heavy eyebrows

Ascendant + Physical Characteristics

Aries: Square jawlines, heavy eyebrows, broad shoulders, naturally muscular, full lips, tall, intense eyes, magnetic smirks

Taurus: Sleepy doe eyes, strong jawlines, thick hair, full, pouty lips, average height, broad shoulders, soft smiles and strong smirks

Gemini: Cunning fox eyes, boxy, intriguing lips, diamond face shape, broad cheekbones, sharp noses, knowing smiles

Cancer: Dreamy eyes, fringed eyelashes, soft jawlines, elegant lips, pretty laughs, long hair, graceful fingers, thoughtful smiles

Leo: Defined jawlines, high cheekbones, pouty lips, sharp noses, mind numbing smiles, loud laughs, voluminous hair, sultry eyes

Virgo: High cheekbones, boxy/pointy face shapes,wide eyes, stern eyebrows, pretty cupid’s bow lips, inquisitive smiles, slender hands, sharp, kind gazes

Libra: Balanced faces, straight noses, defined eyebrows, elegant eyes, knowing gazes, polite smiles, breathtaking grins

Scorpio: Magnetic eyes, furrowed eyebrows, striking jawline and cheekbones, pouting lips, sharp chins, wry smiles

Sagittarius: Geometric face shapes, glowing skin, big, excited eyes, sharp noses, soft lips, daring grins

Capricorn: Heart shaped faces, delicate features, heavy lidded eyes and thin, alluring lips, knowing smirks and cute, upturned noses

Aquarius: Diamond face shape, high cheekbones and sharp chins, wide eyes and lips, delicately parted mouths, intriguing stares

Pisces: Soft jawlines, somewhat oval faces, wide eyes lit with curiosity, full small lips and softly falling hair, alluring smiles

✧:・*i need u | one*:・✧

❀ description : taehyung catches the attention of the one curious girl. ❀

❀ pairing : taehyung x reader ❀

❀ genre : fluff / smut / angst ❀

❀ mentions of : alcohol, smoking cigarettes, drugs and swearing. ❀

❀ word count : 1520 ❀

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part one - part two - part three

“I don’t do drugs, I am a drug.”

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Drown Me In Your Love (Grayson Smut)

Summary: Requested by anon: “Gorgeous human, could you write a storyline where Grayson (please with G) and his girlfriend have an argument, not an angry one but a teary filled one and Grayson approaches her as she’s crying and there’s heavy SMUT involved as they make up, it’s not aggressive but very passionate and intense? I just heard the song ‘Too Deep’ by Ritual and Delilah and its got me feeling all kind of things and just need to read something you write based on this song, maybe along the lines of my suggestion? xx”
Word Count: 4,008 (longest imagine I’ve written omg)
Warnings: Cunnilingus, daddy kink.
A/N: So, this is the work that I had gotten halfway through when tumblr crashed. I had to rewrite it so it didn’t come out as good as I expected it to. But I hope I did this justice and I hope you like it. Also, I’m still not very good at smut but I’m gonna practice and get better hopefully. Listen to Too Deep for the full effect!

“Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?” Your friend’s voice sounded through the phone and you stopped yourself from scowling.

How were you supposed to answer that after the large bomb she had dropped on you?

“Yeah.” You answered, voice coming out breathy and quiet. You knew that you weren’t gonna be okay, though, and judging by the small indignant noise that your friend let out on the other end of the receiver, she didn’t buy it either.

“Look, maybe it isn’t what it looks like,” Your friend brought you back from your dark thoughts. “Just don’t do anything stupid.”

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Damn Good Coffee

pairing ; chris x reader (!!!)

summary ; “i have to get a damn good coffee kiss.”

words ; 1699  ─ so close

warnings ; fluff!



You were slowly brought to consciousness as the light of the morning peaking through the dark curtains. You took a deep breath through your nose and let it out as a sigh, snuggling into the warmth behind you. One arm was tucked underneath your neck, the hand connected to it resting gently against your shoulder. There was no doubt in your mind that your husband had woken up before and tightened the grip he had on you, because normally that arm would just be laying limply underneath your face for you to use as a pillow.

Bringing it a little closer, you felt Chris stir a slight bit behind you, snuggling his face into your neck and wrapping his other arm a little more around your waist. It seemed as though he were awake, but judging by the still even breaths and the steady movement of his chest on your back, you knew better.

