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Alice In Chains - Junkhead

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Name: Allison
Age: 18
Country: USA

I have been on tumblr for 4 years now and Have been successful in finding a few friends through the site, but I’m always ready to make more! I tend to be awkward and shy when you first talk to me though, so don’t be turned off if I seem distant or unsure.

I started out on tumblr following and posting stuff related to my favorite TV shows, but I have since lost interest in all of them. I now mostly post memes and aesthetic pictures that make me really happy.

I love music, art, and video games. My favorite music includes Panic! At The Disco, Glass Animals, and I am currently obsessed with The 1975. I also like a lot of broadway music. I am a nerd for good photography and/illustrations. I am also always ready to obsess over video games like Until Dawn, Heavy Rain, and Life Is Strange.

I am always looking for new obsessions so feel free to share your favorites with me! Can’t wait to talk to you!

Preferences: I’d prefer people ages 18-22. Other then that I’m not to picky, but please be open minded and respectful of my opinions and beliefs, even if you don’t agree.


White Zombie - Thunder Kiss ‘65


“November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses

Use Your Illusion I (1991)


Led Zeppelin - Fool In The Rain

“Regarding social media, I really don’t understand what appears to be the general population’s lack of concern over privacy issues in publicizing their entire lives on the Internet for others to see to such an extent… but hey it’s them, not me, so whatever.”

Axl Rose.

anonymous asked:

Hey Joey and Thomas! So you always post really creative and poetic things, but to be quite honest after following you blog I (and perhaps we) don't really know much about you! Do you mind maybe giving like 10 facts about yourselves? Sorry if this is creepy

This isn’t creepy at all!  This’ll actually be kinda interesting considering that we don’t really talk about ourselves

Joey’s Facts:

1. I’m in varsity track and field.  I live it and breathe it despite dying everyday

2. I think eyes are the most beautiful physical feature because it shows all emotion

3. I once tried writing a fantasy novel 8x but I never completed it

4. I love musicals.  My favorite one is “rent”

5. My favorite city is NYC.  I want to live there at least for awhile when I’m older and I’ve even got an apartment dream w/ Thomas

6. I’m a Cancer, I’ve got tons of emotions but I’m not good at expressing them

7. My aesthetic would be described as - warm coffee shops // jazz music // heavy rain // city lights- 

8. Yellow and white are my favorite colors.  Yellow symbolizes happiness, white symbolizes purity 

9. If I could have any super power it’d be wish making (haha super Cancer right) so that anything I wished would come true 

10. I’m striving to be more confident as a person and to have a better work ethic

Thomas’ Facts:

1. I get anxious so easily that this year when my orchestra teacher decided to do auditions for who could stay, I bargained with him and told him I’d switch to a completely different instrument (viola) if that meant I was able to avoid the audition process despite playing the violin for 11 years

2. When I was 7 I accidentally stole a mike-ike (candy) from a 711 and I pray to God every day for forgiveness 

3. My placement which I resonate the most with is my Capricorn Moon.  I have an earth imbalance, specifically with Taurus but my moon placement has told me so much about why I’ve become the overly-pragmatic victim of existential dread that I am today

4. If my aesthetic could be described via tv shows, it would be a fusion of season one of Scream Queens and season 3 (Coven) of American Horror Story (Ryan Murphy is second to God)

5. The first thing I ever came out to was my dog (as gay in 7th grade) and then the first human was actually only last year 

6. My original name was supposed to be Tiffany but it was switched to Thomas when my mother found out I was gonna be a boy (she really, I mean REALLY wanted a daughter)

7. The reason for this blog being made was actually because I had an astrology account earlier, but then my friend Audrey asked if I could babysit her blog @sagittariusastrology and tbh that was one of the highlights of my summer, answering astrology questions, reblogging nice content, and it inspired me to make my own with Joey 

8. My dream date would be super simple: getting milk tea with another guy and going to a kid’s playground and sitting on the swings to try and get to know more about each other 

9. I am a hoe for Harry Potter.  I am a Gryffindor and I have the scarf.  I literally love Harry Potter so much.  I spent about 250$ already on wands (Lord Voldemort’s, Sirius Black’s, Viktor Krum’s, Professor Dumbledore’s, and Luna Lovegood’s)

10.  I know some of y’all (tbh idek if its y’all or ya’ll) are gonna hate/judge me hella for this but I LOVE kpop, like, you have no idea I live and breathe it like I would literally skip a day of finals and drop by a letter grade in all my classes if it meant flying to korea and watching a Sistar or Wonder Girls or VIXX concert