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Team Fortress 2

So I noticed some really undeserved hate being directed at the TF2 community, and I’ve noticed that we’re getting smaller in size and that a lot of major contributors to this fandom are leaving or moving on to other things, so I thought I might as well try to give everyone a little reminder.

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Anon: can you do an analysis on 2013-2014 ji/kook please? thank you!

Anon: Do you think there’s a relation between Jungkook’s change of behavior towards Jimin from when he was underage to when he finally turned 20??? I feel like after finally not being underage anymore, that’s when he really changed and got bolder, shy-less and stuff.. He wasn’t like this, and now he’s.. Well, basically killing us with everything he does.    

Anon: Do you think that Jimin’s fainting incident was a turning point for kook/min? I always thought that JK seemed to be a lot sweeter and softer with Jimin after that, but i could just be imagining things so I wanted a second opinion :) love you!!                    

Anon: you are my favourite kook/min blog!! kekekeke i was wondering what you think of tsundere!kook thinking that taking off his jacket for yoonji is cool when he did the same thing for jimin during their WoH shoot :))) 

That’s right: I’m going to answer all these questions and comments in one long essay. I’m not kidding. This is like.. really long. It’s Jungkook-centric and head canon-heavy. Bring your tinfoil hats.

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What’s a One-Sided Friendship Called?

Request: “Hello! Your writing is so beautiful! I was wondering if you could do a newt x reader to the song "Save Myself” by Ed Sheeran where the reader has always been there for newt, comforting him and one day she’s had enough of him swooning over Leta and Tina?“

Word Count: 2,749

Pairing: None

Requested by Anonymous but also tagging @caseoffics and @red-roses-and-stories

You fiddle with your quill, trying to remember what word you’re thinking of and only half listening to Newt’s swooning.

“She doesn’t fear them. Not one. She asks me about them.”

“That’s nice, Newt.” You mumble, still focused on your essay.

He laughs to himself. “Even after her hair caught fire once.”

“Mmm.” It’s on the tip of your tongue. You close your eyes and try to picture it.

“Are you listening?” Newt asks, hand drifting to tug on your sleeve.

The word disappears. You let out a long sigh, opening your eyes to look at Newt. His hair hangs in his face, messy from a day of field work. Dirt streaks over the freckles on his left cheek, and an inch-long cut runs along his jawline. Still, his eyes are bright and animated, waiting for you to respond.

Looks like you won’t be finishing your essay tonight after all.

You lean back against the couch in your common room. “Of course. You were talking about how Leta’s the best person you’ve ever known and you would do anything for her because no one else could ever compare.”

Newt winces. “Is something wrong?”

“No, Newt. By all means, continue swooning.”

“I’m not swooning.”

“All you do is swoon, Scamander.” You say as you lean your head back to rest your eyes.

“I have other cares.”

“It’s creatures and Leta. I don’t even fit into that mix anymore.” The words are bitter and twist your mouth into a frown as they come out, but they’re true. Newt talks about his creatures or talks about Leta with you. You can’t recall the last time he asked how your day went or what you were working on. Still, he’s your best friend and when you open your eyes to glance at Newt, regret fills you. He’s staring at his hands, voice quiet when he responds.

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Baba and Best from Twitch Plays Pokemon

This one is for my sister @origamihoshi! She wanted her beloved fish child in doll form. As always, I tried a lot of new things here. Never given these dolls a hat before, much less one of Magikarp! Thanks ot her noodle limbs, she’s pretty top heavy because of that hat. But she turned out cute and that’s all that matters! And you can’t have Baba without Best, so I tried my hand at another pokemon.

Want a plush of your own? Contact me for info! I’m willing to make just about anything with a decent reference.

The Parent Trap - Part One

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 978

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Summary: When you pick up your son from school one winter day, he takes you to meet a classmate and friend of his. This friend happens to be the eight-year-old daughter of a man named Dean Winchester.


