heavy on the grind

I imagine a lot of the MT!Prom is robotics
So he’s literally grinding the bones in Proms wrists
And hes *heavy* so Prom cant get him off
Like he can see that the intent was to catch him off guard with the face
Its worked

And like imagine
Ardyn shooting the MT in the back of the head with Prom’s gun
‘Hope I didnt get the wrong one’
And that part of him was definitely still human

Prom half crying, half relieved because at least the decision was taken out of his hands
Ardyn threatening to dress one in Promptos clothes and send it back to the boys
Would it get a killshot in



anon requests:

Can you do an imagine where Cameron kisses you and is really touchy/clingy with you all the time and the guys tease him about it but you love it and think it’s cute? Thank you ilysm 💕💖

Hey love, Wondering if it was possible for you to write an imagine where you and Cameron have a heavy make out session where you give each other hickies, grind etc?

photo creds: couplenotes.tumblr.com


The setting sun cast a golden glow across your eyes as the end of the day drew near. You sat on the edge of the pool, swishing your toes into the cool water as you watched Cameron mess around with the guys. He’d invited a bunch of them over;  the Jack’s, Nash, and Aaron. The guys were tangled in the grass in a wrestling match that you couldn’t help but laugh at, and as they rolled through the greenery, you saw Cam’s head poke up to look at you. His big goofy grin spread across his face as he cheesed at you happily from across the garden, so you reciprocated the gesture. You heard him say something, and then untangle himself from the boys to come jog over to your side. He plopped down on the warm stone beside you, and dipped his own feet into the water.

“Hey gorgeous,” he said happily.

“Hey Cam,” you grinned, “having fun?”

“Mm,” he shrugged, “I think it’s more fun when I’m with you.”

He kicked his foot up, sending water droplets all over your legs, and looking pleased about it, too.

“Cameron!” you pouted and gave him a shove whilst you scooted away from him.

“Sorry, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity,” he chortled.”Now come back here, I wanna hold you.”

You raised your head and threw him a glare, trying not to break your angry facade.

“I know you can’t stay angry at me,” he teased.

Your face melted into a smile as you scooted back to his side, “Well, you’re right.”

You put your feet back in the water, bending your head down to stare at the crystal ripples across the surface of the pool. You saw Cameron’s wavering reflection in the water, his eyes on you as he noticed a stray hair in your face that he tucked gently away behind your ear.

“You’re really beautiful, but I like you better when you’re not just a reflection,” he said, signalling that he wanted your attention.

You giggled and raised your head, turning to lock eyes with Cameron. His big brown eyes held yours, his bronzed skin glowing under the light of the sun as he wrapped a warm arm around your waist. He bit at his round lower lip, his thumb gently caressing your back, but he only brought himself close enough to you that small gap lay between your mouth and his.

“Fine well if you’re not gonna kiss me,” you joked and pretended to pull away, causing Cameron to pull you forward and laugh into your lips. You brought your arms into a lock around his neck, Cameron’s hands holding your face to his as he molded his warm and soft lips gently into yours. He smelled like the freshly cut grass and he tasted like heaven, so much so that you found your chests pressed together, your nails digging into his skin as you urged him for more.

Suddenly, you were interrupted by a loud whistle, and out of nowhere a huge wave of water crashed over you and Cam. You stuttered and pulled your lips from his, wiping the water out of your eyes and turning to face four smug faced boys in the pool. The Jack’s, Aaron and Nash whooped at you from the water, “Sorry, did we interrupt you?” they called sarcastically.

You stuck your tongue out at them and folded your arms, “At least I have someone to kiss right now.”

Johnson shook out his blonde hair like a dog and swam at you, his hands grabbing at your exposed legs, “Say it again,” he dared.

Cameron kicked at Johnson’s shoulder with his own foot, “C’mon, give it a rest.”

Jack raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Can’t keep your hands off her for five minutes can you?”

“Don’t you get sick of him?” laughed Gilinsky.

Nash swam to the poolside and plopped down right between you and Cam, forcing you apart.

“Guys,” you smiled, eyeing Cameron, who’s cheeks were flared in embarrassment.

“I wonder what would’ve happened if we’d left Cameron for one more minute,” said Johnson.

“He was all over you, (Y/N),” Aaron added.

“I like him like that,” you smirked and extended your hand to Cam, who stared at it questioningly.

Nash grabbed your hand before he could take it, and laced his fingers right into yours. “Awh, look, we’re holding hands,” he sung out at Cameron.

Aaron and the others began swimming towards Cameron at the same time.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” you asked them.

“Stop,” Cameron hissed as Nash pushed him towards the water, the other boys dragging him down.

“Ca-” you started, but he just shook his head at you and let himself be tossed into the water with his shirt on.

When he came up, all the boys had exploded into laughter.

You threw them a glare and kicked Nash back into the water to shut him up.

Cameron hoisted himself out of the water, and began to slink away.

“Babe, wait up,” you called, offering him your dry towel. You were in your bikini, but you’d dried off a while ago, so you stuck your hand out, and Cameron took it halfheartedly. 

He tossed off his soaked shirt and looked himself over, “at least I had my swim shorts on.”

You pursed your lips and nodded, sighing a bit, “Sorry Cam.”

Cameron wrapped the plush white towel around himself, “Not your fault.”

He ran a hand through his brown-golden hair until he had it in place again, his deep brown eyes resting back on yours.

You smiled a bit and ran your fingers through his wet locks, “stray hair,” you smiled.

Cam chuckled sadly, his smile forced.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” you asked. “Please tell me those guys aren’t getting to you.”

Cameron flicked his tongue across his lips, his eyes flickering back to the guys, who were all watching you both.

“Oh come on, babe,” you laughed.

“They won’t stop getting on me being like this about you,” he sighed in frustration.

“I don’t mind, it’s cute” you said.

“But they piss me off so much,” he glared at them.

Your fingers grasped his jaw, making him look at you, “I love you so much,” you smiled wide.

“Am I too clingy?” he responded quietly, his eyes searching your face.

“I could never get enough of you,” you breathed seriously.

His lips twitched, “Your like a drug, (Y/N)”

You folded yourself into his arms, pecking him once, twice, three times. The water droplets sparkling on Cameron’s rippled chest were snuffed out by your skin on his. You moved your face from his, but his hand snapped up, bringing you back into his sugar sweet lips, his breath hot on your face as he paused for air before swooping back down on your mouth. You nipped at his lower lip, your eyes closing, hands moving to his soft hair and letting the sensation of his smooth lips pressing firmly to yours take you away. Cameron tilted his head, crashing his lips to yours for more, his tongue finding its way into your mouth easily. Your tongue slid between Cam’s lips, both your tongue’s fighting for dominance, a low growl rumbling hungrily within Cameron’s throat. You moaned quietly into him, your nails grabbing at his hair, his grip on you unbreakable.

It was Cameron who let go, his chest rising heavily, his lips satisfyingly raw. He brought his hands down onto your curved hips, a smile growing on his face.

“You know they’re all watching us?” you asked.

“Of course,” he smiled and turned you away from the boys, his lips finding your jaw. You bent into him, aware that every second he satisfied you, his eyes were right on the embarrassed boys in the pool. He groaned into your skin, sucking and nibbling at your jaw until he’d left his mark. You let the primal instinct in you take over, your back hitting the wall of the house and closing the space between your bodies. He wasn’t done with you yet, though. You bent your head to the side, Cameron’s hot lips back at your exposed neck and drawing noises of satisfaction from you. His body glued to yours, he held you pinned there, and began to grind his body gently into you, the rhythm of his body on yours matching the pace at which he worked his mouth on your skin.  Flustered and aroused, he detached his lips from your neck, leaving noticeable purple marks across your flesh.  You sighed in satisfaction, nuzzling your head into the crook of Cameron’s neck, one of his hands wrapped tight around your waist, the other holding your head to his sun kissed skin. Cameron ran his fingers through your tangles, dropping a kiss on the top of your head and lifting his head to the distanced boys, who stared dumbfounded at him, drool practically hanging from their open mouths. He threw them a smug expression and momentarily raised his hand to give them all the finger.

