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fecipher twitter, 24-2-2017: “Unseen Shield, Kellam”

[Card Showcase] The unnoticeable heavy knight, Kellam, makes his debut as a promoted card at last! This gallant figure graces not only a regular Rare card, but also a signed Rare… er, where is he?! No, no, this is definitely what the card is supposed to look like. Be sure to check out the actual card and confirm it for yourself! (Illust. Mayu)

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Parallels in VKM Part 2:

Hino Deconstructing Yume Through Zeki (+more)

Here is the second installment of my Parallels in VKM posts! This time, I’ll be examining the parallels between Yuuki’s relationship with Zero and her relationship with Kaname, as well as the contrast between Zero’s relationship with Ai and Kaname’s relationship with Yuuki.

My personal belief is that Hino has chosen these particular parallels to deconstruct the relationship between Yuuki and Kaname, as well as to further highlight Yuuki’s growing similarities to Kaname’s character and how that has impacted her relationship with Zero, who is now, in a sense, fulfilling Yuuki’s role from the Kuran Manor Arc.

Disclaimer: Due to the controversial nature of this post, I have tagged it as anti yume out of consideration for those who might take offense. With this warning out of the way, the rest of my post can be found behind the cut.

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8ofloveandchocolate8  asked:

Any recommendations for reunited SanSan fanfics? Preferably having their storylines twine back together after Sansa's experiences on the run with Petyr? No pref on book or show-centric. Thank you loves!

These Scars We Wear

Bones and Rubies

So long as I have this

One Happy Memory

Up Against the Winter Winds

Alyssa’s Tears


The Sword in the Darkness

The Vow of Silence

Winter, thy enemy, thy friend

Don’t Look Back

A Wedding in Winter

Fields of Gold

If Memory Serves Me Well

Past Was Such A Long Time Ago


Winged Knights and their Favors

Ink & Roses

Burning Bridges

Darkest Before Dawn

The Maiden and the Stranger

What Dreams May Come

On The Safest Ledge

The Reward

Everything We Cherish Is in Ruin

Rendezvous in the Vale

Gods Grant Me the Serenity

Kissed by her own fire



Seriously, this harness fits. Like. A. Glove. I can’t wait until I can meet the boys at the smith and shake their hands, they’re doing amazing work!

Look, it’s fair to call me biased. I work for ArmStreet and I love everything that is designed and produced, I think it’s brilliant. But honestly, I chose to work with such an amazing company because of the excellent products they create. I was wearing it long before ever talking to anyone from the company, and have always shouted praises.

Anyways, just got home to Melbourne and started looking through photos of our trip to Brisbane, and was really excited by the awesome fit these photos show and wanted to share.

This is ArmStreet’s Western Style Leg Harness in stainless steel, I’ve taken them for a run or two but have yet to face any heavy combat tests.