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An important message. Now I personally don’t think TF2 is out to be sexist, because frankly they make fun of masculinity left and right. It just makes fun of that time period in general!

However, I’d like to see more from Zhanna, Yana, Bronislava, Miss Pauling, the Administrator, Heavy’s Mom, Scout’s Mom, Demoman’s Mom, Olivia and Maggie! (*cough*MaybeSomeFemMercs?*cough*) 

But quite simply, I just wanted to draw a quick Zhanna because she’s amazing, beautiful and crazy! I love her. 

Also I do ship her with Soldier. They’re one of my main OTPs. ≧◡≦

He’s 12.

With fine silver hair spun from silk and pretty grey eyes clear as little glass beads, and just as cold. His lips are always curved into the vaguest approximation of a smile, but it never seems to reach his eyes.

He doesn’t tell the vicious lies his previous caretakers had warned them about, but he doesn’t need really to - he’s creepy enough as it is. He trips over things that aren’t there, will suddenly scream for no reason at all, will drop everything he’s doing and run as if his life depends on it.

They’ve only had him for 2 weeks, and already they can barely stand him. Unfortunately, they can’t find anyone to push him off on yet. No one will consider it until they’ve done their minimum 4 months.

So when a man appears on their doorstep - handsome and tall, dressed in a smart black suit and silky silver hair brushed neatly back - and says he’s the boy’s maternal grandfather, says that he wants to take the boy off their hands for good, they don’t ask questions, don’t even hesitate.

They yell for the boy, jot down an address to mail the paperwork to, and wave the two off with way too much enthusiasm.

(It’s ten at night and the streets are deserted.

No one sees the man kneel down in front of the boy at the end of the driveway and ask him a single, whispered question.

No one sees the way the child’s eyes widen in shock and maybe a little fear, the way he seems to consider for a moment before giving a slow, decisive nod.

No one sees the way the man - handsome and tall, dressed in a smart black suit and silky silver hair brushed neatly back - disappears into thin air.

No one sees the way the boy is lifted slowly, gently into the air by an invisible force, the way he seems to sit, legs spread as if on the back of some giant beast, fingers curled as if threaded through silky white fur.

No one sees the boy disappear into the sticky warmth of the clear summer’s night.)

It’s exactly one week later that the police knock on their door, asking questions about 12-year-old Natsume Takashi.

“His grandfather took him a few days ago,” they respond, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. They’d sent the paperwork off the very next day. Surely the man had filled it out by now?

 The police officer’s expression grows suddenly cold.

“Natsume Takashi’s grandfathers are both dead,” he says.

They feel the blood turn to ice in their veins.

The police officers ask them to describe the man that had taken Natsume Takashi away.

“He was in his early forties,” they say, and it isn’t until the officers’ expressions grow tight with disapproval that they see the problem there. Early forties? Much too young to have a 12-year-old grandson. He’d have to be mid fifties at least.

The hurriedly go on to describe his attire. “The very picture of respectable!” they hurry to say, as if explaining away their oversight.

“What name did he give you?” the officers ask.

They think for a moment, trying to remember. They go over the whole interaction in their memories, from start to finish, and feel shame curdle in their stomach, averting their eyes awkwardly from the officers’ suspicious gazes.

“A man comes to take your ward away and you don’t even ask him for a name!?” the officer demands in outrage. He’s a father himself, and the complete disregard for a child’s safety angers him to no end.

The officer leaves then, outraged beyond belief and muttering to himself about getting an arrest warrant.

(And hundreds of kilometers away, a twelve-year-old child sleeps soundly on the back of a great white beast.

They’re lying in the middle of a sun drenched meadow, the sweet, heady scent of wildflowers hanging heavy in the air.

A woman in an elegant purple kimono sits nearby, smoking and chatting quietly with an enormous, horseheaded beast. Both cast occasional glances at the sleeping child, expressions fond.

Their sweet little flower child.

They can’t imagine the things he’s seen, the things he’s been through.

But he’s safe now.

And they will never let anything hurt him ever again.)

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Continuation from that post

Captain H’roll’ah Was very pleased with how the trend of hiring these “Family groups” of humans was going, reporting various levels of efficiency from %5 to even %40.

His crew was getting used to the presence of other species too, while they made for a strange, and brutish species, they were still rather intelligent, and hardy.

While searching for more groups to take on in maintenance, he came across a pair of ‘Siblings’, and while they weren’t on the list together, he hired them each individually. He would team them up together, or well, that was his intention.

