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Aries: Strong square jawlines, broad shoulders, naturally muscular, full lips, tall, intense eyes, magnetic smirks, rather masculine, nice arched eyebrows

Taurus: Sleepy doe eyes, strong jawlines, thick hair, full, pouty lips, average height, broad shoulders, tans easily, womanly bodies, soft smiles and strong smirks

Gemini: Youthful looks, long limbs, cunning fox eyes, boxy, intriguing lips, diamond face shape, broad cheekbones, sharp noses, knowing smiles

Cancer: Baby face, fragile bodies, dreamy eyes, fringed eyelashes, soft jawlines, elegant lips, pretty laughs, long hair, graceful fingers, thoughtful smiles

Leo: Defined jawlines, high cheekbones, pouty lips, sharp noses, mind numbing smiles, loud laughs, voluminous hair, sultry eyes

Virgo: High cheekbones, healthy bodyweight, prominent face shapes, wide eyes, stern eyebrows, pretty cupid’s bow lips, inquisitive smiles, slender hands, sharp, kind gazes

Libra: Balanced faces, straight noses, defined eyebrows, elegant eyes, knowing gazes, polite smiles, breathtaking grins

Scorpio: Magnetic reptilian eyes, furrowed eyebrows, striking jawline and cheekbones, pouting lips, sharp chins, wry smiles, no prominent features, very balanced, outstanding features, memorable

Sagittarius: Geometric face shapes, glowing smiles, ageless face, strong legs, glowing skin, big, excited eyes, sharp noses, soft lips, daring grins

Capricorn: Mature heart shaped faces, compact bodies, delicate features, heavy lidded eyes and thin, alluring lips, knowing smirks and cute, upturned noses

Aquarius: Diamond face shape, high cheekbones and sharp chins, wide, sleepy eyes, wide lips, delicately parted mouths, intriguing stares

Pisces: Soft jawlines, somewhat oval faces, wide watery eyes lit with curiosity, full small lips and softly falling hair, alluring smiles

*Levi finds Erens “Levi x Eren lemon” ideas*

“Levi senpai, I’ve just finished clean-OH MY GOSH I-IT’S NOT WHAT YOU THINK I SWEAR”



“EREN! Shut your mouth! I’m gonna go read these…to u-urm…make sure that your spelling is correct” *poker face and intense blushing*

*Eren perks up his eyebrow*
*Heavy breathing*

You know, when I haven’t been able to write Birdie for a while, I find myself searching for stories about… somebody like him.

A freaking wild child with heavy eyebrows and steel in his eyes and a bubbling laughter that is too cynical for his age. A little boy who wants to cuddle close to you and be picked up and who still lifts his arms to be carried like a toddler even if he is too old for it.

So I end up reading tales of children in foster care and re-reading the Jungle Books and my hands itch to carve wood.

I want my little Bird.

I miss his magic and his truthfulness and his joy.

I miss you all guys.

I’ll be back. Wait for me.



FACE SHAPE:  Oval with a squared chin.
CHEEKS:  Smooth and sunken later in life.
LIPS: Pouted, naturally pink at one point in his life
SKIN COLOR:  Sun kissed, but later pale and sallow
SKIN TYPE:  Smooth and lightly scarred / heavily scarred and rough to the touch
EYE SHAPE:  Almond
EYE COLOR:  Navy blue / Sith yellow
EYEBROW SHAPE:  Arched and of medium thickness, often heavy with a frown
EYEBROW COLOR:  A golden brown
EYELASHES: Long and lightly browned
NOSE SHAPE:  A tapering bridge that leads to thicker nostrils perfect for flaring angrily
HAIR TEXTURE: Soft but often matted with blood or dirt, thick enough to catch through someone’s fingers
HAIR COLOR:  A golden brown that alternates between dark and tawny depending on the weather.
HAIR LENGTH:  Shoulder length
EARS:  Average size and shape, nothing distinguishable

upper body:

SHOULDERS:  Wide enough to cause intimidation in his enemies
ARMS:  Scarred and toned
STOMACH AREA: Toned, visible six pack
CHEST/BREASTS:  His pecs are big enough to cup lightly but that’s about it
NIPPLES:  Dusty rose / small and pert
BACK:  Heavily scarred but strong, able to see the slinky muscles move in his back when he flexes
HAND SIZE:  Average

lower body:

HIPS:  Narrow.
BOTTOM: Plump enough for a handful
THIGHS: Thickly toned
CALVES: Well toned


BODY HAIR: Not much natural body hair on his chest, but everywhere else is lightly haired
SCENT: A mixture of engine oil, wet metal, blood, and an inexplicable scent of burning ozone
VOICE: Deep and often strained by emotion, very brooding
HEIGHT:  6′3″ 
WEIGHT: Approx. 190 lbs
SHOE SIZE: Men’s 11
CLOTHING STYLE: Anything black with leather
GENERAL BODYSHAPE:  Tall and slim but very toned, later on malnourished and festering with exhaustion and starvation

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another goshdarn poke-au thing

NAME: Christopher

APPEARANCE: Average height, gangly. Closely-shaved brown hair, dark brown eyes, red glasses. Heavy eyebrows.

ABOUT: Probably born in Sinnoh or something, Christopher moved away as a young adult and into this new region when his health began to decline and he could no longer handle cold weather.

Still rather sickly, but getting stronger, Christopher walks with a heavy cane and the support of his Service Pokemon, an unusually large Sylveon named Florence. Christopher, unfortunately, cannot handle long-distance travel on the daily, and so makes very slow progress around the Region in his quest for Badges.

He’s been putting off challenging the Lalotai Gym for a few months now, even though it’s next on his list- because he saw a picture of the Gym Leader Tamatoa and is just too gay for this.


SYLVEON- Male, nicknamed Florence. Florence was Christopher’s first Pokemon and is his ‘ace’, and was specially bred as an Eevee for the service work he’d be doing, giving him unusual size for his species.

DUGTRIO (ALOLAN)- Female, nicknamed Pele. Referred to as ‘they’. Could be considered unusually aggressive for their species?

LOPUNNY (MEGA)- Female, nicknamed Mimi. Almost always Mega Evolved, except when sleeping. She is the second-closest to Christopher, and the first Pokemon the boy caught on his own (as a Buneary).

PERSIAN (ALOLAN)- Male, nicknamed Thumbs. A typical Persian of his subspecies in both body and personality, save being polydactyl on his front paws, giving him an adorable but relatively useless extra ‘thumb’ on each. With his Fur Coat ability, he sometimes serves as grounding tactile assistance when his Trainer dissociates badly.

RAICHU (ALOLAN)- Male, nicknamed Doppel. Almost aggressively sweet, to the point of being ‘motherly’, he often floats alongside Christopher and Florence when they’re out and about, to keep an eye on things.



This white face comes from three generations of my Romani family living in Wisconsin as “Hungarian immigrants”, refusing to acknowledge their heritage, marrying strictly white people, and even scrubbing their faces and hair with lemon juice to try to lighten their brown skin. It wasn’t until last year that my grandfather gathered his wife, seven children, 27 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren around to “come out” to us as Rroma and tell us about his family and the horrors they faced. He told us about how they fled, his mother with him in her womb, to Wisconsin just before the Holocaust, and how every day his 6 year old sister came home crying every day because she had slightly darker skin, a long nose, and heavy eyebrows. How his mother would lather her children in sunscreen, make them wear floppy hats and long clothes to protect their skin from darkening any more. His sister would scrub her skin with lemon, and soak her hair in lemon and peroxide to lighten it. No more! No more whitewashing of my people! Today is International Roma Day, and I will not silence my culture any longer. OPRE RROMA!!!


Special faceup on a Fairyland i-Doll head for one of my dearest friends, @ohnobox 💌 She’s rocking almost the same look as the one she was wearing to Doll North last month - bushy eyebrows, super-heavy blush, and two-layer eyeliner, now with the added fun of glitter overdose and eyelashes.

Eyelashes: Regular White and Premium Black

Eyes provided by client.

Yet more in the Anders Meets the Inner Circle series: Blackwall!