Yet another sigh escaped your lips as you opened your eyes and blinked away the blurriness of sleep. Your eyes drifted down to Chris’ hand, still resting against your shoulder, and noticed that he hadn’t even taken his wedding ring off when he came in last night. Though, you weren’t surprised.

He had come in extremely late from a meeting with some people producing the show Bull, and although he tried to make it seem like he was perky and awake, you knew that he was just about ready to collapse in his recliner that he had dubbed his “second home, away from you, of course.” The most you had gotten him to do in his tired reverie was take off his jacket and dress shirt to exchange it for a more comfortable, Got Hamilton? t-shirt and basketball shorts.

After that, he really did collapse in his recliner, and as amazing as it is, fell asleep. He rarely got good sleep, no matter what was happening in his life, so to see him be able to fall into a rather deep slumber, it was relieving. But, as the good wife you were, you didn’t want him waking up with some crick in his neck or anything, so you woke him up by kissing his forehead a couple times and gently shaking his shoulder.

“Chris, baby,” you whispered, watching his thick eyebrows furrow for a second. “C’mon baby,” you whispered again. This time he stirred, taking in a deep breath and opening his brown eyes just enough to squint at you.

“What time is it?”

“Time for you and I to go to bed,” you joked, cupping his cheek with your palm. He naturally rested against your hand, his eyelids fluttering closed at the comfort. “Don’t go to sleep, baby. You gotta get to the bed, first.”

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malec4everr  asked:

48.6%... prompt.. Alec tries to reach Magnus whole day but just can't get him and at the end of the day when a very tired and hurt magnus comes home alec takes care of him who is barely conscious ... love ur blog :)

thank you so much vaishali! keep voting for malec

pressing the home button to his phone, alec raised it again, glancing at the time and the lack of notifications for the thousandth time that night. his wallpaper, a beautiful picture of magnus laughing from a party a couple of weeks ago stared back at him, blank and empty and the time taunted him. it was late, evening almost turned into morning at this point and his eyebrows felt heavy with the way they were pulled together.

but the worst part was the emptiness, no notifications, no texts or calls, nothing at all staring back at him as he worried his lip and bounced his leg, listening as the world quieted down outside. he knew he shouldn’t have been this worried, magnus could take care of himself. but after hours, after nothing, after silence and stillness, and the time when magnus had supposed to arrive home having long since passed, alec’s chest felt horribly tight and uncomfortable, his heart pounding against his ribcage.

and then suddenly he heard it, the sound of a portal shuddering open making him jump in the quiet of the room.

he was down the hall in a flash, brushing past the pillars only to see magnus leaning against the wall, blood dripping from his fingertips as he braced himself, his chest heaving. in that moment, he was pretty sure his heart stopped. he hit him with full force, grabbing at his face and his chest, his breathing gone shaky as he inspected him, terrified. “shit… shit please tell me this isn’t your blood. magnus please look at me. are you— are you okay?”

“hey. hey… alec hey.” magnus breathed, grabbing at him and holding onto his forearms as he leaned on him, staring at him with those dark brown eyes. a slow smile pulled on his face, even though he looked exhausted and ready to pass out. “i’m fine. it’s not my blood… but it is getting everywhere.”

alec breathed out a heavy sigh of relief, laced with desperate laughter, his fingertips sinking into the hair at the back of magnus’s head as he pressed their foreheads together. “you worried me sick.”

I get that the official art has a fuzzy canon/noncanon status for the Penumbra Podcast, so everything here is to be taken with a grain of salt. But we do know that Mikaela B knows more about what’s gonna happen then we do, and some of that’s inevitably going to sneak into her art.   

So let’s take apart the similarities here, shall we?

  • Similar forehead (O’Flaherty’s hairline is higher, which is typically a consequence of aging), large-ish, and protruding slightly over the eyes. Kind of a heavy brow
  • Similar shape of eyebrow (more slender in O’Flaherty’s case, but that’s either genetics or judicious shaping for the sake of aesthetic)
  • Same shape of nose 
  • Same pattern of facial hair (more carefully groomed in O’Flaherty’s case, more scruffy in Juno’s)
  • Same shape of chin/jawline (though Juno in general has a longer face)
  • Same shape of lips
  • Same basic body type– short, lean, and somewhat broad-shouldered

It’s not something I would necessarily be able to tell if they were actual people, but the similarity is striking, especially considering @disasterscenario‘s art style. This is not one of those “everybody has the same face but with different hair and eyes” thing that you get with some artists. To compare, here are some other dudes in the same series:

Just from the points that I mentioned before– build, nose, jaw, lips, eyebrows, forehead, facial hair– there’s a really marked diversity. For all my trouble with faces, I have no problem telling any of these people apart, or recognizing that they’re probably not related (Kanagawas notwithstanding). 