But oh, did the trouble start when they arrived. Shouting, echoing through the ship halls. He had put them into a co-supervisor position in the engineering department, but H’roll’ah was reconsidering his choices.

“Ann, Mel, what seems to be the issue?” 

The first woman, a tall human, even by their own standards, flared up in rage. “Why would you bring that incompetent oaf on board! She is useless! Barely competent for even janitorial duties!”

Before H’roll’ah Could even attempt to mediate, the second woman, a stout, heavy set woman shouted back “ONE TIME! I Mistake a fuse for a fenevew drive compartment and I never hear the end of it!”


The captain, almost terrified with the incredible noise these humans were capable of making such loud sounds. 

Despite their impressive statures, he got between them and tried to speak above, “I think it would be best if you Mel of clan Richards, went on break! Ill be speaking to both of you!”

The staunch woman stormed off, making loud thuds as she trudged off.
“Do you mind telling me what was going on?” He directed to Ann, “I thought the Family units that the humans operate with were close?”

The woman sighed, pinched her brow in a frown and leant back against the wall. “Not all families get along.”
“But you grew up together? Does that not make for a tight bond?”
“Not in every case boss. She was favoured by my Parents, which can lead to issues.”
“What sort of issues? Your efficiency is down over fourty percent! I need the best out of every one of my crew!”
“These sorta things cant always be fixed, Maybe its best if I move to a different part of the ship, or maybe just drop me off at the next space port, I’ll grab another job”

With a sigh, he nodded. He never could quite understand humans. 
“Can you continue to supervise for now, I’ll go off to talk to your sibling”

She grunted and jutted her head up, a sign seen in most creatures as a threat, but to the humans, apparently a sign of acknowledgement.

H’roll’ah Entered the mess hall and sat beside Mel. He would try a human tactic for her.
“Hello Mel of Clan Richards-”

“Mel is fine” she interjected

“Sorry, Mel. Why are you and your siblings always attacking each other like the Gloraxes of Spicheil 9?”

With a shifty glance, the woman rolled her eyes, clearly not wanting to talk. 
“We never saw eye to eye. We went our seperate ways, and intended on not seeing each other again. we didnt think that the same ship would hired both of us.”
“I hired both of you, as most family units operate rather well together”

“Not all, in fact, many human families dont get a long. Its just the way it is.”

“Our species tends to work remarkably well together, but humans are always attacking each other. I understand you had millennia of war with each other” H’roll’ah had been looking into human history, as he wanted to understand them better.
“Yeah, its cause we are all very different. We may get angry at each other, and we may do some nasty things, but its what makes us all different, y’know? Its got its own strengths”

H’roll’ah Nodded in agreement, but he knew now he would have to seperate them “I think I understand. I’ll assign each to different parts. On your report it says you are proficient at navigation planning, would this suit you?”

Mel nodded, and Got up. “Ill head there now, thank  boss, I feel a bit cooler now”.

H’roll’ah Sighed, and shook his head. He was really starting to get interested in these creatures.

Sunday Funday (Finn Balor x Reader fluffy smut)

Alrighty, people! This is my first ever fanfic that I’m posting here! Hooray! Extra thanks and love to my girls @imagines–assemble and @alexispoo for helping me with this. Check them out!

Summary/idea - Maybe I could make a lazy sunday like fic with finn and reader but it eventually leads to sweet smut. A Sunday that he’s home and it’s all chill and stuff? Maybe like he makes you breakfast in bed just bc. And you repay him. In sex lmao idk

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Finn yawned, rubbing the sleep from his eyes as a ray of sun peeked through the blinds. He grumbled, sitting up only to glance to his right with a smile. There you were, fast asleep beside him in one of his old New Japan shirts. You lightly snored, your arm loosely draped around his hips and Finn couldn’t help his endearing smile as you curled closer to him in your sleep.

“Good mornin’, love…” Finn whispered, sweetly kissing your forehead while you slept. He admired your peaceful features, stroking your cheek with his thumb and you remained none the wiser.

Not wanting to disturb your slumber, Finn gingerly removed your arm and stealthily slinked out of bed. As much as he wanted to stay in bed all day, someone had to make breakfast and besides…What better surprise than breakfast in bed?

Clad in a loose vest and his boxers, Finn quietly left the room. He eased down the hallway to your kitchen to get some pancakes going. He washed his hands and dried them off before opening the fridge to get the batter. He took out a skillet from the cupboard and set out two plates on the island of the kitchen.