“We should go inside,” Cam mumbled faintly into your skin.

“Why?” you asked, raising your eyes to his mischievous ones.

“Because what I’m about to do to you would not be appropriate for the guys to see,” he chuckled.

Made my three hour break at work today worth it. Went to the gym, hit some weights, did some cardio, took the time to thoroughly stretch (especially my hips since my right hip flexor is so sore). Took a shower, ate well and made it through my 9 hour work day. 💪
Now the bf and I are hanging out and are about to watch TMNT 2 and eat smart pop! I get to chill out and sleep in tomorrow morning! Woo! 😄


Requested by @let-me-entice-you. Hope you enjoy it!

Summary: Dean is the omega!reader’s alpha, but hasn’t claimed her yet. A run in with a guy in a bar leads to a fight that ends with Dean needing to make a decision.

Warning: smut, a/b/o dynamics, knotting

Word Count: 2700ish

A/N: Been a while since I’ve written a/b/o, and it was so much fun! Hope you enjoy!

“Hey, can I buy you a drink?” The man is a few inches taller than you, with a strong jaw and classic features, but his smile is a little too leering for you to feel comfortable.

“No, thanks,” you answer politely, holding up your beer bottle to indicate that you already have one.

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Storm of Lust

It was obvious we weren’t meant to be forever, but that night our paths crossed and for a short moment we found one another. We found one another and yet I didn’t realise I was looking for her, but it’s when I saw her that I knew she was what I needed, I knew she was what I was searching for. The next day we would be strangers to one another, but that night we somehow found each other in what seemed like an endless sea of people. The next day we would be back to our normal lives, but that night nothing could stop us to have some fun. Everything about her was special and enthralling, she obviously wasn’t “perfect”, as if there is such thing, but she was for sure more remarkable than any other girl in the room. It wasn’t her look that immediately winded me, of course she was beautiful, but the first thing I caught about her was her scent as she passed by me at the bar. The usual cloud of smell in the club could not contain the gentle turmoil that was her aroma. The smog of alcohol and sweat was easily pierced by the soft ray of her fragrance. And as she passed by me a whiff of her aroma was casted on me, her sweet scent caressed my nose and grabbed me by the chin, my head had no other choice but to follow her silhouette in the crowd. She smelled delicious and flavourful, she smelled like love and passion, and she smelled sweet and somehow rough, all that at the same time. In no time her perfume drowned my mind with desire and burned my lungs with passion, I wasn’t sure what I was feeling anymore but for sure it felt good. After that, I had no other choice but to leave my drink there, I had no other choice but to leave my friend mid sentence here, I had no other choice but to follow her. I joined her on the dancefloor, took her by her hand and spun her toward me, she giggled and stared into my eyes. Spinning her around sent a gust of her fragrance that only charmed me more. Quickly we sweated and moved with passion and yet our clothes were still on.

After that everything else happened so fast, we talked, we danced, we drank, after that it didn’t take long before my mind began to spin. She proposed some shots and enchanted by the idea I followed her back to the bar. There she moved closer and closer to me, there I think I pulled her towards me, there she mentioned a discreet place for later. Before I could respond anything, we went back dancing. On the dancefloor, we could not leave one another and after dancing for a while she bit her lips and gave me a bewitching wink. Then, she left her friends there as she dragged me through the room, she dashed down some stairs and I followed her to another floor, then we flew across a calmer and less crowded room and we dove down some more stairs. We landed into a small and dark corridor, she turned to me and said with a mischievous smile that we should not be bothered here. But honestly, she could have brought me anywhere I would have followed her anyway, at this point I was completely under her spell. At the end of the long corridor she opened a door and invited me in. To this day, I’m still not sure who did what next, I’m still not sure what happened afterward or at least in what order. Next thing I remember was the intoxicating feeling of her lips stuck against mines. I could not let her go, her lips’ taste stayed on my tongue and her lipstick reddened my mouth as she took my breath away. A mere tease of her inebriating body and already I craved to lick more of her, I hungered to eat her, I thirsted of her juice and I demanded her moans. Even the few shots we took beforehand could not dull our senses. It seemed as if our outrageous lust sharpened our minds and controlled our bodies in this devilish act.

Our tongues latched on one another and caressed around in our mouths. It seemed as if our tongues like our bodies could not be separated. After all, we could not stop to touch and caress one another as we spun around the small bathroom. In an indecent whirlwind, I pinned her on the stall door, she straddled me on the seat, I bent her over the sink, she pushed me on the wall. We were in a continuous tempest of passion almost too small for the room to contain. After she pushed me on the wall, she latched her claws on my shirt and kissed my chest. Her crimson lipstick stained the white fabric of my shirt, she was obviously and lewdly marking her catch while unbuckling my belt.

Though our foreplay was long it was rushed, it was passionate but delicate, it was rough yet sweet, and somehow our foreplay was hot in that cold bathroom. Or so it seemed to us. Our foreplay could have been a few minutes or many it did not really matter. Time obviously did not stop for us but we surely did not want to waste any second, we wanted to use every minute we had with our bodies before getting caught. In an instant her mouth was on my crotch, she was tasting me through my underwear, passing her lips on my bulge and underlining my swelling with her tongue. Then, in a quick motion her fingers snatched my underwear down. I could hear her silently savour me as her lips lapped on my cock. Surprised by her mouth work I stutetered a ccurse as I closed my eyes. I could not see anything but I could feel her tongue trace my length and I could feel her saliva quickly coat my cock as her tongue coiled me. Once she got me to the hardness she wanted, once she filled her hunger, we quickly switched place on the wall. Swiftly I spread her legs apart and pulled down her pants. My hands dove into her panties while my mouth began to cover her breast. My teeth then pulled down her bra as my fingers slowly slid inside her. Once inside of her, I heard her swallow her saliva and let out a faint sigh of relief as she enjoyed the penetration of my roaming fingers. Then, my nose rubbed against her skin as my mouth caressed its way to her nipples, circling around her nipple I felt her push her breast in my face as she took a deep breath. At this moment, my fingers pushed deeper inside her as my palm pressed against her clit, there I felt that my warm hand on her sensitive button made her shiver as she slightly grasped my forearm. I let her take a moment before my fingers began to viciously pump in her and my palm began to rapidly quake on her sensitive clit. Quickly, her juice dripped on my hand as I devoured her breast. Nibbled and fingered she tighten her grip on my arm as she let small moans escape her mouth. Now, with my mouth all over her breast, I must say that her body felt like honey, a delectable nectar that stuck to my lips and rolled on my tongue. The warmth of her body made me forget the staleness and coldness of the bathroom atmosphere. After a while, my hand slid away and all my fingers latched to her body as my mouth went back to hers. My hands wanted to brush her silhouette, my fingers wanted to paint her curves as our lips coloured our mouths of her red lipstick. Her moans tamboured into my ears and the rhythm of her gasps mixed with the music to restlessly hit my eardrums. Even tough I was still rock hard I could have been satisfied with just stealing her some moans, but her mischievous eyes said that she had more plans for me. She then let herself fall into my arms and I lift her up as she wrapped herself around my hips. I pinned her to the wall and we continued to exchange some deep kisses as we grinded against each other. I could feel that her soaked panties could barely restrain my cock as the tip was beginning to push between her lips. The tempo of the grinding continued to be heavy and dirty and we both knew what we wanted next.

I let her down to her feet and we went to the sink. Her back to me I caressed some kisses on her neck as my hands stroked her figure. I then bent her over, or more like she bent herself over before I could do anything, anyway we both wanted that either way. I eagerly took protection from my pocket and quickly put it on, my cock was throbbing as I could barely wait to feel more of her. I gave her a little slap on her beautiful ass and pushed her dripping panties aside. Then I slid my cock up and down her wet lips as she backed her rear on me. I pushed the head in and we both let out a moan of solace as she began to slowly move her hips, her ass moving in circles while the head of my cock was barely pushed inside her.