It’s that diversity that makes Juno and O’Flaherty’s similarity stand out so much.

Oh, and you know the only thing that keeps me from wondering if O’Flaherty is straight-up just aged-up Juno gone back in time for nefarious purposes? The fact that we’ve already been shown what old Juno will look like (and he’s surly and scruffy as always, my darling duck). 

Like I said before, this isn’t 100% conclusive that Juno and O’Flaherty are related– but it does seem to indicate that Mikaela feels they are, and that’s more than enough for me.

Someone to Stay - AU

Previous chapters

Chapter 2

Coffee felt anticlimactic, after the noise and pound of the club. The fluorescents highlighted the bright orange vinyl booths, making every spilled sugar grain on the table glow.

Claire sipped slowly, enjoying the scalding of her tongue. The whiskey buzz had been on the verge of turning into tipsiness, but before that could happen Claire had dragged Geillis out of the club and into the closest open diner she could see. 24 hour caffeine purveyors.

“Do you regret it?” Geillis watched Claire over the rim of her cup. “Not going backstage I mean.”

“No. You were very clear on what their true intentions were. Why?” Claire raised an eyebrow. “Do you?”

“Not anymore.” G tilted her head towards the diner door behind Claire. The faint tinkle of a bell preceded the entrance and exit of customers.

The lounging server at the counter had her feet up on a stool, reading a magazine, but stood and grabbed a bunch of menus at the sound of the door. She dropped them just as fast and gasped.

Claire turned, and who should come through the door but James Fraser and the rest of The Clan. She couldn’t for the life of her remember all their names just then – her eyes were helplessly riveted on the tall man who smiled gently at the dumbfounded server and stooped to retrieve the fallen menus.

“Here you go.” James Fraser held them out to her – Laoghaire, read her tag. Claire and Geillis watched this encounter silently, while the men with James Fraser (could she stop thinking of his name like that?) waited patiently for the girl to react. She hadn’t, thus far. Her hands went to her flaming cheeks and her mouth fell open.

“You’re—they’re… you’re— “ Laoghaire stammered.

“Jamie. Pleased to meet ye.” Jamie put the menus on the counter once it seemed clear Laoghaire wasn’t quite up to the job at the moment. He extended a hand that was quickly taken in a death grip. Claire and Geillis exchanged amused glances.

“Oh my God, oh my God! It’s you! Here!” Laoghaire jumped up and down, still holding Jamie’s hand. He smiled good-naturedly and slowly extricated himself from her grip. “Could I have a picture?”

“Of course. Here, lads.” The men quickly surrounded them, subtly stepping in between Jamie and the girl. She pulled her mobile from her apron pocket and looked around wildly for someone to oblige.

“Would you mind?” Laoghaire finally shoved the phone at Geillis, who stood from the booth and held it up and snapped 3-4 pictures for good measure. As the flash went off, Claire caught Jamie’s eye, smiling at her and not for the picture. She allowed him a small smile in return, remembering certain invitations and talk of groupies.

“Thank you so much!” Laoghaire squealed. “Let me find you a table or do you prefer— “

“A table will be just fine,” Jamie interrupted. “Perhaps this one?” He pointed at the booth Claire and G were occupying.

Claire began to fume. The whole empty diner and he was seriously asking to have them booted? Rock star or no—

“May we join you ladies?” Jamie smiled disarmingly, running a hand through his hair. Behind the apparent nonchalance Claire detected a hint of nerves. “These are my mates, Rupert, William, Ian.” Each nodded and smiled in return.

“Sure!” Geillis grinned and moved down the seat. Claire followed suit more hesitantly, looking daggers at her friend. Jamie squeezed in next to her. Six to a booth was a slightly tight fit, but they managed somehow. “I’m Geillis, and this is Claire.”

The men (more boyish up close, including Jamie, Claire noted) turned to Laoghaire, still standing by breathlessly. Rupert, the drummer, winked at the girl. “Let’s have a keek at those menus then, shall we?”

