heavy gesturing

When Han gestures past Finn with his chin and Finn is confused….

chibifukurou: The chin thing
coppersam: The chin thing wouldn’t read under a helmet
coppersam: Which is probably why he doesn’t understand it :D
tequila mockingbird: oooh sam i’d never thought of that
starbit: that makes sense sam
coppersam: I bet Finn’s heavy on hand gestures and vocalizing and very low on other body language
tequila mockingbird: well, or finn has this terrible habit of making super rude faces wehn he’s supposed to be listening respectfully to something boring

Psychology of Cute - Sherlock x Reader

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“I just don’t understand why it’s such a big deal! I’m saving him time!” Sherlock tried to explain his opinion with heavy hand gestures.

“By telling him that he has terrible taste in women and might as well spend his money in the strip club instead?” You challenged with a raised eyebrow, “I don’t think he appreciates it Sherlock.”

“He’s wasting his time! I’m trying to help.”

You sighed, getting up and walking past him.

“You’re lucky you’re cute Sherlock.” You said, pressing a kiss to the crown of his head from behind his chair. You proceeded to walk into the kitchen but stopped abruptly when Sherlock spoke.

“Cute?” he spat.

“Yes? You are!” You laughed, going to sit opposite him in John’s chair, you could tell this was going to be a lecture.

“Why are you sitting down?” Sherlock asked, brow furrowed.

“Well, considering your tone, you’re about to explain to me exactly why you are not cute, or how what I said is demeaning or whatever.” You flashed him a smile, “So I’m getting comfortable.”

He crossed his arms, leaning back in his chair, giving you a brooding look. You stared at him expectantly but he didn’t speak for a few minutes.

“You don’t want to now that I’ve predicted it?” You said with a smirk.

Sherlock huffed, looking away from you. 

“I’m sorry.” You laughed.

“Oh no you’re not. You think it’s hilarious!” Sherlock grumbled, but a smirk tugged at his lips.

You couldn’t keep the grin off your face, “Well, yes. But I’m still a little bit sorry.”

“Hmm?” He hummed, raising an eyebrow at you.

“Yes,” You stood up, walking past his chair, “I was quite looking forward to a lecture on the Psychology of Cute.” 

You leaned down to whisper in his ear, “You are so adorable when you rant about silly things.”

“I am not cute!” Sherlock yelled as you skipped away with a grin to the kitchen.



Shouji is canonically the youngest in class 1-a so what I really want is for the kids to just, be torn with how he’s the biggest but also the youngest like:

“How’s my little Shouji?” 
Shouji: *towering head and shoulders above them* Alright.

“You’re so young!”
Shouji: You’re so short.

“Oh, you haven’t experienced that yet, have you?”
Shouji: “You haven’t been able to get that plate off the top shelf yet, have you?”

“Hey, you need help with that?” *gestures towards heavy boxes in his hands*
Shouji: *completely chill with six hands and 1,000 kilo strength* Take a guess.

just pls….. exasperated giant baby octopus……….

Forest Fires-Lauren Aquilina // he was almost in love. she was almost good for him

Warren Worthington iii x Reader

A/N: Idk the audio post format was just too much for me it was really unaesthetically pleasing oh well. I’ve linked the song etc, and feedback on this drabble thing would be great also @kurtwxgners have some Warren

“Since when are you moving?” Warren’s voice isn’t loud, but it cuts through the silence nonetheless, the words leaving ripples of tension in their wake. You shrug lightly, the slight gesture heavy with feigned nonchalance, trying to maintain the façade of neutrality, but the atmosphere has shifted, the quiet of his apartment becoming oppressive rather than tranquil. You feel his eyes tracking your movements carefully but you can’t quite meet his gaze.

“Since a while back. I told you I was going.”

“You didn’t say it was permanent. I thought it was just a visit, or whatever.”  The tension in the room is mounting as a note of hurt creeps into his tone. You still can’t meet his gaze.

“I guess I didn’t think you’d care this much. It’s not that far away. I’ll still show up now and then,” you say, keeping your voice as uninvested as possible, trying desperately not to think about the last time you saw him. A memory flashes across your mind, rendering you momentarily speechless. A cool night, full of volatile possibility. The warmth of his arm around your shoulders. Wry smiles and awkward excuses. You had been fairly certain that you were more invested in whatever almost-relationship had existed between the two of you. You’re less sure of it now, but you’ve made your decision. It’s too late to stay. It’s too late for him. “You’ll barely notice I’m gone.” It’s hard not to let any resentment colour your voice, but you think you manage it. You turn away, looking for a way to leave the conversation without causing any further damage, but you feel his hand on your shoulder, tugging you insistently around to face him, and his stricken expression is enough to make you tense up, anticipating some kind of confrontation.

“But why? Why’re you going?” He presses, the grip on your shoulder tightening slightly as if to accentuate his point. You cast a helpless glance around the room then back to him, meeting his stare evenly.

“I’m not doing anything here. I never meant to stay this long,” your voice is gentle, even as an unfamiliar light sparks in his gaze. “Warren, there’s nothing here for me.”