“Hmm… Why isn’t Y/n up yet?”, Finn wondered, turning on the stove and putting the skillet over the burner. The clock ticked away above his head from its place on the wall. 9:17 AM.

“Y/n?” he called, before grabbing the nearby spatula. “Y/n, time to get up, love!” Finn grinned as he heard you somehow manage to knock something over. “Guess breakfast will have to wait.” he mumbled as he turned the stove off and put the batter back in the fridge.

“I know she’s a heavy sleeper but this woman could sleep through the apocalypse…” Finn chuckled as he left the kitchen and walked back to your shared room.

You were still in bed but you’d turned in your sleep, shuffling over to Finn’s side of the mattress. It seemed that, while you moved around, you’d knocked the unsuspecting alarm clock off the bedside table.

Finn smiled fondly as you hugged his pillow. You’d managed to kick off the sheets in your tossing and Finn couldn’t help but notice how sexy you looked all rumpled and sleepy on his side of the bed. The “Prince is Dead” shirt you sported, from Finn’s days as Prince Devitt, had ridden up on you and Finn licked his lips. He drank you in, glancing from your exposed thighs and skimpy pajama shorts up to your hips, which peeked from where his shirt had ridden up, before moving to your peaceful features. Finn hummed, toeing off his slippers before crawling in behind you.

“Time to get up, baby…” he mumbled, kissing your neck as his hands trailed up your bare thighs. You made an incoherent sound as Finn’s warm fingers slipped under the shirt and splayed on your stomach. He chuckled when you squirmed and he nibbled on your pulse point, making all attempts to rouse you. You were still fast asleep, however, Finn’s actions were affecting your dream as you moaned when he began to rub your shoulders.

You were having a pretty uneventful dream, to your surprise, but enjoying said dream wasn’t in the cards as something kept trying to pull you from your sleep. You mumbled lowly, curling up to try and shy away from that incessant nudging.

“Mmn, Finnyyy…Don’t wanna wake up…” you slurred tiredly, trying to ignore Finn’s sweet words and soft kisses as his fingers worked their magic along your skin.

For all intents and purposes…you were fighting a losing battle.

‘Fuck, she’s so sexy…’ he kept thinking as his hands drifted towards the place where both of you wanted them to be. The kisses down your lower back and spine seemed to go on forever as his lips dragged down your body and towards the waistband of your pajama shorts. Your endless moans seemed to fuel him to keep going and, seeing as you were in a state of half-consciousness during this, you thought this was probably your most realistic wet dream ever. You didn’t really mind, though.

“Mmmn…Finn…Keep going, please…”, you whined as his hands came into contact with your wet folds, finally. As your hips started grinding into his hand, he chuckled.

“Awww, my darlin’s so wet for me now, isn’t she? Don’t worry…I’ll give you exactly what you need…”

He slid his hand out of your shorts and maneuvered you onto your back. The frustrated groan that came from your mouth was the only thing Finn needed to continue and soon, you felt a warm tongue glide between your legs with a beard scratching your thighs. You moaned, stirring enough to grasp at the hairs on his head which urged him to keep going. To Finn’s credit, you were barely coherent so most of your responses were out of you thinking this was all a dream.

Not that he was complaining.

Finn groaned at the feeling of you tugging on his hair, knowing that this was one of his few weaknesses. After a few seconds of administering his delicious torture on you, he used his left index and middle fingers to spread your folds open before he slid his right index finger inside of you, and then added his middle digit.

You jerked awake, opening your eyes to be welcomed with a glorious sight; your lover on his stomach, eyes fully trained on you and fingers working to only pleasure you. The pace he set was just right, and you could feel that coil in your body becoming tighter and tighter as he continued.

“God, Finn…You’re so good at this…”, you whined as you gave a rougher pull on his hair with an even firmer grip to keep him right where he was. His thick fingers skimmed over that one spot inside of you that made your back arch and had you releasing an erotic moan. “Please, Finny…Please make me cum. I really want to…” You were so close to reaching that ultimate bliss, to riding that wave of immense pleasure. You just needed one last push… 

Now, Finn wanted to really drag this out. He wanted to savour this lazy morning with you so, all of a sudden, the blissful sensations that his hands and mouth were causing ceased.

‘What the…What happened?’

You pried open your eyes to see a smug-looking Finn, licking the remnants of your essence off of his fingers and his lips.