Quarters were a bit cramped for flipping the laminated pages. Jamie couldn’t seem to help brushing Claire’s hands every time he ran a finger down the proffered items. Claire picked up her coffee cup only to discover it was empty.

“Can we get another?” Jamie gestured at the server, who scampered away for the pot.

“Thanks.” Claire smiled as her cup was topped off. Laoghaire ignored her, eyes only for Jamie.

The rest of the men ordered burgers, fry-ups, and more coffee. Laoghaire balanced the tray full of food and lingered eagerly by the side of the table.

“Could ye maybe leave the pot?” Jamie gave her a dazzling smile and she grinned back, setting the coffee down and backing away slowly, her eyes never leaving his.

“So.” Jamie forked some chips over to his plate, while Geillis flirted with the rest of the men—Claire focused on her cup like her life depended on it.


“We asked you backstage at the pub.”

We?” Claire raised her eyebrow at him, and sipped. Two could play this game.

“Och, weel.” He ducked his head and the red strands tickled his forehead. “Not we, then. I asked ye backstage. Ye looked… intriguing.”

Claire glanced at Geillis. She was laughing raucously at something Rupert had said – no doubt something lecherous. The men’s conversation had faded into the background as Claire focused her attention on Jamie.

“I’m not a local. I’m visiting with my friend. I had…” She took a deep breath. “A bad experience in London. I needed to get away.” She didn’t understand the need to pour her troubles out for this stranger.

“What kind of bad experience?” Jamie’s heavy eyebrows knit together.

Claire shrugged, despondency settling briefly on her features. “Romantic, you could say.” She waved her hand dismissively, not willing to go into details at the moment. “How about you?”

“Nothing as bad as that,” Jamie smiled, making the corners of her own mouth lift ever so slightly. “We’re on tour, heading south. We’ve done Edinburgh, tomorrow’s Glasgow, then Newcastle and Leeds . Then Manchester, Liverpool, and Cambridge, and ending in London.”

“Sounds exhausting.” Claire sipped again. “And where’s home?”

“Scotland, obviously. Place called Lallybroch. Family farm, for generations and all that. Can’t wait to get back. You?”

“Based in London. I’m a nurse.”

She spoke of the hospital and her cozy flat. Of her childhood with wandering Uncle Lambert and her favorite bookshop. Of her longing for mornings when she could sleep in and her dislike for high heels. Of the way she drank her coffee and the most difficult medical case to ever cross her path.

He filled her in with the details of his large family – his sister Jenny, married to Ian their keyboard player and his nieces and nephews. How he had taught himself to play guitar in between farm chores. How his parents had encouraged him to pursue his dream of music and crowds who clapped and cheered. How he had found his band – his clan – in Ian the pianist, William the bassist, Rupert the drummer, and his uncle Murtagh as manager.

Two hours later, as Claire happened to glance at her watch, and still going strong at 3 AM. The food was gone and the whole coffee pot practically empty. One of the other men—Ian, Claire recalled—raised his hand for the check, glancing briefly at Jamie, who nodded. Laoghaire bounded over, paper slip in hand.

“No charge for you. On the house.” She smiled ingratiatingly at Jamie and thrust the check into Claire’s hand. “Two coffees, £2.40.”

“Och, I insist.” Jamie pulled a £50 out of his pocket and set it on the table.

“But that’s too much!” The girl’s eyes almost popped out of her head. She reached out for the bill and drew her hand back, afraid to touch it for fear it wasn’t real.

“Nae bother. Thank you, lass.” He nudged Willie, who had been sitting to his left all along unobtrusively, and they all slid out of the booth. Geillis flushed and laughing still, her hand on Rupert’s shoulder.

Well, well, Claire thought, what have we here. She caught G’s eye and winked, which only caused Geillis to giggle unabashedly.

Jamie placed his hand on Claire’s back, guiding her towards the door. She couldn’t resist a dig at Laoghaire as she turned her head back and called out, “Thanks so much!” while the girl just stood there, agape and overwhelmed by what had transpired.

The burst of cold air on her face was most unwelcome, after the secluded warmth of the diner. Instinctively her shoulders hunched against the chilled wind, and she drew her coat about her. The rest of the band was still talking animatedly with Geillis, and Claire managed to catch her slip a napkin with her number to Rupert the drummer; he tucked it in safely into his jacket pocket.

She turned to face Jamie as much as she could, still shielding herself from the freezing gusts. “Thank you for the coffee Jamie. It was nice to meet you.” She stuck out her hand a bit idiotically and was surprised to feel the enveloping warmth of his own.

