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are some of the boys rock fans? whats wrong is somewhat rock inspiried and they even have rock verson of rhythm ta. ikon is very versatile, having songs ranging from slow ballads to hardcore hip hop and rock gems gosh i love them 😳

Hanbin and june both really like rock music! ☺ and Bobby once said that he likes any genre except for heavy metal. Hanbin also said that iKON is not only a hiphop group and that they’ll try out any music genre as long as it sounds good to them.

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PHARRELL WILLIAMS // HAPPY (Hard Rock / Metal Cover) Deniz & İzgi Gültekin

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Tuesday, February 28: X-Wild, “Can’t Tame the Wild”

X-Wild was a Running Wild adjunct in both spirit and sound: three members had done stints with Rolf Kasparek’s crew over the years, and they were apparently determined to prove that Rock ‘n’ Rolf wasn’t the only one who could write gonzo speed metal ragers with double-bass trashcan drumming, since So What! played like a sequel to Pile of Skulls.  “Can’t Tame the Wild” opened So What!, X-Wild’s first record, and after a strange and meandering intro, went straight to crushing skulls.  Frank Knight sounded more like Mark Tornillo than Rock ‘n’ Rolf, but Axel Morgan, Jens Becker and Stefan Schwarzmann all followed up on their time in Running Wild by essentially rewriting “Riding the Storm”, so this was basically a RW tune in all but name. Knight’s screeching was actually a bit of a distraction, and didn’t totally fit the speedy power metal roaring behind him, but the rest of the band kicked up such a racket that his limitations were easy to overlook.  Best of all, “Can’t Tame the Wild” was a fun metal anthem that came along at a time when the world was sadly short on such things.

I’m not gonna lie, I completely avoided St. Anger when i first got into Metallica because of all of the overwhelming negative reactions. However i recently caved in and gave it a listen, and honestly I’m loving a lot. It’s not exactly a perfect album, the snare is kind of ass and the lack of solos is a little odd, however neither of those aspects really took anything away from it. Overall, the songs are all heavy and aggressive as fuck and get me right into a head banging mood. A lot of it might be due to my own experiences, as I struggle with anger problems and other such things that this album touches on, and that’s the kind of mindset that’s almost required to enjoy this album. You can’t go into it expecting Master of Puppets quality or anything, the production was riddled with issues what with James’ rehab and how Jason focking left the band, and it obviously shows. But the Album isn’t really meant to be seen as super high-class or anything, it’s just about being pissed off and saying “fuck you” to the world pretty much. If you can’t stand anything past Justice or Puppets, that’s okay, don’t even bother with this album, it probably won’t click with you very well. However if you’re able to just turn your brain off for a bit and just want to let out some angst or just want to hear a gritty, nasty album, you should have no problem enjoying it.