“What about me?” The question is barely more than a whisper, his eyes intense and unreadable as they burn into yours. His hand slips down a fraction, his thumb brushing across your clavicle to rest over your pulse, feeling the steady thrum of your heartbeat, so much calmer than the ragged tempo of his own, beating wildly in his chest as he takes in your resolute, almost serene expression, the underlying hint of a question-or a challenge-in your unwavering gaze. “I’m here.”

“So ask me to stay.” Warren recoils almost imperceptibly at your words, but doesn’t look away. You take a steadying breath, reaching blindly for any kind of courage to continue, because you’ve already started, so you might as well keep going. “I might, you know. If you asked,” you say, softly, eyes still locked on his, waiting for a reaction. The silence and the stillness stretches on for an eternity, and you give him a sad little smile. “But you won’t,” you continue, one of your hands creeping up to wrap gently around his wrist, your thumb brushing over his knuckles. “It’s okay, I’m not-I-” you break off, and for the first time in the exchange, you look away briefly. “I know you, Warren. I know what you’re like. It’s okay.” You sound like you’re trying to reassure him-to comfort him, and it feels all wrong, because he can’t quite articulate the exact manner of the tension between the two of you, but he can tell something’s hurting you and he can tell he has something to do with him, and he still can’t bring himself to say anything. He just gazes impassively at you, dissatisfaction blatantly stamped across his face as you sigh lightly, slowly pulling his hand from your shoulder and letting it fall to his side as you step away from him. “Take care of yourself, okay?” you say softly, giving him one last inscrutable smile before walking to the door, closing it quietly behind you and leaving him to try and make sense of all the ways in which this is his fault.

FTM Passing Tips - Mannerisms Part I

The five things I’ll be covering in this post are gestures, standing and walking, posture, facial expressions, and sitting. Keep in mind that these are things I have observed - they aren’t the 100% be-all-and-end-all…

Before I start this post, know that the best way to pass is to feel confident in yourself. If you doubt yourself, others may doubt you as well. Know that you are a man no matter what and nobody can take that away from you.


One of the things I see most commonly going wrong in trans men pre-t would be the heavy gesturing with hands. As you may or may not know, cisgender men tend to limit their movements when talking, while cisgender women tend to gesture a lot and put much more expression into their conversations through these gestures. This does not mean that men do not gesture. They just gesture a lot less, and a bit differently.

Henceforth, our goal here is to learn gestures of men:

  • Gesture Within a Box – What does this mean? Well, men tend to gesture sparingly within a border. This box is in front of their torso or chest, and doesn’t go above the shoulders or farther than a few inches. This box of gesturing allows a specific range of motion, and therefore specific control over yourself.
    Cisgender women tend to go out of this box, which is seen as expressive and emotional. Now don’t mistake this for not gesturing at all - people who fold their arms across their chests and don’t move are seen as stiff and unwelcoming.
  • Smooth, Concise Gestures – When you’re flailing your hands, jerking them here and there out of passion, it can quickly get out of control, or worse, make you look out of control with your emotions. When you have smooth and concise gestures to match your thoughts, you look in control and on topic.

Remember - gesturing isn’t bad. People naturally gesture, we can’t help it. However, how you use those gestures can tell a lot about yourself.

From what I’ve said above, I can already hear it: “Link, you’re saying women are emotional and not in control!” and that’s not quite right. I’m not saying women are out of control per say, but that they tend to be far more in-tune with their emotions and have far more fire and passion that they put into their conversations. This comes out in gesturing.


Right off the bat, what do you notice about how men stand versus how women stand? Well for starters, women tend to look more stiff and concise, while men look more casual.

Take a look at some pictures online, or maybe go out people watching. You’ll notice that, if both parties are standing straight (not slouching or curving themselves or sitting), that men stand with relaxed legs, feet apart and pointing outward, while women stand with their legs close together and feet pointing straight forward.

Most likely, you don’t have to change much about how you look when you stand. There isn’t too much of a difference between the sexes when standing. Just keep in mind that cisgender men have their feet apart and pointed out, towards everyone and everything, and that cisgender women stand with feet and legs closer together, a bit more guarded.

Walking, however, is a bit different. If you watch how men walk and how women walk, it’s subtly different. For starters, men tend to walk with their shoulders, while women walk with their hips. That is why men seem to sway more up top when walking, while women sway more at the bottom, around their hips. This is just how the sexes carry fat and weight on their bodies - men are more shoulder-y, while women are more hips-and-butt-y.

In order to lead with your shoulders more, try not to move your hips much at all. Don’t mistake that for not moving your hips at all - it’s quite difficult to walk when not using the things that allow you to actually move, pivot, and, you know, walk. Everyone has hips - don’t be ashamed of that. However, try to use them a bit less. Instead, sway your shoulders more. Train yourself to move your shoulders and upper back when walking, not so much your lower back, hips, and butt.

And when walking, don’t forget about that extra packaging that men have - this leads to their feet being a bit more apart. But, overall, what to take from this is relax. Be more relaxed when going places, not so stiff.