“Claire. It was lovely to meet ye. I hope… perhaps… we can meet again.” Jamie gave a most convincing bow, which would not have been amiss in an earlier century. He brought her hand to his lips and pressed a soft kiss into her skin.

Her heart stuttered, against her will.

Against her will, images of Frank flooded her mind. When they went out on dinner dates, when she sat through his endless lectures, when he supported her decision to apply for medical school, when they spent time together in the morning reading the paper, when they had kissed and touched and loved. When she had been betrayed.

And she thought, Never again.

Claire pulled her hand out of Jamie’s grasp as gently as she could, hoping her face would not betray the anguish his simple gesture had triggered. “I wish you good luck Jamie, with the rest of your tour.” No word on meeting again, no number exchanged, no last name given.

She turned to the William, Rupert, and Ian; shook hands with each of them quickly, nodding goodbye. She took Geillis by the elbow and pulled her away, down the street, and managed to glance back only once.

Jamie stood there, fiery hair glowing in the street light, smiling after them. A smile that said, Soon.

A bit of SEP Slow Burn: the final chapter:

“I’m sorry,” Jack said when he came back.  “I was an asshole.”  He’d dropped a bag of apology Cheetos in Gabe’s lap and headed to his room.  God knows where he got them; he was still barefoot.  And he barely glanced at the broken couch.

Ever since then, he’s been cordial.  

Gabriel wants to scream.  The last time they were cordial with each other was the week they first met.

“I don’t know what to do,” he confesses to Santiago.  “He won’t even touch me anymore, like it might be crossing some kind of line he’s made up in his head.  I’m pretty sure he’s pissed off, but I can’t tell whether it’s at me or himself.”

She raises a heavy black eyebrow.  “You tried asking him, right?  Not to insult your intelligence or anything, but like.  You’re not pulling the dude thing here, right?”

Gabriel sighs heavily at his pudding.  “I feel like if I ask him about it, I’ll be crossing his stupid imaginary line.  I thought I knew what he wanted, Santiago, but lately I’ve got no clue.”

“Huh.”  She twiddles her spoon against the table, then shrugs.  “Try anyway.  Worst case scenario, you end up with another bag of apology Cheetos when he realizes he’s being a douche.”

“I have no idea where he keeps getting those.”

She hums around a spoonful of pudding.  “Some people just have the magic touch.  Or somebody in Supply who thinks they got a fine ass.”

They move on to other subjects after that.  It’s not till Gabriel’s finished and making to get up that she pushes his tray back down with a finger.  “Hey, Gabo.”

Nobody else gets away with calling him that. It makes him feel like somebody’s teenage brother.  He shoots her a look she ignores.

“Have you told him?  How you feel?”  She continues to ignore his expression as it darkens warningly.  “Because brother, if he doesn’t know then he’s the only one on this base.  And if it were me, I sure as shit wouldn’t thank you for that.”

Asking For It [10/10]

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Swearing, arguing, sister trouble, and basically shit gets ugly.

A/N: Sorry it took me so long to get the last part out, I some how miss labeled it in my files… Haha. Took me a while to find it. Haha. Hope you all have enjoyed the story!!

From the beginning

Your life couldn’t get more perfect, an Avenger, engaged to Steve Rogers, your life was better than you planned. That is till your twin sister shows up, shady as they come you knew better than to trust her. Mirrored features, but two completely different people. She’s stirring up trouble in your perfect life, but what happens when Buck falls hard for her and you know she’s up to no good?Can you convince him she’s bad news before he’s too far into her web?

“Stark!” You yell as you and Nat step off the elevator.

“They cleared out.” Steve jogs into the kitchen looking at you.

“Can someone please explain to me what the hell has happened here?” Clint looks from you and Nat to Steve, Sam agrees quietly next to Steve, Tony sips from his coffee cup.

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Promise ● I.M

Originally posted by xmpnster

Pairing: I.M x Reader

Warnings: None

Requested by: Anonymous

Word count: 1129



You had always liked the nightlife in Seoul. Even walking around after 11pm you would see people eating in restaurants, drinking coffee or alcohol, or doing some late night shopping–it made you feel alive and happy to look at all the lights around (even if they were just ads for chicken shops or pizza). This wasn’t the only reason you had agreed to meet Jinyoung this late; you knew that, due to his ridiculously packed schedule with his group, GOT7, he probably wouldn’t have time at any other point in the day.

