heavy little people

“You know, Alex…did I ever tell you I went to Woodstock?.”

“Can’t say that surprises me, Jim.”

So, uh…have you guys heard of keatowski?

I'll Be Here

A/N: So I have no idea where this came from. Probably from how I was feeling yesterday and this morning. And a bit of inspiration from the song Say Something. And I know it’s a little heavy when people were expecting sexy, but hey…such is life huh? Hope it strikes someone’s fancy.


Warnings! For slightly triggering content, such as depression, or other potential mood disorder




Val watched carefully as one of the students in his 2nd hour recitation squirmed in her seat in the back row. It was the same girl that caught his eye every week, same girl that showed up ten to fifteen minutes late to every session, her seemingly thin frame swallowed in one overly large hoodie or another.

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chrysalis disgusts me.

i want to clarify this isn’t shitting on anyone reblogging them - that’s what their appeal is designed to do, to appeal to people, to make people who have been shut out of things feel included, to drum up social media profile.

here’s the thing:

  • they cost $85! 85 us dollars for single items of underwear. that speaks to a botique quality no one expects out of a small outfit like chrysalis - or a price point set deliberately high to squeeze an anxious audience comprised of struggling women who might be convinced to see small 3-figure purchases as necessary if painful investments and well-off, stable women who can drop ludicrous amounts of money to salve personal anxiety.
  • their pitch is wrapped up in transmisogynist garbage about clothes worn by “drag queens”. this is savvy advertising but evil trans politics - it’s a way of separating us into sheep and goats and pressing anxiety on the ostensible sheep by reminding them of how easily they could be mistaken for goats. it’s a way of saying to especially insecure, young, and lonely trans women: “have you considered you look like a drag queen? well, don’t worry, this product can help.”
  • they also limit sizes pretty strictly. they don’t go bigger than a 38, and that’s for a D. got a 38B? good luck buying here! this means that at a 44C i can get some sports bras at walmart ($10 for a 3-pack) or some random ass BOGO tshirt bras at torrid or cacique ($40-50 for 2) but sure as shit not at chrysalis, the website for real trans women’s real clothes.
  • the response to this, incidentally, is why i’m least about it: it was to emphasize that they’re focusing on, quote, “natural beauty”. fun phrase! to copacetic cis women passing it along that sounds enough like an endorsement of body diversity to pass surface-level muster, but to its trans audience it’s calculated to specify “we’re focusing on Real Women, who are natural, unlike you know who.” the people who shouldn’t have transitioned - people with implants, people with large frames and heavy weights, people with little to no breast development, these people are not welcome in this store - it is for realness, and we are fake, and make the reals look bad.

in summary: fuck chrysalis! fuck ‘em. order lady things literally anywhere else. even if i was sure no one would see a red cent of the money they received except the trans women involved, i don’t feel like rewarding them for preying on the self-hatred, status anxiety, and communal body policing that are killing us as a community does anyone any good. i want to see these bourgeois pricks out of business

This is ‘Smile’. Someone did this on Dame Lane. I pass it everyday on my way to work, and it never (well, rarely- lets be honest) fails to cheer me up. It’s a little faded now, but I’m sure I’m not the only one to have taken a pic of it for posterity and I think it worked nicely in HLP#102. I have a real tendency to needlessly over complicate things sometimes, so I was very happy with the simplicity of the message. SMILE :)