Slipknot To Perform Iowa In Its Entirety For First Time Ever

Slipknot To Perform Iowa In Its Entirety For First Time Ever

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  Amazing news for those attending Knotfest in San Bernardino next month… Slipknot will be performing Iowa in full for the first time ever! The ‘Knot have announced that they’ll be playing their incredible 2001 full-length in its entirety on September 25. Wow. The set will follow the Ozzfest day of Slipknot and Ozzy Osbourne’s collaborative Slipknot Meets Ozzfest – happening at the San Manuel…

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Track List : 1.月の影~夢~ / 2.影の虚海 / 3.瑞雲 / 4.祈華 / 5.五山 / 6.阿岸 / 7.蝕 / 8.黒麒麟

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Ship that needs more love:💖
      any ship involving lee imo. he’s often written off as the weird guy. i mean people even joke metal was budded off of him like a mushroom but like??? tbh??? lee would be such a good boyfriend he would love you more than anyone and support the fuck out of you.

Ship you’re curious about:👀

Ship that you used to have as an OTP:💙
      naruto/sasuke was my first otp in naruto but now i’m just like EEEHHHHH i’m indifferent. 


Ship that you secretly like:💚
     i actually love lee/sai tbh.

【コンピレーションCD「HEAVY CHAINS Vol.3」収録曲紹介】

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August 27

What happened today on august 27 in the world of rock and metal?

August 27,1991The debut studio album by the American rock band Pearl Jam, Ten” was released.

August 27, 2014 The fifteenth studio album by the American heavy metal band Riot, Unleash the Fire” was released.

August 27, 2007 The seventh studio album by the American death metal band Obituary, Xecutioner’s Return” was released.

August 27, 1980 “Ace of Spades” by British rock band Motörhead was released as a single and the title track to the album Ace of Spades.

August 27, 1990 Stevie Ray Vaughan dies in Helicopter Crash.

August 27, 1953 Canadian musician (guitarist of the Canadian rock band Rush) Alexandar Zivojinovich “Alex Lifeson was born.

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