“Finn!” you frowned. You were so close and he just…stopped. “You tease…I was almost…” you pouted at your Irishman, not taking his chuckles lightly as you rubbed the sleep from your eyes. “I admit it was a great way to wake up and all, Finn, but don’t just leave me hanging…”  

“Sorry, love but I’ve gotta finish makin’ breakfast for us. Those pancakes don’t just make themselves, y’know…”, Finn smirked, looking you right in the eyes as you squirmed around in your rumpled sheets. He climbed off of the bed ever so slowly and made his way towards the door.

‘That smug looking bastard! How could he?’

Your brows narrowed as you bunched your sheets in your hands ‘Okay. Two can play at this game!’ you thought. “Finn, you better get your ass back here and finish what you started or else I’ll finish off myself and make you watch!” Now you sported a smirk of your own, rather pleased with your ultimatum of sorts as Finn stared with an unreadable expression. He licked his lips, letting his gaze roam over your mostly covered form and you shivered under the intensity of his stare. He slowly walked back to the bed and stood at the foot of it.

“Well…I gotta say that does sound tempting, Y/n…” he trailed his finger along your exposed calf. “Sounds like a hell of a show.”

You flushed, realizing your bluff had backfired tremendously. ‘Well, shit. What’s he going to do now?’ Your body shivered at the thought of all the sinfully sweet things he could do to you throughout the entirety of the day.

He looked at you and drank in your appearance. Even though you had tousled hair, lust-blown eyes and were panting slightly, Finn loved you all the same. His movements in your direction contained his love for you, and the way he looked into your eyes as he straddled your legs had your mouth going dry. His hands moved up your body and cupped your jaw as he drew his lips to yours.

“Love, you’re gonna be the death of me one day, lookin’ all sexy an’ innocent like that. Makes me wonder how you got stuck with me in the first place…”, he says against your bottom lip as he lays you both down on the bed. He leans up onto his knees and starts to slip off his own pajama pants.

“Stop being such a sweety, Finnabon…You’re making me blush…” your voice was muffled from covering your already red face from his lusty and loving eyes. ‘He really loves me that much, doesn’t he?’ His next actions proved you right. So very right.

He grasped your slightly trembling hands and took them away from your still blushing face. You opened your eyes and looked down to see Finn’s already hard cock standing tall against his stomach. The tip was already a violent shade of red and oozing pre-cum down the shaft.

“I want you to know how much you mean to me, darlin’. I want to be the only one to bring you over that edge you so desperately crave.”, he growled in your ear, rubbing his dick in between your folds and against your clit. “You wanna cum right now, don’t you? You want me to make you feel good and make you cum all over my cock?”

“Yes, Finn, make love to me. I’m ready. Please, I need it.”

“Alright, darlin’. Anythin’ for you.”, Finn said as he slowly slid the head of his cock between your wet folds. You both moaned at the feeling; you at the feeling of his thickness, and him at the feeling of your tightness. He slid out of you until just his tip remained, and then slammed back up to the hilt. The pace that he set was slow, but you were urging him to go faster.

“Finn, baby, go faster. Please.”, you pleaded while yanking on his hair once again. He groaned yet again when this happened, but maintained his slow thrusting.

“Not yet, love,”, he spoke lustfully in your ear as he leaned down. “I’m gonna savour this, this morning and so are you.”

You whimpered when your lover said this, but let him continue his torturous acts. Finn lifted your legs onto his shoulders and kept on bottoming out inside of you. Your moans and scratches along his torso gave him permission to keep going. All the while, he continued to whisper sweet nothings into your ears.

“You feel that, darlin’? This is one of the reasons why I love you. You’re always so ready for me. We fit so perfectly together, it makes me realize how much I need you everyday. In my life, in our bed, I don’t care. I just crave you.”

You blushed yet again as you tried to turn your head away from Finn’s loving words and burning gaze. You could feel the coil in your lower abdomen tighten more and more. You wanted to hold off your orgasm until the right time, but that wasn’t helping. He saw what you were doing and immediately dropped a hand to start rubbing your sensitive clit.

“Oh no, Y/n. I’m not gonna have any of that today. We’re gonna cum, and we’re gonna do it together. I want to feel you. I need to. So please, do me a favor darlin, and look at me’. Cum with me…Do it now.”

You slowly removed your still red face from the pillows and looked your lover in the eye one final time. You saw love and adoration in his blown-out blue irises, and that was all you needed to let go. You moaned and arched your back as that coil inside of you snapped and your fluids dripped onto Finn’s cock. His whole body shuddered when he came inside of you, warmth quickly spreading throughout your body.

