heavy infrastructure

This will sound ironic after shitting on primitivism but that thread on electric cars reminds of a neat convo I had with a mate - electric cars are all well and goods but it doesn’t get past the terrible environmental destruction associated with the production of cars. It may be a nice Tesla battery but that’s still chock full of cobalt mined by child slaves encased in steel built in polluting factories. Rather than seeking to green-ify our existing consumption patterns (a futile thing) we need an entire cultural shift towards new consumption patterns.

Which then begs the question why we have these consumption patterns in the first place. Cars are a very important commodity - a healthy automotive industry stimulates and supports heavy industry, petrochemicals, infrastructure, the development of cities. It’s the culmination of and life support for industrial capitalism. Encouraging a car culture in which every atomised household has at least one and often more (which then will spend roughly 90% of the time languishing in the driveway) is a lifeline for capitalism. We will not get past this waste while the car industry remains a lynchpin of our economy.

k, status update :

  • i just got done coding the rest of the new prestige system, also finished setting prices for the new heavenly upgrades
  • this is gonna be terribly unbalanced probably, i’ll fine tune it as i get player feedback
  • i still have some animations, sounds, and upgrade ordering to touch up and we’re pretty much golden
  • the update has 319 upgrades, up from 244 on the current beta and 216 on live
  • the update has 249 achievements, up from 205 on beta and 158 on live
  • there are 56 heavenly upgrades, up from 34 on the beta
  • there might be some horrible horrible bugs i failed to catch, so the update will be released to /beta first
  • due to heavy infrastructure changes, the update will not be compatible with your current saves on /beta (but you will be able to continue your saves from live, of course)
  • release of the update to /beta estimated within the week (aiming for in a couple days)
  • this whole update is pretty meaty but had no business taking so long to make. i am a lazy person but i hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless

also the other day i decided to take a break and pixel some stuff for a possible future cookie update, here’s about 30% of the spritesheet :

have a swell day y’all i’m gonna take a nap


LC-39A nears operational readiness as SpaceX begins testing.

SpaceX is nearing operational status for its new Launch Complex 39 pad A. The company acquired the former Apollo and Space Shuttle launch pad in late 2014 and has been performing heavy modifications to its infrastructure since February.

These modifications include the construction of a Horizontal Integration Facility, where Falcon Heavy rockets will be assembled, Transporter/Erector and its accompanying rail tracks.

The Transporter/Erector was tested for the first time early last week, indicating the first major testing of new launch pad hardware. Once testing has been completed, the company will complete a Launch Site Operational Readiness Review, which aims to prove to both NASA and the U.S. Air Force that the launch site is ready for use.

LC-39A is the company’s second launch pad in Florida, having leased SLC-40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station since 2007. Falcon 9 rockets for both commercial missions and Space Station resupply flights with Dragon have launched from here.

The larger and more powerful Falcon Heavy rocket, as well as Crew Dragon spacecraft, will require greater infrastructure than what SLC-40 could offer.