You had met Jinyoung backstage at one of the shows your boyfriend, Changkyun, had been performing on with his band. There were long waits in between for both you and the idols, and while Changkyun had been recording a stage Jinyoung had sat down and asked why you were there. You had become quick friends, talking about things from traveling the world to which books you had read recently. He was happy to hear the side of someone dating an idol, too, rather than someone who was one.

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what is right and what is easy

Summary: Midoriya Izuku is not chosen to represent Hogwarts in the Triwizard Tournament. He does not slay a dragon, or rescue innocents, or brave a maze of dark magic. He does not win accolades, or fame, or glory.

Instead, Izuku meets the son of the greatest dark wizard of the age, a Durmstrang student with hair like a sunrise and eyes like a war. And maybe, he just might win something else.

(A belated birthday gift for the amazing @thaidoodles!! I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know you, Lea! Hope your day was incredible.)

Izuku is in the library working on a Transfiguration essay when he hears the name Todoroki Shouto for the first time. The whispers are passed between the tables, hand to hand, mouth to ear. The son of Endeavor is coming to Hogwarts with Durmstrang delegation, they say.

How dare he show his face here?

Is he a dark wizard, too?

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the garrison | arthur shelby/nurse!reader

@yjrevolution wanted arthur and his nurse and i wanted arthur to be goshdang happy so here is what i made

You double checked the letter one last time, comparing the scrawl on the page to the careful lettering on the side of the building. You knew it was the right place. You’d already checked and double checked, and triple checked. But just one last time.

Pushing through the doors you realised it was even warmer than it was outside, even with the fires pouring out onto the street. The close air of the pub met against your skin and made it prickle. It was louder in here too, another feat, given the banging and ringing from the furnaces. You made your way over to the bar, scowling at men as they knocked shoulders with you.

“Hey! ‘Scuse me?”

“I’ll be with you in a minute”

You sighed, leaning your forearms on the bar, clasping the letter between your hands. The atmosphere in here was making your head spin and you flicked your eyes around.

“Sorry, it’s busy tonight”

“I noticed. I’m looking for someone – Arthur Shelby? He mentioned this place and I-“

“What do you want with Arthur?”

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anonymous asked:

the change to default sara's look in this new patch is heartbreaking to me. she looked so adorable, i fell for her from the start. i can't believe how much this change has affected me/saddened me (i'm a lady btw so the message i get from this is that if i share features like that i need to be tweaked to be pleasant to look at at all) sorry i just had to say this to someone. thank you for the open inbox.

I know exactly what you mean. They made her face thinner, her jaw less pronounced, they changed her eyebrows, added lipstick, her nose is a bit thinner too. All changes that don’t make her more human, it just makes her more conventionally pretty. 

If they redesign her like this, it must be because of a need expressed by players. Otherwise they wouldn’t waste time on this because they already have a lot of things they need to do for patches. So… Who expressed that need and who benefits from it? And why is it that asking this question makes people uncomfortable and rushing to say “but what is the big deal?”
If it’s not a big deal, if they think there is no issue with this, let me ask the question. I want answers. Maybe they will surprise me, maybe the need to change Sara comes from female players or just Sara players.
Maybe it’s not about the male gaze.
I won’t know if they keep telling me not to ask the question. And me doing this is NOT me hating on the game, the devs or looking for drama. 
Let’s not forget this patch alters entire playthroughs. It’s a change imposed on players. Many of us didn’t ask or want that change so asking this question is only FAIR. 

Now, those same people who don’t want the question asked will say making her more conventionally pretty is the best thing Bioware did for the game or the community. They said Sara was ugly before. If you want my opinion, there is something terrible with our society if a woman looking like her is said to be “ugly.”
I mean it. If they think Sara is ugly, what do they think about someone like me who has dark and heavy eyebrows, a rounder face, a not so thin nose, and is definitely heavier? What does that say if they’re constantly calling a pretty girl like Sara a ‘toad’? Do people even think for a second about the message they’re sending? I don’t think they are. Their lack of empathy and understanding is predictable though. 

Anyway, Sara is not a toad. She was fine before. They could have made her more realistic and with better animations without making those unnecessary changes. 
And trust me: you don’t need to alter your appearance if you share features with her. You’re fine as you are.