Finn removed his hand from your now over-sensitive clit and his softening cock out of your cunt. The feeling of being empty inside made you whimper, but his warm embrace surrounded you as he laid down next to you. Your bodies were a mess of entangled limbs and the room smelt of sweat and sex. It felt like you were home. You were at home with Finn but you quickly remembered something.

“Finn, baby. The pancakes are still downstairs and you still need to finish them.” you accentuated this with a gently poke to his chest. “Don’t want them to go to waste now, do we?”, you asked as you moved away from him and towards the door.

“Darlin’, you’re not going anywhere for the rest of the mornin’.” Finn smirked. “You better get your sexy ass back in this bed before I drag you back here.”, he said as he made his way to you. He picked you up and dropped you back onto the bed. “Now go back to sleep…”. You could hear his breathing slowly pan out from behind your back and his arms slowly slid around your waist as he slid closer to you. You smiled at your cuddly lover, who was wrapped around you this morning.

‘Best morning ever.’, you thought to yourself as your eyes closed, and you and Finn both drifted towards a wondrous sleep.


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So ever since the I read/watched the Popularity Poll Arc, I had been wanting Sorachi to delve more into Kyuubei and Tsukuyo’s dynamic. I already loved their friendship. He’d place hints of their similarities here and there - whenever there’d be a Gintama ladies-focused chapter, he’d subtly show that Tsukuyo, Sacchan, Tae, Kagura, and Kyuubei often get together and hang out. But I wanted more. And chapters 619-620 finally gave me what I wanted (I still want more since their bonding got unfairly interrupted when that Dakini injured Kyuubei, but I digress). 

Kyuubei and Tsukki both have complex relationships with “womanhood” and Japanese notions of classical femininity. Both of them have, in their respective ways, discarded themselves of it. Kyuubei was raised as a man because her wealthy family, that has served the Bakufu for generations, needed a male heir. Tsukuyo was convinced to cast off her femininity because a “traditionally feminine” woman could not protect other women. 

They both have physical scarring to show this symbolic separation. When Kyuubei sacrifices her eye to protect Tae, and when Tsukki scars her own face after Jiraia tells her to, they both detach themselves from femininity itself. Kyuubei then becomes the famed and prodigious young master of the Yagyuu household, and Tsukuyo becomes the vaunted, fear-inspiring leader of the Hyakka, the all-female combative force that protects the women of Yoshiwara. What’s interesting is that Tsukyuo also welcomes her subordinates into the Hyakka by scarring their faces - not only to protect them from getting caught, but also as another symbolic gesture, continuing what she began as a child. 

Notably, both Kyuubei and Tsukuyo discarded their femininity for two main purposes. The first and more emotional purpose was for the people they love. Kyuubei is in love with Tae, and claims that this is because she has the “heart” of a man, while Tsukuyo, who looks up to and respects Hinowa, wants to protect her from her position as a younger-sister figure. The second purpose, one that points to the self-sacrificing aspects of both of their personalities, was to please the adults in their lives. Now, of course, the circumstances surrounding their traumas are different. Kyuubei was raised in a loving albeit gravely misguided family - while her father and grandfather hurt her by imposing masculinity onto her, they also wanted to protect her. On the other hand, while Jiraia saw his little sister in Tsukuyo, his “love” was obsessive, abusive, and hypocritical. He coerced Tsukuyo into disfiguring her face and discarding her femininity. Though there is a grain of truth in the idea that these two women could not become respective leaders without denying themselves traditional femininity, since intrinsic to misogynistic stereotypes of femininity is the notion that women cannot be protectors, they can only be the protected, they still suffered at the hands of the selfishness of the adults in their lives. 

The way their gender manifests is different as well. It is important to keep in mind that the construction of femininity and of gender are context based. How Westerners conceive of as femininity isn’t necessarily the same thing as how the Japanese conceive of it. That is, thinking that Western terminology can automatically apply to Japanese people is unrealistic. So that being said, Sorachi will never use the word “nonbinary” to describe Kyuubei. However, given that Kyuubei herself has reconciled her gender as “neither man nor woman” and that she still dislikes being touched by men and prioritizes women in her life, it is safe to say that a term like “demigirl” could certainly apply to her. On the other hand, Tsukuyo still uses she/her pronouns for herself and calls herself a woman, but she does not think of herself as feminine. What she means is that she does not conform to the philosophical and emotional core of femininity. She smokes, she curses, she’s a protector, not someone who is protected, and she can’t handle her alcohol well. For her, it’s not about “looking” feminine but rather that she refuses to perform and practice femininity. 