Now, like standing, posture really doesn’t vary much between the sexes. However, the general rule of thumb to keep around is that men straighten, women curve.

Men keep their legs apart, but may fold their arms over their chests. Women will pop their butts and hips using the hand-on-hip technique. They’ll bend their legs and rest one leg higher than the other. Let’s try to avoid that, yeah?

Another thing I would like to cover are shoulders.

As trans guys pre-t, our shoulders naturally curve and slope and are very soft and round - that’s not cool. Therefore, try practicing holding your shoulders in a constant semi-shrugged, slightly pushed back state. This position will also allow you to lead with your shoulders easier when walking.


Women tend to make a lot of facial expressions. A lot. There’s a lot of eyebrow movement, mouth movement, eyeball movement, and overall, face movement.

Again, like above, I’m not telling you to make no expressions, but instead, limit them.

  • Smiling doesn’t have to include moving your head or turning away. Smile boldly, and don’t shy away.
  • Disgust doesn’t need to have wrinkling noses and tugging mouths into corners. Often, men’s signals for disgust or something similar are very slight. For men, if they’re disgusted, they may simply close their eyes very slowly, or raise an eyebrow and narrow their eyes.
  • Men tend to show more expression with their eyes and eyebrows, while women use their whole faces and a range of emotions across their faces.
  • Men’s jaws tend to stay relatively still. Through stress or anger, clenching of the jaw is very common.

Remember, subtlety is key.


For this let’s just cut to the chase - men have junk, women do not. Henceforth, men need to accommodate. This tends to lead to spreading legs while seated, sitting cross legged ankle-to-knee, and stretching out legs. Women, on the other hand, fold themselves in, and sit knee-to-knee instead of ankle-to-knee.

Also, as far as actually sitting and reclining, men are more relaxed. They lean back in their chairs and seats, and aren’t afraid to take up space, while women tend to sit in a more conservative manner with straightened backs.

Know that this does not give you the excuse to take up all the space on public transportation - that’s just downright inconsiderate, no matter your gender. Respect other peoples’ spaces, and don’t take it all up like the world only revolves around you.

For the earlier prompt meme, @sinuswave asked for;

Oh, how about Scout/Heavy with “57. Teach me to fight” ?


“So, it’s a battle, right?”

“Da. It is representation of battle.”

“‘Cept with armies instead’a mercs?”

“Da.” Heavy gestured at the chessboard set up on the table between them. “White army and black army. Player using white pieces always move first. New players often think this is advantage, but in many cases-”

“Where all the little people?”


“The little people, doin’ the fightin’? I see the little castle thingies. That their home?”

“Scout, that is rook. Each player has two rook, and they can move-”

“A rook? Ain’t that a bird or somethin’?”

Heavy rubbed the bridge of his nose and supressed a sigh. At the other end of the mess hall, Spy was pretending to be reading a newspaper while shamelessly smirking at them.

“All right. I start from beginning. All pieces on board are soldiers in battle. Different types of pieces, like our different classes. They look different, so player can tell easily which is which. All have different function, different ways of fighting, depending on type and on player’s technique. All move in different ways.”

“So, like… some of ‘em sprint, and some jus’ walk around?”



“They move around the board-”

“And shoot each other?”

“Nyet. They move around the board in different patterns, and when their paths intersect, they-”

“Which way round the board do we go? is it like Monopoly?”

“Is nothing like stupid Monopoly! No dog! No shoe!”

“Okay, Jeez!”

“Chess is tactics in purest form, a test of mind against mind, logic against logic,” Heavy said breathily, leaning over the table and over Scout. “Within the rigid rules, innovation and focus and nerve will win! You understand?”


Heavy sank back into his chair with a deep sigh. Spy was now openly laughing at them.

“You know,” Scout said, idly poking at a Bishop, “this ain’t what I had in mind when I asked ya to teach me to fight.”


I admit, this probably isn’t what Sinuswave had in mind when she gave me the prompt, but I hope she enjoyed it all the same.

I ought to do more of these, they’re fun :D

More prompts!

Patreon Holiday Countdown #12
A Nap. Dragon Age. Cullen x Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn swayed on her feet beside Cullen as the stood around the war table. She covered her mouth, trying and failing to stifle her yawn.

“Inquisitor?” Josephine asked gently.

“I’m fine,” Kaitlyn mumbled through a second, longer yawn. She shook her head. When she blinked, it was a slow and heavy gesture, her eyes barely managing to open again.

“I believe we should end the meeting here,” Cullen said.

Kaitlyn shot him a look that he could only guess was meant to be a glare. Her drooping, red weary eyes did little to help her protest.

“It’s not because of you, Inquisitor,” he said. “I haven’t been able to inspect the newest batch of recruits yet and they’re well overdue for an inspection.”


“I also have other business to attend to,” Josephine said. “Letters to Orlais, a ball to arrange with a Nevarran Prince, and so forth.”

Kaitlyn narrowed her eyes as she looked between them, her swaying growing with each passing second. “I… all right.” Her body shuddered with her next yawn. She mumbled under her breath, steps unsteady as she walked towards the hall.

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