She shivered as I rammed my cock into her. The pounding of my cock in her echoed in the room as the mirror trembled from the blasting music of the club. Her moistness made lewd noises and this mesmerizing sound covered the noise of the locked door that was shaking because some people were trying to get in. I honestly did not realise she locked the door behind, everything happened so fast. But, I did not give it more thoughts as now I pushed deeply into her, she was only stopped by the sink as she received inside of her all my cock. The walls were shaking and we could not tell what was causing it, the pounding music of the club or the fierce ramming of my cock that was rocking the sink on the wall. I continuously pushed into her as my whole cock pumped in her with ease and rapidity. My hips rammed and shoved my cock into her with harshness and strength as her panting and moans only enhanced the music. In a way, it seemed as if her breathing and quivering had matched perfectly with the beat of the music. Actually, it almost felt as if the loud and energic symphony of the club could only be background noise to her suggestive and provocative moans. She closed her eyes and she let out cries of pleasure as I slapped her ass and pounded her pussy some more. She looked at me in the mirror, not at me as a person but as a momentarily giver of pleasure, she seemed to have been happy with her catch as she slowly brushed her tongue across her lips. I gave more strength in my thrusts, using all she gave me to burry my cock. Her hips tuned my pace and pushed on my cock at the right moments, she made sure to have all of me in her, she made sure to use all my length while she shivered on it. If at this moment, we would not have been both so selfish, our act would have been so selfless to one another, but in a way the meaningless of our sex was dedicated. After all, we did not want our moment together to last forever but to be memorable. So, I kept fucking her senselessly, her face inches away of the mirror as she moaned and shivered under my shoves. With this heated sex her shameless pleasure made her icy reflection fluster. Her warm moaning breath crashed onto the dirtied and old mirror as steam began to cover it. She sang for some more and I gave it to her. Then, I felt her getting closer and closer. She let her head fall down and she tightly grabbed the sink in front of her as her legs began to quiver. But, I grabbed her hair while pummeling my cock into her, I then pulled her hair to make her see the lustful scene in our blurry reflection. Her whimpers quickly crescendoed and it did not take much more time before we both finished in a gale of moans and grunts.

I gave her a kiss on her back as I retired myself. We both slowly took back our breath for a moment. She readjusted her clothes as I threw the condom in the trash. We put back our clothes while exchanging satisfied grins to one another. Then, she came closer to me and stared into my eyes as she bit her lower lip. We both wanted an encore but at the same time we both needed to take some air after this tornado of passion. She kissed me one last time and turned toward the door, freezing me on place with a huge smile on my face. She unlocked the door and began to open it, but she stopped for a small moment, she slightly turned her face toward me but without looking at me, she seemed to have had a brief moment of hesitation but then she disappeared in the confused crowd waiting outside the door.


Scully feels the pull deep in her blood, the way monarchs know to return to the oyamels. The water. She must get back to the water.

It feels more honest, somehow, to mourn her daughter by the ocean, to wash her grief in the ancient, embryonic broth of the Atlantic. She’s always felt that this is where the real God lives; in the unbroken horizon, in the foam of the tide, in the salt and the sky. She has a crumble of coffin sand in her jacket pocket, a crunchy sprig of baby’s breath. Her cell phone is locked in the trunk.

She meant to walk into the surf, to cast these relics of her daughter’s stolen soul over the water, back to the seat of her ancestors, back with Ahab. But she’s got the stink of Fox Mulder on her now, and trouble sniffs her out.

It’s not her own Melissa, and it’s not her own child, but she saves them all the same.

On her last night, she wades into the sea under a blackout sky, the brackish heart of her father crashing against her ribs. Wind lifts her hair around her face, God’s playful fingers, or maybe Melissa’s. The water is ice cold, rough and clarifying, and Scully decides that after these Mulder years are over, these years of mutants and highways and dire, consuming love, she’ll be a doctor after all. She can’t give life. But she can preserve it. 

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elitist metalheads
  • what they think they sound like: *very educated on the history and subgenres of metal, seem impressive and intelligent*
  • what they actually sound like: lmao u listen to [insert random subgenre here]?? lmaooo poserrerr thats not even REAL METAL lol are u 12 REAL METALHEADS like ME only listen to dark blackened black extreme technical progrssive super grind porn core shit brutal stuff death heavy stone dog diddly doodly penis metal but i bet you dont even know what that is because its super underground and a POSER like YOU could never know that loool poser

anonymous asked:

What kind of foreplay would NCT like ;)

  Love Bites
  Slow Fingering
  Sensual Oral 

   Strip Shows
   Teasing Touches
   Heavy Petting
   Dirty Talk

  Sensual Massages
  Love bites
  Love bites
  Teasing Touches

  Heavy Making-Out

   Teasing Touches
   Heavy Making-Out
   Rough Fingering

   Teasing Touches
   Heavy Petting
   Teasing Touches

   Strip Shows
   Dirty Talk
   Dirty Talk

   Love Bites

Part 4 of the Matt-walking-in-on-andreil thing

**You all wanted it so who am I to say no????**

Matt was walking back to the dorms from a late study group. It was 11pm and he had been up since 5am, and was pretty sure his blood stream had been turned to coffee throughout the day. Honestly, all he wanted now was his bed and his best friend sleep.
Dan was having an all-girls night with Renee and Allison and honestly that was alright with him because as much as he loved her, he just didn’t have the energy for a night together.
It was Friday and the game had been canceled due to the fact the weather was so shitty the Foxes couldn’t fly out; so Andrew’s lot had drove down to Colombia and the upper-class men had divided- the girls to a movie and pampering night, and Matt to his books and the library since he needed all the cramming time he could get before the test on Monday.
His mind was so preoccupied as he crossed the car park to Fox Tower he didn’t he notice Andrew’s Masarati parked in its usual space as he passed by it.
He dragged his heels up the stairs, wishing they would get a fucking elevator already. From its place in his pocket, Matt’s phone chirped as a new text came through. Blinking his sleep-blurred eyes, Matt fished his phone out of his pocket as he plodded along the corridor towards his dorm. The text was from Aaron, quickly followed by one from Nicky, then Kevin.
Aaron: R u busy???
Nicky: Colombia bailed so u want 2 hang out 2nite with us???
Kevin: Not going to Colombia w the cousins and N- l8 nite practice???

Yawning, Matt paused outside his dorm door, texting them back.

To Aaron: yeah sleeping sorry
To Nicky: not 2nite - study group killed me
To Kevin: not 2nite - already dying. 2morrow nite though.

With that, he put his phone in his pocket, reaching for his key and unlocking his door. Only it wouldn’t unlock. It took Matt a few seconds to realise this was because it was already unlocked. As he pushed the door open he didn’t even realise it was the wrong door.
It wasn’t until it was too late his brain caught up and fired all the facts at him.
Andrew’s lot weren’t in Colombia; Andrew’s Masarati was in the carpark; Aaron and Nicky both wanted to hang out with him at the same time and so did Kevin; this wasn’t his dorm.
The beanbags on the floor instead of his couch were the second biggest give away to the fact he was in the wrong room. The biggest give away was the pair on one of those beanbags, the shorter blonde man straddling the redhead.
Matt was frozen. He thought for sure the two would hear him walk in on them for the fourth time that month, and he would quickly get his throat slit. But niether man so much as glanced in his direction.
He watched silently as Andrew and Neil made out on the bean bag, both men only in sweats, two pairs of arm bands discarded by the side of the seat. Matt could see all Neil’s scars and burns; Andrew’s pale pale skin.
Andrew began grinding against Neil, enticing a heavy moan Matt had previously never expected the man to make - the moan he had heard when he had walked in on them blowing had been a different tone and pitch to this one.
It was only when Andrew paused that Matt felt his heart skip into overdrive. He was so dead.
But the blonde man didn’t seem to notice him, instead focused solely on the redhead underneath him.
“Yes or no?” The man asked softly, so much softer than Matt had thought possible of him.
“Yes,” Neil replied, his tone completely wrecked.
With that, Andrew reached down and Matt bit his cheek hard when Andrew’s pale hand disappeared into Neil’s sweats. Neil moaned again, this one deeper, and Andrew kissed it into oblivion.
Unfrozen, Matt tip-toed back over the threshold of the room, pulling the door silently closed as he did.
Almost in a trance, he turned and walked down to his own door. He unlocked it and shut it behind himself, sinking down onto his sofa and staring into space.
On one hand he knew he shouldn’t have seen any of that and he knew beyond a doubt if either man found out, his breaths were limited. But on the other hand he was so, so happy for them - for them both to have found each other and to have such a strong bind and connection when he knew for a fact a year ago niether man had thought or believed in having that with anyone, never mind each other.

