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Norse Projects - Aros Heavy Chino

North Sea Clothing - The Convoy Sweater

Gitman Vintage - Blue Chambray

Kapital - Territoral Sea Bandana

Norse Projects - Beanie

Oak Street Bootmakers - Trench Boot

The Details in the Devil: Part 1

Kurt Wagner: mutant, acrobat, swashbuckler… bit of a bugger to knit.

So, with @knitpool‘s consent  I offer up a tutorial on how I made my version of his awkwardly shaped feet and bifurcated hands.  

This only covers the alternations I made to these areas, to knit the rest of him you’ll still need a copy of Knitpool’s knitted action figure pattern (male).

We’ll start with the feet.  Since his feet mostly seem to be shown as being fairly symmetrical both feet use the same pattern.

I’m not about to claim that this is the best way to knit Nightcrawler’s feet, it’s just the way I did mine.

You might find it easier to knit the toes separately and sew them on afterwards but since I’m the queen of losing small pieces of knitting this way works better for me.

WARNING: The feet are knitted both in the round AND flat (a little bit).  I have tried to be clear about what is done where but if it’s confusing let me know.

Up next: finishing the foot.


Oh hey I’m moving. All sales within a week, price reflects the timeline and how much I care at the moment!  Okay, I moved, but pricing, I still prefer the room to the money so go for it.

PayPal, no holds or trades, us shipping $6 per costume, $3 for gamz or Hussie, international probably isn’t worth it.

1. Vampire knight night class- $25 full vest and jacket off eBay. Light staining from age, probably washable. Vest is missing a snap. Standard eBay quality. Fits around 34-28, quite roomy.

2. Hussie from mspa- $16 This thing was probably heat n bonded together in an hour before a con lbr. Needs a front snap. Unisex S shirt, slit sides, velvet paint emblem.

3. Free! Iwatobi jacket

4. Gamzee shirt only from mspa- $8 Basically what it cost to make it. Stenciled on paint, youth large (unisex small short), no grey staining yeeeea

5. Half Marco Bodt Snk- $30 half jacket with attached half button up shirt and shredded undershirt. I will include the face, shoulder, and stomach prosthetics for free on request though you’ll need to repaint them since they’ve been washed. Shitty lace-front wig can be included for $15, with costume purchase only.

6. CD Russia Hetalia

7. Heiwajima Shizuo Durarararararara!!

Gordon Lish, at eighty, lives literally in the dark, because of his psoriasis: “His apartment is a crepuscular chamber, largely unchanged since his wife died more than a decade ago. With his heavy knit sweater and wild white hair, which culminates in a braid, he wanders these rooms looking like some cross between an old fisherman and King Lear … The problem with Lish is that he is all over the place. That also happens to be the best thing about him.”

For more of this morning’s roundup, click here.

Photo: Bill Hayward.

ilvermorny fall aesthetics

pukwudgie: pumpkin picking, baking doughnuts and pies, pulling worn, knit blankets out of the attic closet, eating candy corn, orange sunsets, woodland animals running about
wampus: hay rides, canoodling on the couch, eating apple pie, warm milk and cookies, army green jackets, making jack o’ lanterns, football, the world series, scary halloween masks
horned serpent: log fires, hot chocolate, hard cover books with worn spines, pumpkin scones, cable knit sweaters, heavy blankets, moccasins, leather boots, SATs, denim jackets
thunderbird: hot chocolate with extra marshmallows, s'mores, watching Disney halloween specials, orange and red leaves, flurries, toast and jam, mischief night

**this is my first time doing something like this don’t hate me

new in the shop today; ‘continuum’ heavy knit scarf in rust and black. worn here with 'dune’ fringe tunic. also available in grey and white in my shops + all black via @sistersoftheblackmoon. model: @sneakyfemale // shop link in my profile or raintower.etsy.com – recycled textile and handmade as always // #supporthandmade #ecofashion #sustainablefashion #sustfash #imadeyourclothes

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