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Fyodor arrives on set with his starbucks cup of coffee and a russian heavy metal band T-shirt

YES! Fyodor loves coffee because his family owns a coffee shop in Russia (his immediate family is wealthy). He loves music, arts and is a very good tattoo artist irl! in fact, he was the one to convince Asagiri to include the “Rat Logo” (Yes, why do you think the Rats is the only organization in the series with a LOGO! its because of Fyodor! XD) When Asagiri finally agreed, Fyodor asked if he put one on the cello.

Fyodor: can I draw the logo on cello-chan?

Asagiri: We are done talking

In the end, Fyodor put it on the cello’s back - thankfully at the back or Asagiri will lose his mind. Few days later, he started to sell t-shirts with the Rat Logo at the center and Dazai is his first customer.

back! muscles - ft. s.j.m male characters


Rowan : back muscles that could literally slice through stone. you touch his back, oh no look at that i’ve been impaled (probably by aelin’s sword). those back muscles are a work of god, but he’s very self-conscious of them?? who knows why

Aedion : those back muscles have you seeing the holy light from heaven. takes off his shirt from the collar, wiggling out of it, causing back muscles to r i p p l e. catches the light just right. holy smokes, you need jesus. forgive me lord, for i have sinned. (but i do not care)

Dorian : totally not human back muscles. dazayum daddy you been working out tho? softer than the fae male’s back muscles, but dazayum he still got them. swimmer’s body. making all dem ladies swoon. mr. steal yo girl back muscles

Chaol : wears sweaters. heavy shirts. sweatshirts too. his back muscles must not be seen. someone caught him shirtless (Nesryn) and has not yet stopped talking about the small cute moles he has on his shoulder blades

Fenrys : someone call 9-1-1 you’ve been impaled by the sheer muscle. why does he wear shirts? he looks better without shirts. 1-800-got-dem-muscles. work of art. take a picture it’ll last longer 

Connall : smol gay child. just like Fenrys, but doesn’t like to show them off. turtle-neck sweaters. muscles practically rip through shirt. “guys, we cant afford any more shirts!” 

Gavriel : Uncle-Kitty-Cat to Daddy-Kitty-Cat real quick. you can try not to look, but you will fail. tanned goodness. scars litter his back but dayumm don’t he look good?

Lorcan : you’re too short. everyone is too short. you have to crane your neck to even see his back muscles. grab a stool, one night show only. but once you see them, you’ve seen the face of Hellas himself. 1-800-them-muscles-ripple. 1-800-elide-passed-out. call 9-1-1 again. 

Vaughan : Connall’s #1 aesthetic. no one can see but Connie. “but babe it’s hot” “no babe, long sleeve, sorry not sorry” “i swear to gods”. back muscles save lives. you pray to them at night, for sweet dreams. 


Rhys : good lord jesus, god™bless™his™body™ yes©please©give©us©more. you try to hit on him and you see his back muscles and suddenly you’re dropping note cards “soryr ohmgod you ‘r just sO hawt soyrr”. Rhysand ‘never wear a shirt again’ High Lord of the Night Court 

Cassian : its a sin. its a plain right sin for those back muscles to exist. swimmer’s body 3.0. had to skip 2.0. heavy build, muscles everywhere, back muscles send you straight to hell. lickable™ use his back muscles for clickbait on youtube. god bless their existence. 

Azriel : smol baby be- OH MY GOD. takes off his shirt like twice a year. still somehow incredibly tanned. hates him scars™ everyone telling him he looks beautiful™ (everyone meaning gay!Rhys and gay!Cassian). blush somehow travels from his face to his back bc he is a smol bean. shadows even faint when azriel goes topless. “come on, guys” “you’re just so hot, let us touch you milord shadowsinger” 

Lucien : he must be protected. look at him in his beanies and jeans and sweaters. oh god, elain totally dressed and undressed him today. hoLY COW™ that one time and one time only Lucien had to take his shirt off. probably a wound on his chest. everyone was too busy staring at his back muscles to try to heal him. “um hello?? ive been impaled??” “Us too, Luci, us too” 

Tamlin : …

Yes please, like can this just happen now? Omg 😍