And he also knew there was no way he could sleep now after witnessing that.
So he took his phone out and texted the three back;

To Aaron: actually my schedule just freed up - any ideas?
To Nicky: changed my mind - ideas?
To Kevin: actually not dead - want 2 hang out w the cousins??

A minute or so later, the replies came back in.

Aaron: Katlyn says some friends are having a party- or a pub crawl??
Nicky: Katlyns friend is having a party off campus…? Also what changed ur mind???
Kevin: sure

Matt texted back.

To Aaron: party sounds gr8 - where?
To Nicky: sounds fun - want me 2 meet u guys there or on the way? & I don’t want 2 be killed in my sleep
To Kevin: :)

Aaron and Nicky texted him to meet them at the stadium, so he grabbed his keys and hurried out the room, down the corridor and stairs, trying not to pause or step too loudly outside the door next to his.

“So why would you get killed in your sleep if you stayed in your room tonight?” Nicky yelled close to Matt’s ear to be heard over the music in the club. It wasn’t Edens but it was still better than the alternative. Across the room, Kevin was getting drunk and Aaron had disappeared with a giggling Katlyn five minutes ago.
Matt looked over to Nicky at his side in the booth.
“Andrew and Neil!”
“What about them?”
Matt hesitated. “Promise not to rat me out?”
Now Nicky looked interested. “Cross my heart. Funerals are fucking expensive.”
“I walked in on them again because I opened your dorm door instead of mine!”
Nicky choked on his drink.
“You’re a dead man.”
“I know!” Matt shouted with a sigh. Beside him, Nicky patted his shoulder.
“I won’t tell of you don’t.”
Matt smiled over at the dark skinned back liner.

Ancient bones reveal girl's tough life in early Americas
Teenage mother who lived 12,000 years ago was malnourished but still roamed widely.

For more than 12,000 years, the adolescent girl’s bones lay deep in a Mexican cave. Now analysis of her skeleton is revealing details of her harsh existence in the early Americas — which probably included pregnancy and childbirth before death at a young age.

The bones show that the girl, whom researchers nicknamed Naia, is likely to have travelled long distances on foot, but didn’t carry much on her journeys. The skeleton also reveals that Naia experienced severe and repeated nutritional stress that scarred her bones and teeth, according to results presented on 30 March at a meeting of the Society for American Archaeology in Vancouver, Canada.

“She’s telling us a story,” says James Chatters, an archaeologist with Applied Paleoscience in Bothell, Washington, and principal investigator of the research on Naia, a project of Mexico’s National Institute of Anthropology and History in Mexico City. “It was a very hard life.”

Naia has already helped to illuminate the origins of the first Americans. In 2014, Chatters and his colleagues reported that her DNA confirms the idea that a single group of Asian emigrants gave rise to both the earliest American settlers and modern Native Americans1.

For that work, divers examined Naia in the water-filled cavern in the Yucatán Peninsula where she was discovered in 2007. But intruders subsequently tampered with her remains. To prevent further meddling, the bones were gently carried out of the cave in 2014 and 2016 — which also gave scientists easier access to the specimens.

Rail-skinny skeleton

Roughly half of Naia’s bones were recovered, including an intact skull, both arms and one leg, making her among the most complete of the handful of New World skeletons that are more than 12,000 years old. Her bones reveal a teenager aged 15–17 at her death, which was probably the result of a fall into the deep pit where she was found. She was “rail-skinny”, Chatters said, with one upper arm bone only as thick as his little finger.

Naia’s slight build might have been linked to nutritional stress. Her shin bone and knee are striped with lines etched by halting growth, perhaps as a result of too little food, or health problems — such as parasite infections — that prevented her from absorbing nutrients. Irregularities in her teeth reinforce the suggestion that her nutrition was “rather limited quite often”, Chatters says.

A small portion of Naia’s pelvis broke off when she plummeted into the pit, and was lost. But her remaining pelvic bones are pitted in a way often seen in young, slight woman who have given birth. That’s a strong indicator she had gone through labour, and the healing of the bone means that she gave birth well before her death, says Chatters, who is collaborating with scientists at the Autonomous University of of Yucatán in Mérida, Mexico.

Naia’s upper-arm muscles were not heavily developed, judging by the smoothness of the bones where those muscles were once attached. She didn’t routinely grind seeds, work animal skins or carry heavy loads — common tasks during her time. But Naia’s shin- and thighbone show that her legs were heavily muscled, meaning that she probably roamed widely over the landscape.

The team’s analysis was competent and thorough, says Gary Haynes, an archaeologist at the University of Nevada, Reno. He thinks Naia’s thinness might be due to “environmental changes of the time [that] were making life harder and harder by removing resources, or making them less dependable”.

“We get the sense that the lives of the first Americans were wonderful and easy,” Chatters says. “Well, it isn’t necessarily the case.”

We’ve Sinned

Summary: Yoongi is the devil and you are a guardian angel…. and in a twisted fate, you fall in love.

Genre: {Devil!Yoongi & GuardianAngel!Reader} Angst, Slight Smut

Warning: Near death, smutt-ish; heavy makeout, grinding, mentions of sex.

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You knew the name well. The name spoken often in Heaven and feared across the human world. Even now as you listened to a fellow angel speak about his latest havok reeked in the human world, you still felt that small part of your heart jumping and spreading with warmth. How you fell in love with the devil happened slowly and then all together.

Min Yoongi awaited you at the gates of Heaven’s doors. He was so warm, he was glowing. You were so confused by the blinding white that surrounded you and the wings that sprouted the boy’s back. He was eager, pulling you through the gates and skipping mindlessly through the clouds whilst dragging you along. He showed you how to forget your human life and live for what you were destined to be like he was: a guardian angel. It was centuries ago and even more had passed until he became selfish and you fell in love with him. He was tired of living as an immortal, tired of always doing what’s right and following orders from a faceless man. Yoongi wanted more and he begged you to help him achieve more. But you were confused. The life you lived was one so many human’s wished to be in their afterlife. Why wouldn’t you want to be an angel? Why wouldn’t you want to guard someone’s life?

Yoongi didn’t understand you and you didn’t understand him.

That’s when everything fell apart for you.

An angel had escaped. Escaped? Such a word could not be used for someone choosing to leave an actual Heaven. There was nothing to escape from, this life was worth staying for, but Yoongi left anyway. He was deemed a fallen angel, a lost soul in which couldn’t be brought back to the light. Yoongi chose to run into the dark, but here you were; centuries later and you still couldn’t comprehend that Min Yoongi, your Min Yoongi… was the devil himself.

“Jimin.” You spoke softly, but abruptly to stop the angel in front of you from speaking. You felt your wings begin to ache, a signal you knew all to well. “I have to go, I think he’s in trouble.”

Jimin understood quickly and stopped his rambling. He placed a warm and soft hand on your arm, his gorgeous smile spreading his features as he spoke. “Go save his life, Y/N.”

You smiled too, then set off the cloud, flying to the city you had visited numerous times in the past twenty years. As you reached further into the human world, you could see the night sky shining over the lit city.

You landed on your feet smoothly, looking over at where you felt that he might be. You gasped upon seeing a car slowly sinking into the water and your wings began to ache horribly. His life was slipping away.

