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David Lee Roth On Insuring His Penis

“I don’t know why I want to do these things, other than my desire to escape from Small Town, U.S.A., to dismiss the boundaries, to explore. It isn’t a bad place where I grew up, but there was nothing going on but the cornfields. My life experience came from watching movies, watching TV and reading books and looking at magazines. And when your fucking culture comes from watching TV every day, you’re bombarded with images of things that seem cool, places that seem interesting, people who have jobs and careers and opportunities. None of that happened where I was. You’re almost taught to realize it’s not for you.”

—Trent Reznor of Nine Inch NailsRolling Stone, 1994


The Untold Story of Rock’s Most Dangerous Album


James Hetfield Talks Jenner T-Shits, Listening To ABBA


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Sebastian Bach has sung, screamed and strutted for fans around the world as the frontman for the band Skid Row. When grunge overtook metal in the ‘90s and the band kicked him out, he found ways to keep on singing; that’s been his passion since his days as a choir boy.

From star turns on Broadway to jamming in a garage band on Gilmore Girls, Bach has remained committed to rock 'n’ roll — and now, he’s written a new memoir called 18 And Life On Skid Row.

'High Times’ And High Notes: The Life Of Sebastian Bach

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