It’s been awhile

A/N:Just a short Shane Smut XD Expect My Character Roxy to be in ALL My WWE Fics. Also a little background on them two. They’ve been together for well I’ll just say quite awhile (I’ve been in love with Shane for 17 years) and were Married at one point.Now she’s Married to Triple H,but her and Shane got back together when he came back to WWE. Roxy’s Polyamoures. 

Warnings:Smut,slight Daddy kink.

After Smackdown: I was backstage doing my stretches (Not in my wrestling gear),in a low cut top and shorts,my hair in a high ponytail,when I hear the door open I think I know who it so I don’t turn around just smirk and do the splits. I hear Shane Mcmahon take off his jacket as he slides up behind me and with two deft hands,picks me up from my splits,still not facing me he kissed my neck.

“Mmmm…Roxy I’ve been stressed out tonight and we haven’t had time alone in forever.” Shane says in a low tone. “How about we fix that?” 

I shiver as his breath hits my ear and turning around,wrap my arms around his neck kissing him passionately. When we break apart,he looks down at me with those half lidded lustful eyes and smirks,a dimple appearing in one cheek. I almost swoon right there,already feeling my body respond to him.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” Shane reply’s. Shane turns me around facing away from him again,my hands in fists at my chest,he holds my wrists and nuzzles my neck. “Now since you’ve had a stressful day too how about I take over those thoughts for awhile,hm?” He whispers in my ear. Raising his eyebrows and smiling.

I intake sharply and nod. Shane lets go of my wrists and palms my thighs,then slowly dances his fingers up them,grazing my butt,he lets go and takes a step back. “Turn around.” I shakily turn towards him. 

“Take of your boots.” Shane demands,causally. I do so slowly as he stands there hands clasped in front him ,he looks up slowly,eyeing me with those puppy dog eyes and licking his lips. 

“Next.” He gestures to my top and shorts. I smirk knowing he want’s a show as I slowly pull down my shorts,nothing underneath. Shane’s eyebrows raise  and he cocks his head as he starts to unbutton his shirt still keeping a safe distance. After his dress shirt is off and I’m completely naked,he snaps his fingers and points down. 

I walk towards him,heat behind my eyes,I kneel down and start undoing his pants,his head rolls back as I take his already hard penis out and start to roll my tongue over the head,i take all of him in my mouth and start sucking,hard. 

Shane grabs the base of my ponytail and forces my head back,forcing my mouth to let go of him. He tsks and shakes a finger. “Nah Baby girl Daddy doesn’t want to cum yet. It’s been too long.” He stops mid sentence and grabs me up,standing on the leather couch and pressing me up against the wall,eyes burning into me,he whispers. “I’m not letting you off that easy.” 

Shane kisses me deeply,one hand fisting my hair,the other locked around my wrist,pinning me to the wall. I wrap my legs around his now naked body,using my free hand to snake around his neck,I’m so aroused sliding up and down his  hard cock but never having him inside. 

I feel like I’m gonna die,tears spring to my eyes and I moan around his lips,practically whimpering. “Please Shane.” He pulls back a little,his face serious. 

“What did you call me?” I backtrack real quick. “Daddy,I meant Daddy. Please fuck me I need you.” My fingers his short silver hair. My silver fox smirks and catches both wrists,pinning them above my head.  “Of course Princess,but were not going to fuck tonight,I want to last,so were going all night long.”

 I close my eyes and bite my lip. Shane grips my chin, “Understand?” All I can do is nod as he pushes himself into me slowly.

 Pumping slowly with a growl,Shane releases my hands and,picking me up by my ass cheeks,he leads me down to the couch,still thrusting inside me,he uses one hand to play with my clit and bites my neck,then goes down to lick and stuck on my nipples.  

My eyes roll back and I moan out. “No I’m gonna cum.” He looks up at me and says in a stern voice. “Who’s the boss here?” 

“You are Sir.” I look down at him,breathing heavy. Shane raises his eyebrows and winks. “That’s right.So when The Boss wants you to cum,you cum.” His other hand grips my ass,hard as he draws his words out. “Like.Right.Now.” With one last flick of his finger,I come fast and hard. My pussy pulsing around his dick.I cry out. 

Shane lets out a slow smile. “Oh I’m not done yet.” He says,I close my eyes and let his thick hard cock fuck me into oblivion. Shane promised all night long and he delivered just that. 

A/N:Yes that gif is from Gossip Girl XD hoped everyone liked it ;) A longer one is coming up soon!  

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