You wasted no time in diving into the sea, punching the water away as you did so. You were next to the driver’s seat and you could see clearly that he was unconscious. His brown hair floated around him, no bubbles surrounded his mouth or nose. You gripped onto the seatbelt through the open window, yanking it off quickly before gripping the boy’s shoulders through his jean jacket. You lifted him easily and began swimming back to the surface as your wings were piercing an agonzing pain throughout your whole body. You could always rely on your wings to bring you comfort and understanding even towards the human you were to protect, but now all it brought you was pain and discomfort because of the human you guarded. You flew out of the water at a remarkable speed until you hit the pavement with your two feet. You set the boy down, immediately pumping his chest as you fell to your knees.

Panic slowly rose when he gave no response and you pumped harder. This human had to make it, he just had to.

Finally, after long minutes of continuisly pumping his chest, the boy’s head lifted and he coughed an immense amount of water. You could hear sirens begin to wail in the distance, but you kept your focus on the boy who was slowly waking up.

He looked around groggily, and as if noticing the way his clothes and hair stuck to him, his body jolted upright and he turned towards you. The sirens were getting closer now, but it didn’t matter. No one but the boy could see you anyway.

The boy’s chocolate eyes widened when they settled on you, his eyeline directing towards the prominent white wings on your back. His mouth fell open and his mind reeled with questions that came to him a million miles a minute.

You spoke before him, knowing he was confused and that your presence was one out a dream.

“I’m so happy you are alive, Jungkook.” Your arms wrapped around the boy, bringing him towards you in a warm hug. Jungkook’s eyes widened further as he looked over your shoulder and to his car that was half way through the water by now.


“It’s okay, Jungkook.” You smiled down at him as you let him go. You saw flashing lights in the corner of your eyes and you knew it was time for you to go. Jungkook stared up at you, bewildered and unashamedly looking at you from head to toe in complete awe and confusion. “I’m your guardian angel,” you answered the unspoken question. “No, this isn’t a dream and yes, I am very much real and I just saved your life.” Still, even after your reassuring words, the boy seemed shocked by your voice and overall appearance, but he still managed to speak.

“What’s your name?”

His voice was one you heard of many times, and you heard it evolve through puberty. Your smile widened and you brought your hand in front of yourself. Jungkook took it, never missing how even as you were wet- your hand was still incredibly warm.

“Y/N,” you answered the boy. His eyes softened on you, and you could tell he had so much more to say but the human saviors were already walking towards you. You hugged Jungkook quickly before he could say anything and then you gave him a kiss on the cheek.

The kiss was a symbol that you had visited him once, but the next time he would sleep and then awaken- he would not remember you. It ensured the safety and secret of angels, and you respected it.

You stepped away from Jungkook, memorizing his face because you hoped you didn’t have to stand this close to him again, at least not for such reasons as saving his life.

“Goodbye, Jungkook.”

You turned, beginning to walk away from the scene and Jungkook wanted to run after you, but paramedics and police officers surrounded him in seconds and you disappeared before he could blink.

You were flying back home when you saw him. Smiling up at you from the rooftop of a building. It was by chance that you looked down and saw his sinister smile, and your flying stopped at once. His appearance was completely different than what you remembered, but you knew by the way your heart fluttered that it was in fact him.

When you landed on the rooftop, you let your eyes wander to the suit he wore. It was different than the all white one you had last seen him in. Under his red embroided blazer was a pure black button-up and dress pants, but that wasn’t what shocked you the most. His once plantinum hair- which every angel had regardless of skin tone or previous life- was black. A dark and menacing black that had your skin crawling at the sight of it.

You both now stood on opposite ends of the roof, but he wasted no time in taking long strides towards you. You hated the way his smirk was so evil and heavy, different than the happy and light smile he wore all those years ago.

“Min Yoongi.” Your breath was rushed, and your words shook as you spoke the devil’s name. Yoongi’s smirk widened, but he didn’t stop his walking until he stood within arms length of you.

“Hello, my little angel. Good job by the way, poor boy would have died if you hadn’t shown up, but like always; Y/N can’t let a sad mortal’s life go to waste.”

Your blood boiled at his words, but you weren’t one to burst. “Did you do that to his car?” Sudden realization hit you and Yoongi nodded in confirtmation.

“I had to get you to come see me somehow, darling.”

His words, as effecting to your heart as they were, sent a cold shiver down your spine. “You are just as sick as they say,” you commented with little remorse in your voice. Yoongi didn’t seem the least effected by your words and instead took your bitter words as an invitation for him to come closer to you. You instinctively took a step back to which he just chuckled.

“Miss me, angel?”

You were quick to shake your head, now glaring at Yoongi openly. “Never.”

“Aww, but I missed you Y/N.”

He was so different than you remembered. He used to be glowing, playful, charming, and sweet. Now he seemed wicked with different tricks up his sleeve. You weren’t sure why you were even still standing in front of him, this conversation might as well should be considered such a sin and angels don’t sin. At least not before Yoongi.

“It’s been 236 years, haven’t you longed for me baby?”

“Do not speak to me as if you were anything to me. Now, why did you want to get my attention?”

Your words made Yoongi’s eyes visibly darken, anger and sadness pooling into his irises. You were startled when Yoongi’s freezing hand collided with your forearm and you were suddenly being tugged towards him. Anyone else would have melted in fear by now, but you stood your ground; showing Yoongi that he was the one who left and it should be you who was angry. Yoongi’s smirk returned, his face now only centimeters from yours.

“But don’t you remember all those sweet memories we shared baby? Surely 301 years together doesn’t go forgotten over night. Did you cry when I left?” Yoongi’s hold on you tightened with each words and you didn’t wince once. “Were you angry like you are now?”

You turned your head away from Yoongi, you were done with this conversation and him, and you just wished to leave now.

“Tell me, Y/N. What does it feel like to get that angry? To feel like you’re about to snap? Are you feeling like that right now?”

You turned your face back to Yoongi, trying to conceal your emotions, but angels always wore them on their sleeves and Yoongi was quick to read you. His eyes were still dark, and his smirk was still as sinister as ever while his hold tightened even more.

“Feel the anger, Y/N. Let it out. Let it control you-”

You grunted as you released yourself from Yoongi and pushed him with all your might. Yoongi stumbled, but he wasn’t shocked by your actions, he was instead; amused.

“I’m leaving.” You spun as you said those words and faced the edge of the rooftop. Your wings heightened and you were ready to fly away when the harsh grip on your arm returned and you were being spun to face Yoongi again. His smirk was erased and he held an angry frown towards you.

“I didn’t say you could leave me.”

Yoongi spun at once and dragged you behind him. His hand waved in front of him in a movement you weren’t familiar with. A swirling source of wind erupted just ahead and you squinted at the sight. A dark portal stood where Yoongi previously was minutes ago, and you already knew Yoongi’s plan. You began fighting against the man, but it was no use. You were being thrown into the portal before you could escape and the dark magic closed behind Yoongi.

You had landed harshly on your knees while Yoongi stared down at you from where he stood. You quickly rose and took in your surroundings. A dark room that was large in width. It looked like a luxurious penthouse, and by the view from a large glass window behind the king sized bed, you knew it was. You were no longer in the city you had saved Jungkook in. The city was brighter and busier, but the night sky was just as dark as the previous one. You turned back towards Yoongi, who was now smiling at you.

The smile you had remembered from so long ago. The one you fell in love with centuries ago, was now spread across his face as if it hadn’t disappeared with your love.

“Sit down.”

You looked at Yoongi as you slowly walked towards the bed. You sat yourself at the edge, hating how submissive you were under his spell.

Yoongi came to stand in front of you, his eyes lingering on your large wings. “You’re so pure, Y/N. You always have been.” Yoongi’s hand came towards your cheek and you turned your face away. It didn’t stop Yoongi from finding and caressing the side of your face with his fingers. “I really have missed you, angel.”