Romantic love is also an interesting aspect of how Kyuubei and Tsukki try to break away from femininity. Both of them are in love - Kyuubei is in love with Tae, and Tsukki is in love with Gintoki. This presents them with difficulties. Kyuubei, despite being “masculine”, is still perceived as a woman by the most important people in her life, by her friends, and by people who know about the circumstances of her birth and childhood. Same-gender attraction, in the context of a town like Kabuki-Cho which operates on mostly heterosexual attraction to gain capital (sex work, host clubs, cabaret bars, etc), is not far-fetched but it’s still shielded and tends to be secretive. At first she reconciles this by saying that she has the “heart” of a man, but that stops working when she reveals to Tae that she wanted to be like the other girls and when the other main characters find out that she isn’t a man. Tsukki, who was told by Jiraia that she should cast of all notions of femininity, believes that loving a man will make her weak. Part of this is because of Jiraia’s abusive upbringing - Tsukuyo does not think about herself. She prioritizes everyone else above her, so she believes that being near Gintoki or even being friends with him will make her emotional and weak and soft. And in her line of work, it is dangerous to become weak. So she initially reconciles this by tamping her feelings down as much as she can, but that stops working when Hinowa and her friends find out and she actually becomes friends with the Yorozuya. 

What’s beautiful is that they both come to terms with their unrequited love. Both of them realize that it’s okay to love someone else and be friends with them. It’s okay to not necessarily get romantic love in return. Kyuubei and Tsukki know that Tae and Gintoki love them. While Kyuubei does not expect Tae to love her back romantically, she will always protect her and be there for her. And while Tsukki knows that Gintoki would not make a good partner, and that he doesn’t want romance in his life (that he is not the type of man who desires such a thing), she will always be his friend and fight by his side. They have made peace with this, and they aren’t ashamed of their feelings anymore, nor are they forcing themselves to hide, warp, or change them. They’ve both been honest with Tae and Gintoki, and their respective relationships have strengthened as a result. Kyuubei knows that it’s okay to be unabashedly herself, and that it’s okay to be a nonbinary woman who loves another woman, and that she doesn’t need to define her gender in a way that conforms to people’s expectations. Tsukki knows that it’s okay to love someone romantically, that it’s okay to rely on others from time to time, and that it’s okay to show weakness and to be the one who’s getting protection rather than doing the protecting for once. 

So to see them come together and fight side-by-side, reaffirming their “womanhoods”, is so empowering. Tsukuyo says “I will always be a woman” and Kyuubei says “after seeing you, I think that I’m glad I was born a woman”. This is the first time that both of them have acknowledged their respective positions in relation to womanhood. But they’ve done so in a positive way, instead of trying to discard their connections to womanhood. They have redefined and reconstructed womanhood/femininity to fit themselves. Tsukki can be a woman, but she doesn’t have to be feminine and she doesn’t have to do “feminine” things. Kyuubei can like her prioritization of woman and her inherent, natural comfort with other women, but she doesn’t have to identify as either a man OR a woman and she doesn’t have to be cis. In this way, they have affirmed each other’s womanhood and affirmed that neither of them have to be feminine or cis to be the women they were always meant to be. And that is the pinnacle of a beautiful w/w friendship, grounded in unique yet mutual experiences and understanding. 


“Fire Woman” by The Cult

Sonic Temple (1989)

Home, part eleven

Pairings: Peter Quill x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: mild language, angst

A/N: One last part left - epilogue 

Summary: Your best friend in the whole galaxy is coming to visit to help out with Thanos. When he arrives, Steve finds himself jealous of the close relationship Peter and you have. Will this stop the man from telling you how he feels? Will old feelings be brought up once Peter arrives? Does first love truly fade? 

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3   Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  Part 10    Part 11  Part 12 Epilogue

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Type O Negative - Christian Woman ( Full version )

There weren’t too many things that made Asami nervous.

She was fine with heights and the open ocean, with confined spaces and bugs, and a bunch of other common phobias that maybe should have bothered her, but didn’t.

Searching the classifieds for a date? Scary. Meeting up with said date? Horrifying.

…the restaurant was out of alcohol—fucking what.

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