(Blackwall | Cullen | Cole | Dorian | The Iron Bull)

His first impression of Blackwall wasn’t much. They meet almost in passing, as he’s led past a motley mob of companions and advisors; Blackwall grunts in acknowledgement of the Inquisitor’s measured introduction, and mumbles some greeting Anders can barely even hear.

He doesn’t look like much, with his drooping facial hair and heavy eyebrows, shield and sword slung together over the back of the bench. Just another hired sword, Anders figures: he’s well aware of the value of a sturdy soldier in the front lines, but he’s not had much luck with befriending them in the past. If this Blackwall can follow orders and keep his no-doubt unpleasant opinions to himself, Anders thinks, then he’ll call it a win.

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You’re 10 years old and using the internet the way we all did before social media became a thing. You get obsessed with this site where you can just sit and make girls’ faces, choosing their skin colour, eye colour, adjusting the shape of their features. You sit for hours and make girls’ faces: try to make them look bold and rebellious, with wide mouths and dark, smiling eyes, you give them piercings and dimples and heavy, arched eyebrows, beauty spots and vampy lipstick. You print them off and keep them: they are utterly bewitching.

You’re 11 and you got a place at a girls grammar school. Everyone has ‘crushes’ on celebrities- some of the popular girls who already seem grown up, get boyfriends. You can’t tell whether you’re feeling what everyone else is feeling, and you wonder if you actually fancy anyone at all. Sometimes you think you’re attracted to boys, but then it doesn’t feel any different to how you feel around some girls in your year, so it’s hard to tell.

You’re 13 and you get a boyfriend because that’s what you do, so without ever questioning it, you’re straight.

You’re 14 and your best friend is the most beautiful person you’ve ever met. She’s exciting and free-spirited, she always knows the right thing to say and everyone loves her. You trail around after her, feeling giddy, happy to be her 'ugly best friend’ while she tries to set you up on double dates with her boyfriend and other guys she knows. Afterwards you text her about them, excited because a boy is giving you attention and approval and that makes you feel valued, and she’s excited for you as well.

You’re 15 and make a list of people you love to look at: there’s Johnny Depp, Jamie Bell, Winona Ryder, Gemma Arterton, James Macavoy, Helena Bonham Carter. You don’t really bother trying to make sense of this because you’ve had boyfriends so you already know you’re straight. You write in your diary that you want to kiss this girl in your science class but you don’t go to parties where you can get drunk enough to get away with that kind of thing.

You’re 16 and she’s not your best friend any more. She’s been with her boyfriend for two years now and you’ve drifted apart. But that summer she takes you camping with her family and you hold hands everywhere during the day and at night she cuddles you through your sleeping bags and whispers into your ear as you’re falling asleep. On the last night you tell her, and she cries in your arms until 4am about how much she loves her boyfriend. And you tell her, I’ll always be your friend because I think you are magic. 

You’re 17 and at a party, trying to get a boy to pay attention to you. He doesn’t, and you’re drunk and sad and feeling reckless so you go to find the girl you want to kiss, but she’s fallen asleep in the top room, and you’re stupid and useless and there’s definitely something wrong with you. You think you’re attention seeking.

Later that year you get a boyfriend but it’s different this time. You have sex with him and you’re together for two years and for a significant portion of that time you’re in love with him. You tell him about her and he tells you it makes him feel insecure about your relationship. You drop it. This is when you learn that people don’t want to know this about you.

You’re 18, you’re at university and your new friends want to go to a gay bar. They make jokes about getting off with gay people, and there’s a scoring system mentioned. You don’t say anything.

You’re 19 and your university boyfriend think it’s hot when you get off with other girls. You tell him you think you’re attracted to women and he asks you if you’re breaking up with him.

You go to your first ever Pride: during the day you feel like a new person with a million new friends. During the night you feel like an imposter with a dirty secret and you drink until you cry and cry and cry.

You’re 20 and you let yourself say the thing that you’ve never said before, and all your friends say “… we know”. And trust me, that’s when things start to get a lot more all right.

—  this is how you know