You cringed, and Yoongi noticed. An angry hiss escaped his lips and he gripped harshly onto your shoulders. He brought you down, making you lay on the bed with your legs hanging over the edge. His knees were resting on either side of you and you looked up at him with startled eyes.

“So pure, my love,” Yoongi cooed. His eyes weren’t the same dark they were before. The anger and saddness was replaced by lust and want. Lust and want for you. You began to struggle against Yoongi, but it came to no avail and only made the man grip your shoulders harder. “Look at me, Y/N.”

You willed yourself to look at him in the face, but your eyes didn’t connect with his until Yoongi snarled at you. Your glowing irsises immediately matched his dark ones and he smiled in triumph. You opened your mouth to say something, anything, but you were cut off when dark black wings sprouted from behind Yoongi’s back and englufed around both of your forms.

They were incredibly black, but they were the same wings you remembered. You had mesmerized the details in Yoongi’s used to be white wings from the time you spent together, and despite the different color; they didn’t look much different.

“Like what you see, baby?”

Your eyes snapped back to Yoongi who had been in the midst of staring at your agape mouth. You wanted to respond to Yoongi, you wanted to tell him how ugly he let himself and his wings turn into, but you couldn’t find the words.

No matter how dark Yoongi’s hair, eyes, wings, or personality was; he was still so beautiful. He reeled you in with so much force, you forced yourself to remember all the bad things Yoongi has done and fear slowly began to replace whatever little lust you felt for the man.

Yoongi, again, noticed the change in your demeanor and the grip on your shoulders loosened slightly. “Don’t fear me, Y/N.”

“I don’t fear heartless people,” you responded. Your voice was quiet, and upon hearing it; Yoongi’s eyes closed briefly. He took in your words, the sound of your angelic voice and he smiled fondly.

“Kiss me, Y/N.” Yoongi’s eyes opened to see your reaction, but he was only met with a blank stare. You weren’t able to comprehend his demand before Yoongi brought his lips onto yours, an action that only happened once before, on the night before Yoongi left Heaven. You felt his lips part over your unmoving ones and his tongue was slowly pressed on your bottom lip. You shut your eyes, a poor choice on your part as your lips parted slightly, giving Yoongi the space he needed to shove his tongue into your mouth.

A low moan vibrated from the back of Yoongi’s throat as he explored your mouth greedily. The sound coming from Yoongi made you put your rational thoughts aside and you began wrapping yourself around Yoongi as you slowly responded to his movements.

Your arms wrapped around Yoongi’s neck as your legs rose and you encircled them around Yoongi’s waist. Another moan came from Yoongi when you began kissing him back effortlessly. Your hands moved from the back of his neck to entangle in his hair and you felt yourself being slid towards the top of the bed. Yoongi lifted your shoulders and then dropped your head on the pillows on the top of the bed. You sighed into the kiss, letting yourself finally miss Yoongi after denying it for the last half hour. Your grip around Yoongi’s waist instincitvely tightened and Yoongi’s hard member was being pushed onto you.

You both moaned, enjoying the feeling you both gave each other. Yoongi released himself from you and a whine escaped your lips before you could stop the embarrassing act. Yoongi loved it though, and he pushed himself further onto you. You moaned at the applied pressure, already feeling yourself becoming wet for him.

“Yoongi, I love you.” You couldn’t help the words and you didn’t regret them one bit. You have loved Yoongi for so long, you had to say it now before he left you once again. Yoongi pushed himself further away from you, but you made no move to bring him back. He took a couple seconds to look into your eyes, to see the sincerity behind your words before he pushed himself back onto you and your lips reconnected hastily.

It wasn’t until minutes later, after both your clothes were torn off and Yoongi had been comfortably thrusting in and out of you that he finally said those three words you waited so long for. After that, the night was filled with whispered lustful words and chanted names, needy touches and repeated ’I love you’s’ or ’I miss you’s’.

You shifted comfortably in your sleep the next morning and moved yourself closer into the touch of Yoongi. You smiled in delight, ignoring the sun that shined brightly through the glass window as you took in every second you were with Yoongi. You were happy to wake up and find out that the night before was definitely not a dream, and you had in fact made passionate love to Yoongi that lasted for hours.

“Good morning, my love.”

You opened your eyes, and looked up at Yoongi. He looked down at you with warmth, and took in your more than angelic face. He let his eyes loom over your figure before he looked at your wings, and then he was jumping at the sight of them. You shifted off of your hold on Yoongi’s waist and looked at him in confusion as you sat up. His eyes weren’t on you though, but trained harshly on something behind you. You turned, looking instincitvely at your wings when a gasp left your wings.

Your once all white wings were painted red at the tips of every feather.

You looked back at Yoongi who looked just as shocked as you were when your eyes roamed towards his own wings. “Yoongi,” you breathed.

Yoongi’s head snapped towards his wings, a gold color was now clear on the tips of his wings. “We’ve sinned,” Yoongi declared. He looked back at you, afraid of your reaction. He knew how happy you were of being an angel, this meant you were an outcast; like him.

Yoongi,” you repeated his name barely above a whisper. Yoongi reached out to you quickly, clasping his arms around your neck and bringing you towards him. The impact of what you had done last night suddenly hit you, but that wasn’t what surprised you. What surprised you was how you felt about sleeping with the devil; nothing.

“I love you, Min Yoongi.” You let your heart carry out your words as your head rested on Yoongi’s exposed chest. Yoongi smiled above you, bringing his lips to connect to your forehead briefly. “Please don’t leave me again,” you voiced your worries.

Yoongi chuckled, and you felt the vibrations from his chest.

“I will never leave you, my angel.”

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I saw you were aking promps. How about for Otayuri, #23, the things you said while we were stuck in an elevator.

23. things you said [while we were stuck in an elevator]

“Do you think I can climb out of the ceiling like they do in the movies?”

Otabek sighs, “No, Yura. I don’t think you can do that.”

“Why not? That’s the point of the little tiles, right?”

“I don’t know, Yura. I definitely don’t think you climbing on top of the elevator is a good idea, though.”

Otabek is really good at keeping a level head in situations like this. Yuri, however, is not. They’ve been stuck in this box for about an hour now, and all he wants is to get out. He’s not feeling claustrophobic or anything, but it’s uh, it’s getting there. Otabek can never know this.

“Otabek, do you think they know we’re here?”

“You heard me talking on the emergency phone. They know we’re here.”

“Okay, but do they know where here is? You didn’t talk for very long.”

“Look, I’m not saying you’re being stupid, but there are only two directions this elevator can go. Do you know those directions?”

“…up and down?”

“Up and down.”

Fair enough.

“But what if the elevator breaks more before they get here? Beka, what if we fall? I ONLY HAVE THREE GOLD MEDALS, BEKA. I CAN’T DIE YET.”

Otabek grabs Yuri by the shoulders, and the tension immediately drains away from his body.

“Yura, I love you, but now you really are being stupid.”

Yuri hears the heavy metallic screech of gears grinding to a stop and it takes him a brief moment to figure out that the sound is coming from inside his head rather than the death trap they’re currently suspended in. Otabek must have heard them too, because he’s completely still and deathly pale.


“I uhhh-“

The emergency phone rings and Otabek dives for it.

The Visit

“M’am, don’t forget your drink.” The man that you just sat next to for hours hands you your coffee that is too cool to drink.

You take the drink, smiling and saying ‘thanks’, and then walking off the plane, knowing that you will have to be sneaky and throw the cup away as soon as possible. You find a trash can, and you luckily dump it into the black can before the older man noticed. You head to the bathroom to go pee.

When you come out, there’s a man with a sign that has your name on it. He’s got your pink suitcase next to him. How’d he get it so fast?

You walk over to him and introduce yourself. You find out his name is Leo, and he has a little bit of an accent, but you can’t put your finger on it. He guides you outside to his black car, pulling your suitcase along the whole time.

Buzz. Buzz.

You pull your phone out of your back pocket, and it’s Tom.

‘You landed?’

