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Born To Be Wild by Steppenwolf is v killjoyish tbh

Hell… Yeah!

I believe (correct me if I am mistaken) that Steppenwolf were like the first band to use the term “heavy metal”, but then their image is… Eh… Probably not the first thing anyone would suspect. It pretty much sums up the way Killjoys look and sound.

What songs remind you of Danger Days?


Yesterday’s Kawaii Clown comin atcha!! Feelin ittttt🎪😘💖

Song: K.I.R.B.Y. - Kanji Kobayashi (SoundCloud)



@snazzarooofficial White Paint
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ohara mari :3c

looks: somewhat attractive | eh | not really my type | pretty | handsome | beautiful | gorgeous (aaaaaa i fell in love when i first saw her~)

can you relate to this character on a personal level?: no | not really | somewhat  | yes (I tend do mix languages when i talk as well ^^”  hahaha i also like heavy metal / rock tunes IT’S JOKE if If i wasn’t so shy i would probably act more like her X3) | they are me

would you date/be friends with this character in real life if they were real?: total bros | friends | best friends (it would be sooooo fun to talk to her ^^) | datefriend | neither | i don’t know




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Eluveitie - Slania’s Song


Ghost BC

My buddy John sent me this footage plus the merch and the items he acquired at last nights show with Deafhaven. I like the bottom “metropolis” rip off design t shirt. I can’t believe how big this band has gotten. I still remember seeing them play the roxy a few years back…. crazy



The Chase is Better than the Catch

live in 2000


Suidakra - Dead Man’s Reel