Monday, May 30: Floor, “Forever Still”

Floor’s first album in over a decade came about largely as a result of the underground acclaim Steve Brooks experienced with his subsequent band Torche.  As such, it was hard not to view Oblation as a sibling (or at least cousin) to sludge metal masterpieces Meanderthal and Harmonicraft.  Floor was its own thing, but Brooks’ riffing and vocals were so uniquely his own that the distinction was almost immaterial.  “Forever Still” closed Oblation in typically pulverizing fashion, summarizing the previous 40 minutes of subterranean riffing and thunderous percussion with a short burst of sunny stoner energy. The song actually felt a bit looser than Torche, in large part due to Henry Wilson’s dexterous drums.  Still, the song was exactly the sort of pummeling fun we’d come to expect and enjoy from Brooks in any setting, charging along and juxtaposing super-intense riffery with a disarmingly sunny disposition, making “Forever Still” a worthy interlude between Torche records.

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1. SG Wannabe, Ok Ju Hyun - Page One
2. Shoko Nakagawa - Moeyo Gizamimi Pichu
3. Nightcore - Sua varten
4. Splatoon (Splatfest ost) - Now or Never
5. NOMA -  Brain Power
6. Knife Party - Bonfire
7. Eisbrecher - Fanatica
8. Pokemon movie 3 ost - Misty VS Molly 
9. Pokemon 1st movie theme (Finnish) 
10. Eisbrecher - Ohne Dich 

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Black Hole - Obsession




Baton Rouge - Walks like a woman

Baton Rouge was a glam rock/metal band from the US 😊 Walks Like A Woman is from their 1990 debut album Shake Your Soul 👍   


VICTORY - rock “n” roll kids forever (HQ)

Nevermind the buildup to the song, this is a goodie 👍  Victory is a German heavy metal band and they have been active since 1984 🤘 Rock “N” Roll Kids Forever is from their fifth studio album Temples Of Gold released in 1990