isn’t Meddling

He’s learning how to heal. Oh, and before you start reading, SPOILERS for Steven Universe Season 3 through 3×15, “Alone at Sea.”

We’re more than halfway through season 3 and Steven has been doing a lot healing, as well as getting involved in other people’s business. He is Steven after all. Our favorite human/gem fusion can’t seem to stop sticking himself in the middle of other people’s problems (see also 2×04, 2×17). “Monster Reunion” (3×14) and “Mr. Greg” (3×08) might be the most blatant examples, but almost every episode has one or the other. It’s pretty safe to say we have a theme here.

I prefer to call his actions ‘mediation’. Why? And why pair it with healing? They’re two sides of the same coin. Mediation is really a form of interpersonal healing and reconciliation. Steven as healer has been a highly anticipated development in Steven’s arc ever since he healed Connie’s eyesight (1×24). Rose was a healer herself, so it makes sense that her son would inherit those powers, though obviously with his own unique twist (healing spit instead of healing tears). Many fans have speculated that a part of Steven’s power will be the ability to heal the corrupted gems in the temple. I mean, come on, they’re Chekov’s bubbles.

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Emotional Sincerity and SU

something I really enjoy about SU is that even in the less important episodes (I wouldn’t call them filler but they aren’t plot-driven) have a lot of emotional honesty.

Yes, some of it is on the nose, but it always sincere and always thoughtful in a kind sort of way.

Greg needs to learn to grow up, Kiki needs to learn self-care, Stevonnie needs to learn to let go and so on. It is on one level a simple exploration of characters and how they face their problems.

It is never patronizing to the audience, it just presents people as they are and their struggles that really have a universal message.

This contrasts a lot of shows that phone it in or don’t make the effort to have emotions be front and center, characters are skewed for jokes and The Point is sometimes shoved down your throat instead of said plainly and kindly

I just want to really emphasize how unique and dear to me SU is. It’s treatment of emotions is consistently respectful and top tier, no matter the episode

anonymous asked:

Since you explain things so beautifully, why do you ship captain swan?

I ship Captain Swan because they are a truly beautiful pairing, in looks and in emotional connection. I have never seen a ship have such chemistry like Emma and Killian do. I have never seen a ship be allowed to be romantic on the level that Killian and Emma are. Captain Swan is given such room to grow on the show, is handled elegantly and respectfully, and provides the most fulfilling payoff I have ever experienced in my many years of fangirling. They have had a natural sort of progression that has hit all the shipper sweet spots. They fulfill and subvert so many pairing tropes, it’s ridiculous (in a good way). I love how they conrtrast in so many different ways (Emma is light, Killian is dark), and yet they fit together so perfectly - yin and yang. They balance one another out. They are not perfect by any means and they know and accept that about each other. They are devoted to each other and aren’t afraid to express it. They kiss and they hug and they hold hands. They are affectionate and loving and fierce and determined and only ever bring out the best in each other. Shipping Captain Swan means I don’t have to imagine the simplest romantic gestures in my head because they actually exist for this pairing in canon. They are cheesy and sappy, yet strong and wonderful, and everything I’ve ever wanted out of a fictional romance. They are this absolutely epic romance, steeped in fairy tale and wonder and magic, and yet are so grounded in a sense of realism. The people behind Captain Swan (from the actors, to the writers, to the creators - hell, even the social media) are devoted to telling their story well and realistically and in a way that doesn’t deprive of a single damn thing. They are very much the golden standard - a ship of dreams. The type of OTP that any self-respecting shipper would be honored to love. They are the all-around perfect shipping package and shipping them is one of the easiest, most enjoyable experience a person can have.

kanto mom: completely dismisses her son until he becomes a hermit on a mountain top for 3 years, then she misses him

johto mom: ready to help at all times, will always mom her child, spoils child but doesn’t even know her own kid’s interests

hoenn mom: tired, done with Norman’s garbage, trusts that her child can take care of their self, wants child to deal with Norman

sinnoh mom: young at  heart, does contests and enjoys travel, loves her child and doesn’t want them to worry

unova mom: super supportive, outgoing ex-trainer, absolutely heartbroken over their missing child but tries to hide it

unova mom the sequel: gentle, always there for their kid, will always listen, great friendship with her child

kalos mom: famous, flirts with any attractive man, ran over her own husband with a rhyhorn and laughs about it 


Doodles from tonights stream! Trying to get back into the swing of drawing. Thanks for coming guys, and being so patient! I was really nervous to draw people again, especially in front of an audience, but I had a lot of fun!

(Sorry a couple are missing, I really don’t like how they came out, but I’ll revisit them!)

anonymous asked:

Weird thought: Shmi and her desert light saber. I feel like when fighting, Jedi always end up shoving their light saber at the floor. What if when a lightsaber touches sand, it becomes glass, like with lightning? So when you have these Jedi fighting and fucking shit up you have kids onsite later because OMG LOOK AT THE PRETTY LIGHTSABER GLASS (possibly stained with a dead Jedi's blood where the sand soles up said blood but wE DON'T TALK ABOUT THAT

Shmi would make the PRETTIEST blood-glass, at least. Or she would melt up a bunch of it “accidentally” and then SMASH HER OPPONENT’S FACE INTO IT, whichever. >> 

Did Furuta come out of nowhere?

So I decided to write this since there’s has been a lot of talk in regards to Furuta’s character and whether or not he’s unfairly involved with everything without proper explanation. In other words many have wonder if Furuta literally popped up randomly in one chapter and has been this major character without any explanation what so ever. So I decided to answer that question for you.

For starters. Let’s make a little roster containing all of his confirmed connections.

  • CCG
  • Washuu Clan
  • V
  • Sunlit garden
  • Clowns
  • Aogiri
  • Kanou
  • Ghoul Resturant

Okay now we can get started. Under the cut because it’s going to get pretty long

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Analysis: The trinity of The Force Awakens
I’ve seen rather heated debate in some sectors of the The Force Awakens fandom over what the ‘big three’ of the film is. The ‘big three’ is, of course, a thing because of the ‘big three’ of the ori…

A new post is up on Journal of the Star Wars! This time, it’s a new and improved look at the trinity of The Force Awakens!


Remember when Oliver teased Felicity about her terrible cooking but also sort of made fun of himself in what he used to say to criminals…

And it was adorable and fluffy and cute.

And later Felicity complains about how much food she’s been eating because of Oliver’s cooking.

Does it make you wonder what Felicity’s eating habits were like before they got together.

Was she a take out sort of person, or living off instant noodles and Kraft Dinner?

And maybe after they broke up, Oliver was really worried about her eating habits so he would sneak some of his homemade dishes into the loft or her car, with instructions on how to heat it up.

And at first, because she was made at him, she just threw everything into the freezer and ignored it.

But after a few weeks, she started to really miss him and miss his cooking. So she gives in.