‘Yeah. See you in a bit ;)’

You debate on whether the winky face was a good idea or not. You and Tom haven’t talked since that damn night. You waited for him to call the next day, but he never did. You just got emailed a plane ticket to Vancouver, and you couldn’t pass up the trip.

The whole ride to the set, your heart is pounding in your chest. Leo asks you questions along the way, but your answers are short and undetailed.

The sun is shining through the cloudy sky, and you put the window down and let the air hit your face. Compared to California, the weather here in Canada is perfect. The cool breeze blowing through your hair makes you smile.

You watch as the car passes through a few gates, completely guarded, and you feel like you’re taken to another world. The set is spectacular, and it makes you even more excited to see Chaos Walking. You’ve been dying to read it, but Tom won’t let you. He wants the story to be a surprise.

“Alright miss, this is where you get out! I’ll take your suitcase to Mr. Holland’s trailer. Have fun.” You give Leo a smile and open the door.

You’re kind of confused when you look up and see a big brick building in front of you. You see people walking in and out, so you assume this is where you are supposed to be. You walk in and find a nice lady sitting behind a counter.

“Hi, um I think I’m supposed to be here, but I honestly have no idea.” You giggle, and she gives you a sweet smile.

“What’s your name, sweetie?” You tell her, and she looks down at a clipboard.

“Alright, you’re supposed to just go right around the corner.”

You thank her and go down the hallway that she pointed to, and you end up in a large, open room that is white from floor to ceiling. In the middle of the room there is a boxing ring, and you focus on the two men in the middle. Tom and his trainer.

You watch as his muscular arms are flexing full force as he punches the pads on his trainer’s hands in a rhythmic fashion. His tank top slides up with every swing, his low rise sweat shorts showing off just the tip of that V.

Sweat is dripping down his face, his muscles are glistening and you realize you’ve been staring too long. You blink a few times and find a chair in the corner, sitting down and laying your purse on the ground.

It almost looks like he’s in slow motion, and you’re just in awe as his jaw tightens with concentration. You start to feel yourself sweating and then your heart stops as Tom looks over at you, his mouth turning into a smile.

“Babe!” He rips his gloves off and slides through the bands surrounding the ring and runs towards you, picking you up and swinging you in a circle. He puts you down and gives you a kiss on the cheek.

“I missed you so much, Tom.” You wrap your arms around his neck and pull him to you, not caring how sweaty he is. You haven’t felt his touch in too long and you don’t want to let him go.

You let him go and he grabs his water bottle and says goodbye to his trainer. He leads you outside the building and he takes your hand in yours.

“You want to take a walk? We could get someone to drive us back to my trailer if you don’t want.” His moustache and beard have grown even more than you imagined, and it’s throwing you off in a good way.

“No, let’s walk. The weather here is amazing.”

You two walk down the long path, talking all about your at-the-moment separate lives. You tell Tom all about your new job and how your family is doing, and he tells you all about his travels and how the movie is going. You could walk with him forever.

After about 20 minutes, you end up in front of a white trailer with TOM HOLLAND plastered on the door. He opens the door and you look around and are shocked by how spacy the place is. It’s like one of those tiny houses you see on TV. You could totally survive in this space.

You sit down on the couch in the middle of the main space, and Tom says he’s going to get a shower. You turn on the TV and see that Civil War is on. How ironic. You click on the movie and laugh as “QUEENS” comes across the screen. This could not be any funnier.

You watch as your boyfriend pops on the screen and you can’t believe how far he’s come. A small London boy turned red hot superhero. You wish puberty hit you that hard.

Robert Downey Jr. goes on screen, and you remember the time that Tom introduced you to him. It was behind the scenes, since no one really knows about your relationship. But it was the coolest day ever. RDJ is one of the funniest people you’ve ever met, aside from Tom.

Speaking of Tom, just as his scene ends on the screen, he walks out of the bathroom just wrapped in a towel around the waist. He walks into the room next to you and shuts the door. Again, a twinge of confusion hits you.

Why hasn’t he made a sexual move towards you? You were already shocked he didn’t ask you to take a shower with him, but him coming out like this in front of you and not doing anything? Not like him.

You open the door and he’s curled up on the bed, wearing sweats and a black tee. You can tell that workout took some energy from him. Maybe you will just have to sneak off to the bathroom tonight when he’s not looking to get your fix.

His eyes are slowly dozing off, and you slowly get on the bed, curling up behind him, his back against your chest. Normally he spoons you, but you guess today is opposite day, so you wrap your arms around his waist and put your top leg over his. His warmth against you is soothing. You wonder to yourself how you went as long as you did without feeling that warmth.

You start to relax when he flips over and tangles you in his arms. You can feel his heartbeat against your back, and his hands are rested on the flat of your stomach. You close your eyes again, finally able to sleep because you have his arms around you once again.


You open your eyes and instantly close them, pleasure making it hard to keep them open. The last thing you remember is falling asleep. Your toes are curling and you look down to find Tom’s fingers inside your panties.

His breath is hot against the back of your neck. “I was going to punish you for what you did last time we talked, I was going to not give you any relief, but I just can’t help myself with you laying right here with me.” His voice makes your hair stand up all over your body.

You try to wiggle away, but his hand is too strong against your stomach, the hand on your pussy pushing harder and causing your legs to twitch.

“Tom, fuck hold on.”

“Come on, don’t you want to make Daddy happy? I flew you all this way, I think you owe me at least one orgasm.” You decide to go ahead and play along. You do owe him big time.

“Oh, fuck, yes Daddy, harder, please.”

You grind your ass into his crotch, and he breathes in heavy, grinding back into you. You feel his bulge against your behind, and you add a little extra pressure against him.

He places his palm against your clit and teases the opening of your slit with his fingertips. The feeling is exquisite, the tingles so close. You have no idea how long he’s been playing with you, so the fact that it’s coming on so quick isn’t shocking. You moan and push your head back against Tom’s shoulder, and he grunts.

“Fuck this.” He pulls away from you and you flip around to see where he’s going. Did you do something wrong?

He stands beside the bed and pulls his tee off, his abs more prominent than before he left. He runs his hands through his still damp hair and then reaches down and pulls off his boxers and sweats in one swipe. His throbbing cock is in the open, and you don’t care where it goes, you just want it.

He crawls onto the bed and kneels between your spread legs. He pulls down your shorts and underwear, your shirt and bra following. His hands wrap around your throat, but they never squeeze. You almost wish they were, but then Tom’s hands find their way to your breasts and you completely forget.

He grasps one with his hand, massaging it, while the other hand twists your open nipple. He leans down and bites it hard, and then swirls his tongue, causing your pussy to gush. You need more.

You go to put your hand on your clit and he lets you, which you praise him for. He normally doesn’t let you touch yourself, but I guess things are different today. You rub your pussy, covering your fingers in your juices and when Tom bites your nipple again, your back arches slightly, your orgasm growing close. He stops.

“Let me fuck you first.” He looks you in the eye, and his eyes are dark, but still have some innocence to them, unlike the sultry dominance that they typically have.

You pull your hand away and let him continue. He grabs his erection in his hand and runs the head of it up and down your opening, getting it covered with your wetness.

“Ah, so wet for Daddy. You’ve been waiting too long for this, darling.”

He slowly pushes just the first bit in, and your breathing hitches. He lets you adjust, and then pushes the rest in. “God, you’re so fucking tight. You haven’t had this big cock in so long, have you?” You shake your head with your eyes locked on his.

“Well, you’re gonna get your fill tonight.”

He starts pulling and pushing in and out of you, at just the right speed to send you close to the edge. His chest is just inches from yours, his face resting right above yours, his fists next to each side of your head. He stays at the same pace, not being too rough.

You spread your legs even more, letting him get as deep as possible. He hits the farthest parts of you, and you let out a loud moan. Your eyes open for a split second, and you see him looking straight at you while his body grinds into yours.

“Hold on, I want to cum together babygirl, just hold on a little longer.” He speeds up the pace just a tad, and with each stroke you bite your lower lip harder, holding in your orgasm for him.

