I mean, damn I can’t even right now. I didn’t know I had a type until I saw Jensen Ackles for the first time.

Jensen is 110% attractive all day everyday.

These are the single most attractive pictures of him I have ever laid my eyes on.

Those green eyes, that hair, that scruff, those arms, those shoulders, that body. Good Lord Almighty.

Me: I should go to bed early so I can be a productive member of society.

Also me: *scrolling through fan fiction at 3 in the morning*

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When you and your future in-laws have similar tastes in interior decorating.

Simon Says / Jackady


How can I continue my tradition of making gifs creepy?

Nailed it.

Edit: OMG YOU GUYS!!!!  Spoilers for S2 below the cut…

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oh so like i think is a good time to tell you this, i have permission now

altho most of you dont live where i do ehehe still i promised so


so like you guys know that i do tradional art, right? i paint with oils

so well

next week im going to be exposing my art

like in a real gallery

for real

so im…veryexcitedandistillcantbelievethisisfreakinghugeanditmeansalotandokiwillshutup