   Today is cold in an annoying way. Everyone is bundled in heavy coats, hats, and mittens, but the ground has been devoid of snow for two weeks since January ended. Everything is rotting and brown and unpleasantly damp, but Ramona and Mitchell aren’t bothered by the weather. Cradling half empty Styrofoam cups of hot chocolate, the two third-graders linger at the edge of their school’s winter fair and keep an eye out for their respective parent.

   “I see my mom,” Mitchell announces finally. “Is your dad here yet?”

   “Umm.” Ramona scans the crowd. “Yes! He just parked the car.”

   “Okay. Remember, we’re gonna meet by the swings, and don’t tell him our plan.”

   “I know.”

   The two kids dump their cups in the trash and split up to meet up with their parent.

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TF2 Merc's Bedrooms

This is my opinion on what the merc’s bedroom look like and all that so here what’s i got-

Scout - His bedroom is mainly baseball theamed with all his baseballs bats stacked on the wall, on his bed side table he has a pic of his family, his room is quite messy with clothes, bonk cans and food wrappers all over the floor, he has a bookshelf full of sports books and one of the sports books is really a diary and he has a trunk full of hats.

Soldier - He has army based stuff all over his room so his room is like a mini battlefield with a wired fence around his side of the room, he shares his room with Engineer and his room is messy but not as messy as scouts, even tho he has the wired fencing, he doesn’t use it at night since it’s just him and engie in the room and they are both asleep, his bookshelf is full of war book and he also has a trunk full of hats.

Pyro - Nobody doesn’t know what pyro’s room looks like since it’s shut all the time and they don’t really want to go in there but all they know is that on the door there are cute girly stickers on his name on the door, they think he has a bookshelf full of cookbooks and fire and the room smells burnt.

Demoman -His room has all types of alcohol bottles all over the room but he does have bookshelf full of alcohol books, a picture of his mum and his eyelander on the wall and like everyone else he has a trunk full of hats.

Heavy - His room is russian theamed, he got a fridge in there full of sandwiches and a lot of pictures all over the wall of his mum and 3 sisters, he has a bookshelf full of russia things and different kinds of sandwiches and he has a bed made for sasha right next to his bed and a trunk full of hats.

Engineer - He is sharing his room with soldier but he doesn’t mind, he has a lot of metal, scrapped projects and blueprints all around his room but in a tidy way, he has a desk near the wall so he can do his work, his bookshelf is full of engineering books and diy books, a trunk full of hats and a little sentry guard by the door.

Medic - He shares his room with Sniper and he loves his company, he has a cage with archimedes in it, a lot of medical things around the room, a bookshelf full of medical books, a violin case by the window, a trunk full of hats and under archimedes’ cage, there is his seeds, dustpan and brush and other bird caring needs.

Sniper - He shares his room with Medic and he loves his company and stays in his room because of it but he goes and sleeps in his camper van when he’s sad or it’s a really hot summer night, he has his rifle stacked on the wall behind his bed, his has sir hoots a lot in a cage by the window, a bookshelf full of australia, owls, and surviving in the wild, a trunk full of hats and a coffee machine for when he makes his coffee.

Spy - His room is all french theamed, bookshelf full of french things and other books, trunk full of hats, in his bedside table he has a draw full of cigarette, a pic of scouts mum on the bedside table and he also keeps a pic of scout behind the pic of scouts mum to remind himself that he is his father.

Other things - they all have wallpaper with their logos on it, they all have a wardrobe with their cosmetic in it, sniper and medic are the only ones to have a pet in their room and all their room on are on the same floor.

anonymous asked:

Hey there! I saw your art of Jessie and I really want to do a cosplay of it, would you be able to make a reference thing for the grey warden one you did. Omg it was soooo good 👌👌👌 any way I hope you have a great day! -Mur

Thanks !! uuuh here’s the general design for the armor under his serape i guess , I would definitely suggest googling up some warden armor because it shares basically the same details and colors, just a couple little tweaks to fit jesse’s style, i hope this helps a little?