“Fu-fuck love, I’m I-I’m so close. I want to cum with you.” His strokes speed up, him pushing as hard as he can for his orgasm while you dig your nails into his back.

He grabs your hand and places it on your clit. You barely can, but you look up at him. “Do it. Touch yourself. I want you to cum, please.”

You start circling yourself, the feeling building rapidly. “Oh god ye-yes, Tom don’t stop.” He speeds up.

“To-fuck TOM!” Your orgasm courses through you, your back arching and your eyes closing tightly.

Your body is in overload as Tom pushes in and out of you harder, your inner walls squeezing him as he does.

“Please, please cum for me! Daddy please!”

That sends him over, his loud groans echoing through the small room. He thumps hard into you, his warm cum shooting into you. The feeling is new, and it makes your body hot. His breath is in your ear as his body falls on top of yours, his face laying on the pillow next to you. He gets the energy to flip you both over so that your body is laying on top of his, and his arms wrap around you.

You sit up on his cock and rub your hands down his glistening chest. You notice that your hands are shaking as they follow the stunning muscles. He grabs your wrists and stops you, helping you lift off of him. He helps you to the bathroom, holding you as you fumble onto the toilet.

You look up at his naked body, and you meet his dazzling brown eyes. You wipe the sweat off of your forehead, pushing your hair out of your face.

He kneels down in front of you, giving you a kiss on the forehead. He pulls your chin up to meet his gaze.

“I missed you so fucking much, darling. You’re not going anywhere love.”

Don’t Take The Back Roads

Jungkook x Reader (requested by @theshiphassailed)

860+ Words/4500+ Characters

Scenario where you’re being stalked, and your boyfriend, Jungkook, comes to your rescue.

Warning: terror, anxiety, danger, anger/mixed emotions, eventual mild fluff/smut.

The night came where your car was in the shop, but you had to get home somehow, and the streets were definitely going to be busy down Third with the traffic from everyone going out to the bars for the weekend, so the back routes sounded like the best idea. Your boyfriend told you never to go down the alley ways, but what could one time hurt? A small bottle of pepper spray laid safe in your back pocket, and keys were sure to make a ding if anyone tried to approach you. 

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Morning Surprise

Originally posted by mcshipit

Goodness, I don’t know where this came from but here we go. Placing 110% of the blame on @imoutofmyvulcanmind for this.

This is a little fic full of firsts. First Mckirk, first M/M, first… well, I’ll let you find out. (eep, be gentle, I bruise easy!)

1,495 word(s) of M/M smut. McCoy x Kirk.

Leonard shuffled slowly down the empty hallway, rubbing his bleary eyes. He checked the time on his PADD, groaning inwardly. It was early, too early to already be starting his shift, but his MedBay was full.

“God damned space diseases” Leonard grumbled to himself, followed by a yawn. Before Leonard could finish his yawn, he felt himself being shoved from behind, up against the wall.

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Enjoy the Show (pt. 9)

(I’m back, cutie pies! After a day spent away from the Egos, I finally got my mojo back. So, here goes nothin’…)

(Part One and Part Eight)

Ego Inc. glitters in the rising sun’s first light as Mark and Wilford carry Matthew inside between the two of them. “Doc should already be in the clinic by now getting ready,” Wilford says, angling them towards the elevator.

Matt looks around him. “You have your own building? I want my own building.” He’s mostly delirious at this point, and Mark is worried that he won’t be much help it all. If anyone knows anything about surviving the animatronics, it would be the man who’s studied them relentlessly for years now.

“Hang in there, Matt.” Together, they carry him into Dr. Iplier’s new clinic and rush him into one of the rooms as Mark shouts, “Doc, we need help, now!”

Dr. Iplier stumbles in, only half-way through his first cup of coffee when he sees the state that Matthew is in. “Put him room one. Is he dehydrated?”

“Very,” Matthew mutters.

Doc rushes into a supply closet. “We need to get him an IV then.” Dr. Iplier grabs everything they’ll need and rushes to the room where they’ve laid Matthew down on the bed. “What happened?”

“He was kidnapped. We don’t know for how long,” Mark fills him in quickly, telling him about Natemare and the animatronics. “We have to help Nate.”

The Doctor nods and finishes up with Matthew before checking his vitals. “Looks like he might’ve had a mild concussion, but everything else checks out. We should keep him here overnight, make sure he’s back to normal before we send him home.”

“Steph,” Matthew murmurs, falling asleep quickly. “You’ve got to…”

Mark squeezes Matthew’s arm. “Don’t worry. We’ll call her and let her know you’re ok.” Mark watches Matt smile softly before he passes out.

Wilford goes through Matthew’s pockets and finds his phone. “Here, you call her. I’ll see if I can find the Host.”

Mark takes the phone but pauses before he calls Stephanie. “Are you sure you want to involve the Host in this? I mean, is he really our best option?” The Doctor and Wilford share a glance, and something passes between them that Mark can’t read even though they look almost identical to him. Doc shrugs, and Wilford nods.

“Trust me,” Wilford tells him, “we’ll want the Host.”


After a day of rest, Mark has the other Egos clear the building. “Ten minutes until midnight,” Wilford tells them as he walks into Matthew’s hospital room and closes the door behind him. “Are you sure he’ll come after us?”

“Positive,” Mark says simply.

The Host stands in the corner, his hands resting on the pommel of his cane. “How are you feeling, Matthew?” They’d met briefly before and exchanged theories, and the Host feels a pang of sadness to see his new friend so weak and tired.

Matt sits up and tries to hide the way his hands are shaking. “Better.”

Wilford checks his watch. “Five minutes.” He and Mark ready themselves by the door, and the Host steps closer to Matthew.

As soon as the clock strikes twelve, Mark hears the sound of the elevator ping, announcing that someone else is now on the floor with them. Silence follows, eerie and disturbing as Mark waits, one hand on the doorknob and the other clutching a flashlight. After he’s sure, Mark opens the door and flashes the light before quickly closing the door again.

Wilford watches as the purple mist rolls in through the crack beneath the door, and he swallows hard, trying to remind himself that nothing it shows him is real. He glances up at the Host who gasps as the mist floods the area around his ankles. Matthew pulls himself further onto the bed.

“Steady, everyone,” Mark whispers. “Stay calm.” Something heavy steps towards the door, causing both Mark and Wilford to jump. Mark grinds his teeth when he hears a knock at the door.

“Come out, come out,” Natemare calls from the other side. Mark holds up his hand to keep Wilford from answering. Natemare knocks again. “I have to compliment you on your survival skills, truly. You’ve managed to survive two whole nights so far, but with each night, I gain more power.” Mare takes a deep breath. “Can you feel that? The palpable fear in the air?” He laughs and bangs his fist against the door, making everyone in the room jump. “That’s what I live for!”

Wilford readies his gun, but Mark shakes his head. This is still Nate, still his friend. “Nate, can you hear me? We’re going to help you. I promise.”

Natemare rolls his eyes. “Nate isn’t here anymore. I already told you that.”

“We’re done playing cat and mouse,” Wilford says with a twitch of his mustache and a flash of his gun. “I think you’ll find that this is our game now.”

Natemare is stunned for a moment as the door swings open slowly to reveal a man with a blindfold over his eyes and a cane resting in his hands. “The Host welcomes Natemare to Night Three. Shall we begin?”


Characters: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Suggestive

Word Count:1,519

As quickly as you two had become pressed together, you were pulled apart. Jaebum scooted away from your body just like he had last night and looked at his phone, his face lighting up at whatever he saw. 

The night sky loomed overhead as you walked, holding Jaebum’s hand. Only a few stars could be seen, but that was okay. The real star was standing right next to you. Your walk had been quieter than usual, but you found comfort in the silence. His thumb occasionally brushed the outside of your palm, soothing you.

Keeping a slow pace, you stole glances at your boyfriend and couldn’t help but smile to yourself. You were sure to be the luckiest girl in the world to have him to yourself. 

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